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Africa Africa Presentation Transcript

  • Africa The Land of Great Contrast
  • INSULAR LOCATION North Mediterranean Sea East Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean West Atlantic Ocean South Southern Ocean
  • Africa is the second largest continent with total land area of 30,300,000 sq. km. Africa was home of man's oldest civilization and birthplace of humanity.
  • Madagascar - the largest island in Africa. Algeria is the largest state. Seychelles is the smallest recognize state.
  • The Sahara and Other Deserts  Africa is centered on Equator and the Continent lies between tropic of cancer and capricorn.  Southern African region covers by two desert: Kalahari and Namib Desert.
  •  North Region is Sahara Desert - the world's largest desert and it is larger than USA.  Sahara is the dividing line between African- Arab Nations and Black Nations to the South.  Sahara is made up of smaller deserts in the east - Libyan, Arabian and Nubian Deserts.
  • North and Southern Africa  (1) Black Africa to the South (2) African-Arab States to the North.  Sahara Or North Africa divide the people into two distinct types: (2.1) Influenced by Greek and Roman civilization (2.2) Influenced by Islamic religion.
  • Satellite image of GREAT RiFT VALLEY The Great Rift Valley  A long depression or opening in the Earth runs through the Eastern Highlands.  Great Rift Valley is active tectonic plate.
  •  Features Of Great Rift Valley 1.1 Lake Victoria - The world's largest lake 1.2 Nile River - The world's longest lake also flows in Great Rift Valley 1.3 Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - Highest peak in Africa. 1.4 Mt. Kenya - Highest mountain in Kenya.
  • Climate  The climate of Africa ranges from tropical to sub-arctic.  Africa is the hottest continent on Earth.  60% of Continent are deserts and dry lands.  58°c the highest recorded temperature (1922 in Libya) on Earth.
  •  58°c the highest recorded temperature (1922 in Libya) on Earth.  Desert or Arid in Northern half of Africa.  Savanna Plain and jungle in Central to South Region
  • Rivers and Other Waterforms Africa has a number of long river.  (1) Nile River (6,695km) – Longest River in the world. (1.1) Aswan High Dam - irrigates the fertile land in Egypt and Sudan. (1.2) Lake Nasser - artificial lake.
  •  (2) Niger River - main river in Western Africa.  (3) Congo (Zaire) River - flows north and west curve to the Atlantic Ocean.  (4) Zambezi River - flows from Zambia to Indian Ocean.  Africa's highest waterfall is Victoria Falls.
  • Savanna and Wildlife  Savannas are between desert region and rainforest.  Savannas are home of wild beasts, giraffes, zebras, lions, rhino and etc.  Africa has over 3,000 protected areas which includes: ¤ 198 marine protected areas ¤ 50 biosphere reserves ¤ 80 wetland reserves
  • Common Languages in Africa Languages  Africans speak more than 800 languages.  Arabic - is the chief tongue in Northern Africa.  Swahili (Bantu Languages) - used by Eastern Africans.  Hausa - language spoken in west.
  • Source: Wikipedia Images  Khoi-San - unusual language of Bushmen and Hottentots which is characterized by clicking sounds.  English and French - are the official languages of former European colonies.  Afrikaans - a Germanic language developed by Dutch settlers in 1600's.
  • 2006 Distribution Of Population . * City with at least 1million people. Population and People  Africa is the second most populous continent with 1,032,532 (2011).  Population Density of 30.51 Sq. Km.  Nigeria is the largest human concentration in Africa.
  • Bushmen Major Tribes andSettlers in Africa  (1) Negroes - the largest group of people in Africa. (1.2) Bushmen - tribe hunters in Kalahari Desert. (1.3) Hottentots - nomadic herdic people of south west.
  • NBA Player Manute Bol Is Dinka Ethnic. Example of Pygmies in Africa.  (2) Nilokos (2.1) Dinkas - live in Nile River Basin, they are dark-skinned and tall. (2.2) Pygmies - grow taller than 4.5 ft., hunters in tropical rainforest.
  • Berbers & Bedouins  (3) Caucasian Or North African (3.1) Berbers - dwell north of the Sahara. (3.2) Bedouins - nomadic tribe, they live in tents and roam the vast desert.
  • Health  Heatlh Assistance is the major problem in Africa.  Common Diseases 1.Diseases Transmitted By Insects :Malaria, Yellow Fever , Dengue fever. 2.Diseases Transmitted Through Food And Water : Typhoid fever, Cholera, Hepatitis A. 3.Diseases Transmitted Through Intimate Contact : IDS/HIV, Hepatitis B.