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Hype fm powerpoint

  1. 1. Chelsea Matt Jess & Dan
  2. 2. So what’s Hype Fm all about?Hype FM is a specialist radio station which willcome under the genre of Indie/alternative.Hype FM is going to be energetic, awakening andwill keep the audience motivated and informedabout different gigs and events which are musicorientated through out the day and over theweekend. On Sunday’s the station will transforminto a relaxed and chilled atmosphere.As the evening progresses during the week HypeFM will transform into a station that makes you feelrelaxed and at home.During the evening shows the music maybe chilledand that station will make you feel at home andcomforted.
  3. 3. What audience are we aimed for?Hype FM audience aim is for 25+ and typicallyaim for listeners who enjoy listening toindie/alternative artists.Hype FM is music orientated. Subjects that aremost likely to be spoken about are topics suchas: gig dates, album releases, newly signedbands/artists, cheap places to get gig ticketsand unsigned/signed bands. This will keep theaudience aim informed about the subjects andtopics which best interest them.Hype FM also are going to include competitionsand daily updates of new unsigned bands. Wethough this would be an effective subject toinclude in this radio station because it gives thechance for unsigned bands to become known.Also this will get more listeners tuning in tolisten to friends and family playing.Hype FM is aimed for listeners who areenergetic and have a passion for indie musicfrom all different generations. Also if you enjoygoing to gigs and listening to live music this isthe radio station for you!
  4. 4. What Music to expect!Hype Fm will play music that comes under the genre of Indie music.Music from different generations will be played this could vary from a modernBand such as The Killers and bands from the late 60’s like Led Zeppelin.Also a mixture of Unsigned bands which also come under the genre of indie/alternative music.Hype FM thought this was a good idea because it will gain more listeners and give bands thechance to get there name out there and be heard.
  5. 5. Advert Our advert for our Specialist station promotes a band called The View who are on tour this year. The advert promotes the tour and it links to our audience because The View produce music that the fans of the show would usually listen to. We decided to use a famous song of the bands called ‘Same Jeans’ in the background of the advert because a lot of people who do not like this genre of music still know the song. Then the song can continue playing as the genre fits the radio station perfectly.
  6. 6. Link:Keeping our target listeners in mind, we formedour links around what types of information andmusic they would like to listen to, and the way wetalked and introduced each section.Here is an example of a link which can be used.
  7. 7. News for Hype FMThe news stories we used forthis station were:• Topman t-shirt story• New album release by The Kooks• The opening of Harry Potter World
  8. 8. Reasons for choosing news contentThese news stories were chosen asthey aim toward the target listenerwhich is 25+The story about Topman appeals to thislistener because Topman is somewherethey may shop so they might want tohear about the latest news from thatstore
  9. 9. The Kooks new album release is likely toappeal to our target listener as they maylisten to this particular band and wish topurchase the albumThe opening of Harry potter world is likely toappeal to our target listener as it has a wideappeal and it was also big news at the time
  10. 10. Editing• This shows an example of the editing process used to make the demo sound as professional as possible• This particular piece of audio was created by joining two separate pieces of audio together using audacity and also putting music underneath the audio.• To put the music underneath the speech, I imported both pieces of audio on separate tracks and then lowered the volume on the music to a suitable level• The tools I used were the selection tool and the time shift tool to remove and move audio. To fade audio I used the envelope tool
  11. 11. In summary to this we at Summaryhype Fm have spent a lot oftime researching about whoour target audience are aswell as there needs andexpectations from eachshows, on different days andtimes.We found our targetaudience want a station thatwill wake them up in themorning as well as makingthem feel involved, energeticbut at times relaxed andchilled. We get the listenersinvolved by competitions,calling/texting in and gettingunsigned bands involved. Also we found our targetaudience listen mostly toindie/alternative music as