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How to Rejuvenate Your Complexion Using Chemical Acid Peels


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Chemical acid peels are fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments with both men and women, as it doesn’t just help improve skin elasticity and texture, but it can also help reduce …

Chemical acid peels are fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments with both men and women, as it doesn’t just help improve skin elasticity and texture, but it can also help reduce scarring and even treat all levels of acne. Visit:

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  • 1. How to Rejuvenate Your Complexion Using Chemical Acid Peels
  • 2. Do you often find yourself looking into a mirror and wishing you had betterskin? Are you constantly looking for products that can help you combat skinaging? Do you find yourself getting frustrated over expensive skincareproducts that just don’t work? If you answered yes to any of the questionsthat we just asked, then you might want to start looking into getting achemical peel.The chemical peel is fast becoming one of the most popular beautytreatments with both men and women, as it doesn’t just help improve skinelasticity and texture, but it can also help reduce scarring and even treat alllevels of acne. If you want to know the inside scoop on how chemical peelscan do wonders on your skin, just read on to find out more.What is a chemical peel?But first things first. Let’s start by explaining what exactly a chemical peel is.A chemical peel is a non invasive treatment that improves skin with the useof a chemical solution. It’s a procedure that promotes skin regeneration bysloughing off dead skin cells without resorting to extreme measures.Ever since the chemical peel was first introduced in the early 1900s,countless women have already enjoyed clear and flawless skin because ofthis technique. Whether you’re having problems with acne scars, fine linesor even skin discoloration, a chemical peel can help you even out your skintone fast, and with minimal side effects.How is it done?Chemical peels work by breaking down the dead skin cells so that new skincells grow in its place. A chemical solution like salicylic acid is applied, toremove excess sebum and clear all bacteria that feed on facial oil and deadskin cells. The solution is left on the skin for around 10-20 minutes,depending on its chemical strength and the results that you want to achieve.Once certain chemicals have been applied, the solution immediately startsbreaking down the top layer skin, in order to make way for a new layer ofskin to grow. For moderate damaged skin, changes in skin tone usuallybecome noticeable after 2-3 chemical peel sessions.Why is it popular among celebrities?There are many reasons why top celebrities nowadays consider the chemicalpeel to be their #1 go to beauty treatment. Compared to other surgicalprocedures, a chemical peel can give you younger looking skin in just a fewdays. The procedure is also said to be one of the fastest, since a chemicalpeel session usually takes around 15-20 minutes. This means you’ll be out ofyour dermatologist’s office in less than an hour.
  • 3. And for the per session price that it goes for these days, you won’t have tospend a fortune to get better skin. Just make sure to choose the rightchemical peel for you and you’ll be on your way to getting celebrity skin.What Results Can You Expect From Acid Skin Peels?Results will vary depending on the type of chemical peel you decide to have.If you’re only doing a superficial peel, you can expect brighter skin evenafter the first session. If you want to even out your skin tone and reduce finewrinkles, then a medium peel would suit you best. Want to tighten skin andget noticeably fairer skin? Then a single deep peel might just be thetreatment you’re looking for.The rule of thumb is, the deeper the peel, the more dramatic the results; soit’s important that you know exactly what you want before heading down toyour dermatologist’s office. There are a lot of factors that will come into playbefore you can achieve the skin you want so be sure to let your doctor knowof your concerns before the peel.Are there any side effects?You can expect varying degrees of side effects, depending on the type ofchemical peel that you choose. If you’re going for a mild peel using glycolicacid for example, you may experience slight itching and a burning sensationon the affected area.If you’re thinking of getting a moderate peel with salicylic acid, you canexpect some level of redness and swelling once the chemical solution hasbeen applied.For deep peels that can be compared to second degree burns, you’llprobably need to take time off for a couple of weeks. Proper wound care isessential at this stage if you want to speed up the healing process andprevent infection.The Bare Truth: Doing a Chemical Peel at Home vs. ProfessionallyDone Peels at the ClinicSince there are already quite a number of peels that you can easily buyonline, or even at your local drugstore, more and more people are turning toDIY peeling kits to get clearer skin. Although it may seem a lot moreconvenient and affordable to just do your own peel at home, the truth is,nothing beats professional care.Chemical acid peels require proper timing and precision, especially fordeeper and stronger peels.
  • 4. If you want to experience minimal side effects and fast recovery time, it’salways better to go to a registered dermatologist for your chemical facialtreatments. If you are not very confident on doing it on your own, then don’trisk it or you might end up spending more on correcting skin damage fromincorrectly done home treatments.How much does it cost?The cost of a chemical peel depends on the kind of the chemicals that youwant to use. If you want to keep costs low, you can get DIY Chemical peelkits for less than a $100 USD. But if you’re looking for some professionalcare, then you’ll need to be prepared to around $200-$400 USD per session.A lot of skincare clinics offer discounts for multiple sessions, so don’t forgetto look into that.3 Recovery Tips That Can Help YouIf you’re worried about recovery after a chemical peel, there are a few thingsthat you can do to make the post healing process go by faster. Before theprocedure, have a talk with your doctor so that you know what to expectafter your session.1) Get sun protectionOne of the most important things that you need to do after getting achemical peel is to get sun protection. If you can, try to avoid the sun for atleast 3 days after a chemical peel to give your skin enough time to recoveron its own.Once the redness and swelling has subsided, be sure to apply sun block withhigh SPF to the affected area, before heading out into the open. It doesn’tmatter if you’ll be spending most of your time indoors. Make it a habit toapply sun protection as often as you can.2) Take time outIf you decide to get a medium or deep peel, you might want to considertaking some time out from your daily routine after the peel. Give your skinenough time to heal so avoid makeup and beauty creams after a peel. Ifyou’re experiencing redness and swelling, take time out from your regularroutine and just wait it out at home.You should also cut back on alcohol and cigarettes as these can increaseswelling. If you experience any acne breakouts during the recovery time, letthem heal on their own. Don’t complicate your situation further by applyinglotions or ointments that will only irritate your healing skin.
  • 5. 3) Ask for painkillers or healing ointmentsIf you really can’t bear the swelling any longer, you can always ask yourdermatologist for some advice on healing ointments. There are quite a fewointment brands out there that are specially made for skin healing from achemical peel so choose one that can give you instant relief. Over thecounter painkillers can help you deal with the pain, but be sure to consumein moderation.Before you decide on which chemical peel to get, make sure to see yourdermatologist for a consultation. Resist the urge to self diagnose, especiallyif you’re dealing with moderate to severe skin damage, as it may only leadto more complications in the long run. Although it may be more affordable tohave your chemical peels done from home, going to a professional isguaranteed to be safer and far more effective than any DIY treatment.Get CLEAR SKIN in 6 Days! Now you can quickly clear your skin from darkspots, blemishes, and uneven tone. To learn more, visit: