How to Pitch SEO: Sales Tips for Appeasing Marketing Directors #BrightsonSEO


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How do you gain budgets for SEO? Marketing Directors can spend their budgets on glamerous TV commercials, cute social media campaigns, and accountable PPC activity. Here are a few tips and tricks for presenting SEO in the best light, be you an in-house SEO consultant or an agency.

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How to Pitch SEO: Sales Tips for Appeasing Marketing Directors #BrightsonSEO

  1. 1. Sell the Sizzle, Not The Search Tactics for Appeasing Marketing DirectorsChelsea BlackerSearch Manager, SEOptimise @chelseablacker
  2. 2. Whether you’re in-house or agency side, SEO isn’t going to have theglamour of TV commercials, the cuteness of social media, or theaccountability of PPC. How can we make SEO attractive? @chelseablacker
  3. 3. The secretary or receptionist needs to be your best friend. Ask themwhat they do on the weekend, how their kids are, because they canprovide you with invaluable insights into what your Marketing Directoris up to. @chelseablacker
  4. 4. Say My Name. The sweetest word to anyone, in any language, is theirown name. Use it frequently to keep their attention and make themfeel involved. @chelseablacker
  5. 5. Give something away. Receive a report with insight on a competitor orhave some extra tickets to a conference? Offer them up, it’s a greatopportunity to increase your face time with your targeted Director. @chelseablacker
  6. 6. SMILE  People can hear you smile down the phone, smiles make youseem more trustworthy and authoritative, plus – no one likes a sourpuss. So smile! @chelseablacker
  7. 7. keeps them awake at night, their stresses and pressures. @chelseablacker
  8. 8. Open Questions: A question which cannot be answered with asimple YES or NO. “How did you last year’s media budgetperformed?” will provide more insight than “Were you happy withthe 5 links Bob bought with £10,000?” @chelseablacker
  9. 9. Break it down! Do not “Have I explained thatuse fancy terms only clearly?” puts theSEOs understand, it’s blame on you, insteadeasy to forget your of “Do you get it?”Marketing Director which means yourdoesn’t know Marketing Director willeverything. have to admit she/he doesn’t comprehend. @chelseablacker
  10. 10. Stay positive. Don’t rain on your own parade by bringing down theconversation, speaking negatively of others, and saying negative wordslike “no” and “can’t”. @chelseablacker
  11. 11. Shush! Zip it. This is 90% listening exercise and 10% asking openquestions. So keep your trap shut. @chelseablacker
  12. 12. EVALUATE ORGANIC TRAFFIC VALUE SLIDEWhat alternative avenues are available to pull in resources and budgetfrom? Is their a social media intern you can delegate link building to? Isthere extra PPC budget lost in a corner? @chelseablacker
  13. 13. EVALUATE ORGANIC TRAFFIC VALUE SLIDESo, what’s the impact of SEO? There are 4 simple ways to measure theimpact of SEO which I like to use. @chelseablacker
  14. 14. Projected Revenue.@chelseablacker
  15. 15. Compare the exposure you project for organic listings, with the mediabudget costs that will take in PPC. For example, if ranking #1 for “doginsurance” will cost £20K a month, and your SEO plan to get thererequires only a £10K budget – whose ears wouldn’t prick up? PPC SEO @chelseablacker
  16. 16. Rankings. Appeal totheir vanity! Howmany times have youbeen asked “we selldog insurance, so whyaren’t we #1 for doginsurance?” (orsomething to thateffect) – encouragetheir excitementregarding organicexposure. @chelseablacker
  17. 17. Organic Traffic. @chelseablacker
  18. 18. You’ve listened to yourtarget Marketing Directorand moved from annoying-employee-hustling-for-budget to trusted-advisor-who-cares-about-wider-business. You know whichmetrics to use and whatother business resources topull in, so raise your pawand present the answer! @chelseablacker
  19. 19. Make your Marketing Director lookgood. Your SEO plan mustcontinually arrive back at the factthat whatever is invested in SEO willachieve wider business goals thatwill make him or her look like agenius to the board. @chelseablacker
  20. 20. Take a risk. Guarantee your performance by asking for an overdraft ofQ3 budget in Q2, and if certain conditions aren’t met, you’ll forfeit thatbudget lost. If you’re an agency, guarantee a discount/refund if targetsaren’t met. @chelseablacker
  21. 21. @chelseablacker