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  1. 1. Africa The Land of Great Contrast
  2. 2. INSULAR LOCATION North Mediterranean Sea East Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean West Atlantic Ocean South Southern Ocean
  3. 3. Africa is the second largest continent with total land area of 30,300,000 sq. km. Africa was home of man's oldest civilization and birthplace of humanity.
  4. 4. Madagascar - the largest island in Africa. Algeria is the largest state. Seychelles is the smallest recognize state.
  5. 5. The Sahara and Other Deserts  Africa is centered on Equator and the Continent lies between tropic of cancer and capricorn.  Southern African region covers by two desert: Kalahari and Namib Desert.
  6. 6.  North Region is Sahara Desert - the world's largest desert and it is larger than USA.  Sahara is the dividing line between African- Arab Nations and Black Nations to the South.  Sahara is made up of smaller deserts in the east - Libyan, Arabian and Nubian Deserts.
  7. 7. North and Southern Africa  (1) Black Africa to the South (2) African-Arab States to the North.  Sahara Or North Africa divide the people into two distinct types: (2.1) Influenced by Greek and Roman civilization (2.2) Influenced by Islamic religion.
  8. 8. Satellite image of GREAT RiFT VALLEY The Great Rift Valley  A long depression or opening in the Earth runs through the Eastern Highlands.  Great Rift Valley is active tectonic plate.
  9. 9.  Features Of Great Rift Valley 1.1 Lake Victoria - The world's largest lake 1.2 Nile River - The world's longest lake also flows in Great Rift Valley 1.3 Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - Highest peak in Africa. 1.4 Mt. Kenya - Highest mountain in Kenya.
  10. 10. Climate  The climate of Africa ranges from tropical to sub-arctic.  Africa is the hottest continent on Earth.  60% of Continent are deserts and dry lands.  58°c the highest recorded temperature (1922 in Libya) on Earth.
  11. 11.  58°c the highest recorded temperature (1922 in Libya) on Earth.  Desert or Arid in Northern half of Africa.  Savanna Plain and jungle in Central to South Region
  12. 12. Rivers and Other Waterforms Africa has a number of long river.  (1) Nile River (6,695km) – Longest River in the world. (1.1) Aswan High Dam - irrigates the fertile land in Egypt and Sudan. (1.2) Lake Nasser - artificial lake.
  13. 13.  (2) Niger River - main river in Western Africa.  (3) Congo (Zaire) River - flows north and west curve to the Atlantic Ocean.  (4) Zambezi River - flows from Zambia to Indian Ocean.  Africa's highest waterfall is Victoria Falls.
  14. 14. Savanna and Wildlife  Savannas are between desert region and rainforest.  Savannas are home of wild beasts, giraffes, zebras, lions, rhino and etc.  Africa has over 3,000 protected areas which includes: ¤ 198 marine protected areas ¤ 50 biosphere reserves ¤ 80 wetland reserves
  15. 15. Common Languages in Africa Languages  Africans speak more than 800 languages.  Arabic - is the chief tongue in Northern Africa.  Swahili (Bantu Languages) - used by Eastern Africans.  Hausa - language spoken in west.
  16. 16. Source: Wikipedia Images  Khoi-San - unusual language of Bushmen and Hottentots which is characterized by clicking sounds.  English and French - are the official languages of former European colonies.  Afrikaans - a Germanic language developed by Dutch settlers in 1600's.
  17. 17. 2006 Distribution Of Population . * City with at least 1million people. Population and People  Africa is the second most populous continent with 1,032,532 (2011).  Population Density of 30.51 Sq. Km.  Nigeria is the largest human concentration in Africa.
  18. 18. Bushmen Major Tribes andSettlers in Africa  (1) Negroes - the largest group of people in Africa. (1.2) Bushmen - tribe hunters in Kalahari Desert. (1.3) Hottentots - nomadic herdic people of south west.
  19. 19. NBA Player Manute Bol Is Dinka Ethnic. Example of Pygmies in Africa.  (2) Nilokos (2.1) Dinkas - live in Nile River Basin, they are dark-skinned and tall. (2.2) Pygmies - grow taller than 4.5 ft., hunters in tropical rainforest.
  20. 20. Berbers & Bedouins  (3) Caucasian Or North African (3.1) Berbers - dwell north of the Sahara. (3.2) Bedouins - nomadic tribe, they live in tents and roam the vast desert.
  21. 21. Health  Heatlh Assistance is the major problem in Africa.  Common Diseases 1.Diseases Transmitted By Insects :Malaria, Yellow Fever , Dengue fever. 2.Diseases Transmitted Through Food And Water : Typhoid fever, Cholera, Hepatitis A. 3.Diseases Transmitted Through Intimate Contact : IDS/HIV, Hepatitis B.