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E readers, OverDrive & Adobe
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E readers, OverDrive & Adobe


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Presentation to the Hennepin County Microcomputer User Group, August 2012.

Presentation to the Hennepin County Microcomputer User Group, August 2012.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. eReaders,OverDrive, andAdobePresented by Michelle BelmontAssociate Librarian, Oxboro Library
  • 2. Introduction"Big Data" from Overdrive as of May 2012 How users browse public library ebook collections● 49% Windows Computers● 28% Apple products: iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc.● 13% Macintosh● 5% AndroidTop eReader Devices as of April 20121. Amazon Kindle2. B&N Nook3. Sony Reader
  • 3. Quotes"In this volatile period of experimentation, no singlebusiness model will offer the best terms for all libraries orbe adapted by all publishers or distributors."~ALA Report on Library eBook Business Models"They can release hardware and software faster than wecan build support into Adobe Digital Editions."~Nick Bogaty, former Adobe Sr Business DevelopmentManager
  • 4. Overview of Acronyms& History of eBook File Types
  • 5. Reader PDF EPUB KINDLEAmazon Kindle 1 NO NO YESAmazon Kindle 2, DX YES NO YESAmazon Kindle 3 YES NO YESAmazon Kindle Fire YES NO YESAndroid Devices YES YES YESApple iOS Devices YES YES YESBarnes & Noble Nook YES YES NOBarnes & Noble Nook Color YES YES NOMac OS X YES YES YESWindows YES YES YESSony Reader YES YES NOWindows Phone 7 YES YES YES Adapted from Comparison of eBook Formats at Wikipedia
  • 6. Background of OverDrive & AdobepartnershipOverDrive Adobe● 1986 Founded ● 1982 Founded● 2000 Content Reserve opens ● 1993 PDFs introduced● 2002 Launch of Digital Library ● 1994 PageMaker acquired Reserve ● 1999 InDesign launched ● 2005 Acquired Macromedia ○ Adds to product portfolio newer software products & platforms ● 2008 Launch of Adobe Content Server ○ software for DRM ○ works with ADEPTPartnership● 2008 OverDrive & Adobe partnership on ADEPT (Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) ○ Adobe Digital Editions uses ADEPT for DRM
  • 7. Chain of Access From Adobe eBook Platform White Paper
  • 8. Chain of Access
  • 9. Wifi vs 3G3G: Phone industry OverDrive DeliveryCollection of third generation Methodsmobile technologies designedto allow mobile operators tooffer integrated data & voiceservers over mobile networks.Wifi: ComputerindustryThe 802.11b wireless ethernetstandard designed to supportwireless LANs.
  • 10. eReaders/Devices + OMC/ADE Kindles: -Amazon provides ebook files, DRM, and auth. via Amazon account. -OverDrive provides authentication via library card. Nook, Sony, Android, iOS/Apple, & other mobiles: -OverDrive provides ebook files (and auth. via library card). -Adobe Digital Editions provides authentication via Adobe account. -Adobe Content Servers provide DRM.
  • 11. IssuesMarketplace Rent vs OwnPublishers: The Big Seven ● OverDrive rents books to● Random House: raising prices libraries.● Harper Collins: 26 circ limit● MacMillan: only scholarly ● Subscription license stops; books via Palgrave no more access.● Penguin: dropped OverDrive in Feb. Pilot program w/ 3M in June.● Simon & Schuster: NO Users● Hachette: Backlist only ● Library patrons● Scholastic: Pottermore only expectation of access As of Feb 12 with an update in July 12. ● Technology literacy gap
  • 12. Talking to the PatronLibrary Journal &Bowkers PatronProfiles Report(Aug 2012)● 28% library patrons want to download books from the library.● Among ebook borrowing patrons, 41% bought their last ebook.
  • 13. Cheatsheets
  • 14. Cheatsheets
  • 15. ResourcesWhere to go for more help:● Overdrive: Getting Started with eBook Readers● Overdrive: How to Train the Patron● Overdrive: Device Resource Center● Overdrive: How to borrow Kindle Books from your library● Overdrive: Getting started with a NOOK & How to transfer titles to a NOOK● Overdrive: Getting started with an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)● Overdrive: How to install OverDrives mobile app on an Android device● Overdrive: How to install OverDrives mobile app on a Windows Phone 7 device● OverDrive eBooks How To with Screengrabs prepared by the Monroe County Library System. 20Adobe%20Digital%20Editions%20Overdrive%20eBooks.pdf
  • 16. Articles CitedAdobe. (2010). Adobe eBook Platform: Authoring and delivering eBooks across devices. Adobe Digital Publishing White Paper. Retrieved from, A. (2012). ALA Releases Report on Library E-book Business Models. Publishers Weekly. Retrieved from, B. (2012). Libraries Grapple with the Downside of E-Books. NPR. Retrieved from, J. (2012). E-readers now, E-readers Forever! In Library Technology Reports, Gadgets & Gizmos: Libraries and the Post PC Era (14-20). Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost.Hardro, J. (2009). Ebook Accessibility Issues Trouble OverDrive & Adobe. Library Journal. Retrieved from, J. (2011). School Library Loans via Kindle. Tech Knowledge, June 2011, 12-13. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost.Kelley, M. (2012). The Digital Shift: a Guide to Publishers in the Library Ebook Market. Retrieved from, M. & Schwartz, M. (2012). Overdrive offers first glimpse at "Big Data." Library Journal: Info Tech, May 2012, 16. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost.Kroski, E. (2012). Library Patrons want e-books over every other downloadable media. OEDb: iLibrarian. Retrieved from, W. & McKnight, L.W. (2003). Wireless Internet Access: 3G or Wifi? MIT Research Program on Internet and Telecoms Convergence, MIT Telecommunications Policy 27 (2003), 351-370. Retrieved from, B. (2009). Adobe and Barnes & Noble eBook Collaboration. Retrieved from, S. (2012). An Ebook Primer: many small libraries are still just getting started with ebooks. Heres a helpful guide on those first steps. Library Journal: Series Exploring Ebook Options, April 2012, 42-44. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost.Rainie, L. (2012). Tablet and E-book reader Ownership Nearly Double Over the Holiday Gift-Giving Period. Retrieved from, D. (2011). ALA Tech Overview: Focusing on Patrons. Library Journal: Info Tech, August 2011, 16. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost.Tallent, J. (2011). eBook Formats. Retrieved from (n.d.). Comparison of e-book formats. Retrieved from
  • 17. Further reading on current issues witheBooks, publishers & distributorsThe Issues: Privacy, Access, PublishersALA. E-Books Wiki. Digital Rights Management (DRM) & Libraries., A. Digital Delight., B. J. eBooks, eReaders & Libraries: resources and news on eBooks. Digital Publishing Forum. EPUB3 Specification Overview., M. (2011). Playing It Safe with Patron Confidentiality and Ebooks. Library Journal. Retrieved from Info. eBook Options for Libraries., P. (2012). Ebooks: has a content divide replaces the digital divide? IFLA Conference., C. E-books and Libraries: Providing Access & Planning Ahead. to Get DRM-free BooksCalibre OpenBooks | Internet Archive Library | Project Gutenberg
  • 18. Questions?