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Global chem china  Sales & Service
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Global chem china Sales & Service


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Brief presentation of GCESS & its relationship with China National Chemical Equipment Corporation

Brief presentation of GCESS & its relationship with China National Chemical Equipment Corporation

Published in: Business

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  • 这里面我加了几家,因为益阳橡机的产品已进入了这几家。
  • 这里面我加了几家,因为益阳橡机的产品已进入了这几家。
  • Transcript

    • 2. Historical Profile of the Chinese Rubber Machinery Industry
    • 3. Current Status : Chinese Rubber Machinery manufacturing industry
      • There are 265 rubber machinery manufacturers in China - the actual number could exceed 300.
      • First group - comprising 11 companies including CNCE , whose individual annual machinery sales turnover is over ` 7 0 Crores.
      • Second group - comprising about 35 companies with individual annual sales of ` 7 to 70 Crores .
      • Third group - comprising about 250 small units with individual annual sales of less than ` 7 Crores .
      • More than ten rubber equipment Companies have been ranked among the top ten by E uropean Rubber Journal’s (ERJ)
      • 2009, sales of Chinese rubber machinery companies exceeded US$1.2 billion - a third of the world's rubber machinery turnover.
      • From the above it is evident that China has emerged as the leader of rubber machinery.
    • 4. CNCE China National Chemical Equipment Corporation
      • OTHERS
      • Chemical
      • Oil& Gas, Tyres
      • YIYANG
      • GUILIN
      • SANMING
      • OTHERS
      • Chemical
      • Automotive
    • 5. CNCE – China National Chemical Equipment Corporation
    • 6. Current States : Classification based on geographical position Geographical Location CNCE head office Yiyang Factory Guiling Factory Fujiang Factory Fujiang Factory Fujiang Factory
    • 7. Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 8. Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 9. Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 10. New Precise CNC Lathe Milling Center New CNC drilling machine for deep hole New CNC drill press and Milling Center Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 11. CNC 17.22m Double Door Removable Bore Mill and Grinding Machine Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 12. Pictorial views of the CNCE plants
    • 13. CNCE’s Valued International Customers
    • 14. CNCE’s Product Portfolio – Rubber Machinery
    • 15. Tilt-back press Product offerings
    • 16. Vertical motion Press Product offerings
    • 17. Vertical and slide-back motion Press Product offerings
    • 18. 45” Hydraulic Press Product offerings
    • 19. 67″ Hydraulic Press Product offerings
    • 20. Large Vulcanizer - Range up to 5300 mm (208”) Product offerings
    • 21.
        • Multi-Unit Press
        • 1.6mx12m Conveyor Belt Press
        • Multi-Unit Conveyor Belt Press
        • Sizes up to 2.7m x16.4m.
      1.8m x10m Conveyor Belt Press
        • 2.7m x16.4m Conveyor belt Press
      Product offerings
    • 22. Product offerings
        • Internal Mixers
        • Introduce Krupp (Werner & Pfleiderer) technology
        • E Type Internal Mixer : The total volume of mixer ranges from 5L to 580L.
        • N Type Internal Mixer : The total volume of mixer ranges from 1.5L to 650L.
    • 23. Twin Screw Roller Head used down stream from Internal Mixers and ideal for Steel Radial tyres Product offerings
    • 24.
        • Single Stage or 1st/2st Stage Tyre Building Machine
        • Building Machines
        • Giant Radial OTR Building Machine
      Giant Bias OTR Building Machine Three Drums Radial Tire Building Machine Product offerings
    • 25.
        • High Shear Mixing
        • HSM is a novel type of internal batch mixer that applies very high levels of shear and extensional stress in visco-elastic materials such as rubber, doughs and certain pastes.
        • Machine volume from 1L to 100L.
      Product offerings
    • 26. XCZ-D600 multi-blade slitting machine
        • Cutting Machine
        • Low table horizontal cutter
      Product offerings
    • 27. Mill
        • Batch off unit
        • Heavy-Duty Sheeting Mill, Warm-Up Mill, Feeding Mill
      Product offerings
        • Roto-cure Machine
    • 28. 15°-70°angle breaker steel cord cutting line Complex tread extruding train This machine with let-off device, storage and cord tear device, length transporting, cutting, splicing and edge wrap device. Full line to produce truck radial tire treads to manufacture rubber material as tread cap, sidewall and apex etc Product offerings
    • 29.
      • To participate in the growth of the Indian tyre industry, ChemChina felt the need to be physically present in India to provide the comfort and convenience of easy access to equipment & service requirements of its existing & prospective customers
      • MADE IN INDIA brand tyres have very high reputation in the world tyre market. Chemchina now intends to join the family of the great Indian manufacturers to enhance their capabilities even further by supplying state of art machinery at attractive prices and faster deliveries.
      • Chemchina offers to share its experience in developing and supplying advanced equipment for leaders such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Sumitomo, Pirelli etc.
      • Reliable estimates project an investment in excess of ( ` 200 Billion - US $ 4.5 Billions in the next 5 years by the Indian tyre industry
    • 30. Global ChemChina Equipment and Service (GCES) , Chennai, is the authorized marketing & service provider for CNCE in India & Sri Lanka Team GCES has hands on experience in design, development, production, project and maintenance disciplines of the Rubber Industry Team GCES will provide comprehensive support for presale and post sale services Team GCES will provide prompt access to operationally critical spares and insurance spares for quick service to customers.
    • 31. Team GCES will conduct training courses and clinics for improving productivity, trouble shooting & increasing MTBF Team will share and update the advances in rubber machinery and offer a cafeteria of options for modernisation de novo or by retro fitment. Team GCES will provide diagnostic services and a “Black Cat” services for emergency repair.
    • 32. Thank you for your time Seeking your continued support Global Chemchina Equipment Sales and Service 12/4, Gopalapuram, II Street, Chennai 600 086, India Ph: + 91 44 28112509 Email: [email_address]
    • 33.