Florence nightingale


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Florence nightingales famous life.

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Florence nightingale

  1. 1. The famous nurse 1820-1910
  2. 2. Florence Nightingale wasborn in 1820.
  3. 3. Florence Florence’swas named sister wasafter the calledcity of ParthenopeFlorence in or "Pop" forItaly where short.she wasborn. Her family were rich. She was taught at home by her father.
  4. 4. As a young womanFlorence felt that God hadcalled her to help others.
  5. 5. She wanted to be a nursebut her parents did notwant her to become one.
  6. 6. Florence had a pet owl called Athena.She disobeyed herparents and trained asa nurse.
  7. 7. In 1853 the Crimean war started.
  8. 8. In Britain there werenewspaper reports of theterrible conditions woundedsoldiers were suffering.
  9. 9. Florence was asked to goto the Crimea to help thewounded soldiers.
  10. 10. Florence was based atthe Barrack Hospital atScutari.
  11. 11. There were thousands ofsick and wounded men atthe hospital.
  12. 12. There were not enough beds forall the men.
  13. 13. Rats ranThere were aroundblocked sewers theunder the hospitalhospital. spreading diseases. The place was dirty and smelly. There were rats running around the wards.
  14. 14. Many men were dyingfrom diseases they caughtin the hospital.
  15. 15. Male doctorswere in Some mencharge. They had notdid not want had theirfemale clothesnurses in changed intheir twohospital at months.first. When they first arrived Florence and her nurses were not allowed to nurse the men.
  16. 16. At first the nurses wereonly allowed to clean thehospital.
  17. 17. Florenceboughtthings likemattresses, Florencesbedding, nurses woresoap, knives a sash. Itand forks. said "Scutari Hospital". When more wounded arrived doctors were forced to ask the nurses for help.
  18. 18. Men were given beef and sheep soup to eat.The nurses weredisciplined and woreuniforms.
  19. 19. This is the shell of Jimmy, the pet tortoise in one of the wards in Scutari.The hospital was alotmore cleaner andhealthier for thewounded soldiers.
  20. 20. The The shademedicine of thechest lanternFlorence thattravelled Florencewith. It used isincluded made fromessence of materialginger and coveredpowdered with wax.rhubarb. The soldiers thought that Florence Nightingale was a great lady.
  21. 21. When Florence returnedto Britain she was aheroine.
  22. 22. She had songs written about herbecause of her good work andwas given many awardsincluding one from QueenVictoria.
  23. 23. Florence didnt want to be famous.
  24. 24. She continued to write manyletters which would put pressureon important people to changehospitals for the better.
  25. 25. She set up a trainingschool for nurses atSt Thomass hospital.
  26. 26. Florence died at the age 90
  27. 27. By Chelsie Alexander 7xy The End