Wizarding World of Harry Potter


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Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. 1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Chelsea Bada ADV 420
  2. 2. Timeline: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 May 3rd: September February 7th June 18th: Announcent Construction First 30 sec Park officially of Park Begins Super Bowl opens Ad Info: -Located in Universal Parks and Resorts’ Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, FL -Individually owned by Time Warner -Approx. 20 Acres -Includes 4 Rides, 6 Shops and 2 Restaurants -Future Expansion to Universal Studios HollywoodBackground Info
  3. 3. Harry Potter Land Targets: - Boys and Girls ages 10-17 - Harry Potter Fans - “Harry Potter generation,” (men and women ages 17-28)Target Audience
  4. 4. Goals: Challenges: Overall Goals: - Competition with other attractions at park - Profit off of Park - How to keep attendance high even during - Bring “Magic“ of Harry Potter to life off season - Uphold Brand - Attracting people internationally and nationally Online Goals: - Attracting people even with the poor economy - Increase Social Media Platforms - Increase Social Media PresenceGoals/Challenges
  5. 5. Utilize Platforms 1. Facebook - Brand themselves - Create repitition within the profile picture, icon and timeline cover photo - Engage park attendees - Check-In which ride, restaurant or attraction they are located at - Tag pictures with actors/actresses around park - Interact with park attendees - Comment, “like” and share pictures that are tag and posted on wall - Create tabs on page - Share experiences - Ride, restaurant or attraction reviewsSocial Media Marketing
  6. 6. Utilize Platforms 2. Twitter - Brand themselves - Create repetition within icon and twitter background picture - Engage followers - Check-In which ride, restaurant or attraction they are located at (via Four-Square) - Tweet pictures with actors/actresses around park - Interact with park attendees - Retweet pictures, reviews, and other posts 2. Youtube - Encourage park attendees to post videos of experiences, reactions to rides, interactions with actors/actresses, showsSocial Media Marketing
  7. 7. Smart Phone Mobile Application ™Wizarding World of Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt∫ Application where visitors can interact with whoever is in the park that day. Goal: - Take a picture at each checkpoint throughout the park - Complete tasks given at checkpoints (allowing the attendees to interact with the attractions at the park) Features: - Interactive Map - “To-Do“ list (to allow attendees to experience and see everything at the park) - Ride tracker - Find out how long the attration lines are - Reviews of attractions Rewards: - To encourage attendees to participate there will be giveaways such as Harry Potter merchandise, wands, T-Shirts and even a possible chance to meet all the actors and cast in the park.Mobile Strategy
  8. 8. Measurement of Success - Number of followers on Twitter - Number of fans on Facebook - Number of subscribers on Youtube - Check for positive feedback on Social Media Platforms - Revenue in parkMeasuring Success
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing: Twitter & Youtube 15% Mobile Strategy 50% 35%Social Media Total Cost: Marketing: $6.5 Million FacebookBudgeting/Allocations
  10. 10. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter