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  • Bridger Jones (August 11, 1759 - November 1, 1819) Born in NC. Died in Bulloch County, Ga. Served the Georgia Navy in 1781 on the galley Washington  as a Seaman. Coronet in the NC Militia Tailor, then a Planter, then Raised Horses. Justice of the Inferior Court of Bulloch County, GA 1808 - 1813 1790 Census Record Jones County, NC  1800 Census Record Jones County, NC Berry Jones (November 19, 1786 - April 9, 1821) Mary "Polly" Jones (March 2, 1789 - ) Rachel Jones (June 2, 1791 - ) Bridger Jones Jr (August 26, 1793 - 1819) John Thomas Briant Jones (November 23, 1796 - ) Josiah Jones (March 12, 1799 - ) Bazil Jones (November 16, 1800 - ) Buckner Jones (March 23, 1804 - ) Nancy "Ann" Jones (April 7, 1807 - )
  • Buried in Lower Lotts Creek Church Cemetery, Statesboro Inscription: In memory of Bridger Jones (1759-1819), son of James Jones and Mary Bridger, a daughter of Robert Bridger who was a grandson of Colonel Joseph Bridger (1628-1686, Councilor of the State in Virginia to King Charles II of England.) Jones served in the American Revolution as a Seaman in the Georgia Navy and later as a Cornet in the Militia of North Carolina where his father had loved his wife, Rachel Barry (1762-1830), daughter of Jones Barry and Mary Noble, a daughter of Samuel Noble of Carteret County, NC. Bridger and Rachel came here in 1806. He was a Justice of the Bulloch County Court 1808-1813. Their children were Berry, Mary, Rachel, Bridger Jr, John Thomas Bryant, Josiah, Bazzel, Buckner, and Ann. After his father's death, Berry deeded to this church six acres including this graveyard where family members are buried. Erected by descendants in 1996.
  • Lawrence Bridger, Bridger Jones’ 4 th great grandfather, was rector of St. John the Evangelist Church in Gloucestershire, England for fifty years. He was invested with the office of Rector and Clerk of Slimbridge on Oct. 11 1577 by Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.  Lawrence married twice but died in 1630 a widower. In his will he makes bequests to nine children, Samuel, Lawrence, Joseph, Benjamin, Arthur, Elizabeth, Faith, Mary, and Anne with Samuel being the eldest son by his first wife and Joseph the eldest by his second wife, neither wife having so far been identified. The eldest son by the first wife was Samuel. Samuel, who had the reputation of being rather tight with his money, left his mark on the family home of Woodmancote. In order to avoid the decree of King Charles I, who had assessed a tax on each window in every dwelling in England, he bricked over at least three of Woodmancote's second floor windows. His "tax shelter" is still visible. On June 30, 1996, a new window in the altar of St. John the Evangelist Church in Slimbridge was dedicated in memory of Lawrence Bridger who was Rector 1577-1630. The window, which incorporates the Bridger coat of arms was made possible by the generosity of American descendants. Samuel's sons Joseph and James immigrated to Isle of Wight County, Virginia in 1654 under the auspices of Col. Nathaniel Bacon, thereby fleeing England during Oliver Cromwell's rule. Colonel Joseph Bridger was considered the most prominent man of his time in Isle of Wight Co., VA. Joseph Bridger was chosen to represent Isle of Wight County in the House of Burgesses in the session of 1658. As a Burgess he received 250 pounds of tobacco for each day the assembly was in session in Jamestown. He married Hester Pitt in 1672 in Isle of Wight Co, VA, daughter of Robert Pitt and Hester Stevens. Bridger was destined to take an active part in a series of historic events in Virginia history. The first was the governor's authorization of a 500-man army to fight the Indians and his appointment of Bridger as a colonel to organize it. As it turned out, the governor was dealing with the Indians for their valuable furs, and the army never marched against them. In view of this lack of protection, the farmers became rebellious and availed themselves of the help of Nathaniel Bacon, a dissatisfied member of the governor’s Council. In time, the governor was forced to flee Jamestown, and Bacon, who named himself “General by consent of the people,” called Joseph Bridger a “wicked and pernicious councilor” for his continued loyalty to the governor and the King of England. Colonel Bridger was a supporter of Govenor Berkeley during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 and was denounced in Bacon's Proclamation of 1676. (Both the Colonel and the Govenor fled to Virginia's Eastern Shore during the rebellion.) Sir John Berry names among the eminent sufferers by Bacon's Rebellion Col. Joseph Bridger, "a very Resolute gentleman, who, though forced to fly in the heat of war from his own countrie, yet on his Return was very Active and Instrumental in reducing to their obedience the South parte of James River". While Bridger fled with the governor, his son, Joseph Bridger, Jr.,  cast his lot with Nathaniel Bacon. For this, he was disinherited. In a codicil to his will Joseph Sr wrote of his son, “I finde my Sonne Joseph Bridger fly out into divers disloute courses of life and is grown very disobedient to me and that I may not be guilty of giveinge him an estate & encouragement to Continue for the future in his wicked way of liveinge I do hereby therefore revoke and disanull all and Every part of the legacies given him in the Will aforesaid both of lands and my personall Estate.”  He later regained some of his inheritance in an amicable settlement with his siblings.
  • Joseph built a 17 room brick house which he named "Whitemarsh" on his estate in Virginia.  The Bridger house must have been one of the largest of its day in VA. The inventory of the estate lists, "Cellar, kitchen, kitchen chamber, dining room, parlor, hall gallery, landing chamber over dining room, outer chamber, lower chamber, hall chamber, next chamber, middle chamber, middle uppermost chamber, and childrens chamber." His residence was called 'Whitemarsh', probably after the patent he and William Burgh received of 7,800 acres on 7 Jun 1666, "beginning by a White Marsh, a meadow about half a mile from the main run of the Blackwater (River)“ Gravemarker at Chancel of St. Luke's Church, originally known as the "Old Brick Church," Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, Virginia  Inscription: Sacred to ye memory of the Honble Joseph Bridger Esq. Councelr of State of Virginia to King Charles ye 2nd. Dying April 15, A.D. 1868. Aged 58 years; Mournfully left His wife, 3 sons & 4 daughters. Sources The Family of Bridger and Rachel Barry Jones of Bulloch County, Georgia and some affiliated families  by Ted Evan Lewis. Published by Gateway Press Inc, Baltimore, MD, 1999 "Collections of the Virginia Historical Society, New Series, Vol XI"
  • The carving depicts three figures of the Confederate States of America:Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.
  • Henry Solomon Strickland (1792 - January 15, 1862) Born in North Carolina. Son of Lewis Strickland. Large plantation owner: 5000 acres.
  • Elder Allen E Strickland: middle back row. Mrs. Eben (Miriam Strickland) Bacon 2nd woman to the right. Henery Eben Strickland: back row far left
  • Georgia State Senator from 1840-1842 Delegate to the Georgia Secession Convention in 1861. Voted against secession.
  • Alfred Everett Bacon Civil War Corporal. Enlisted on 5/9/1862 as a Private. On 5/9/1862 he mustered into "H" Co. GA 61st Infantry. * POW 5/5/1864 Wilderness, VA * Transferred 7/25/1864 Elmira, NY * Exchanged 2/20/1865 Elmira, NY * Transferred 3/4/1865 Camp Lee, VA Promotions: Corpl 3/1/1863 Jesse Kicklighter Civil War Private 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry Five sons fought for the Confederacy. All returned unharmed. Henry Miles Kicklighter Enlisted in the Confederate States Cavalry in 1863 along with his six eligible brothers. The 2nd Cavalry Battalion contained five companies organized during the late fall of 1861 and Henry was assigned to Company F. The 5th Cavalry was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Edward Bird, Lieutenant Colonel M. Cumming, and Major Richard J. Devant, Jr. The men were from the counties of Effingham, Screven, Liberty, Bulloch, Lamar, and McIntosh. It was sent to Mississippi and placed in Wheeler's Cavalry Corps. Serving under W.W. Allen and R.H. Anderson, the unit participated in the Atlanta Campaign, the defense of Savannah, and the campaign of the Carolinas. On April 26, 1865, it surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Bryant J Waters Co. F, 5th Georgia Cavalry William Jackson Griffin Confederate Soldier in GA Infantry Company G 47 Dempsey Griffin Confederate solider in Cpt Phillip Tippin's Company G, "Tattnall Invincibles," 47th Regiment GA Infantry, Jackson's Brigade. Redding Yeomans Civil War Private in 21st Georgia Infantry Company I Enlisted on 4/21/1862 as a Private. On 4/21/1862 he mustered into "G" Co. GA 11th Battn St Gd Infantry. He was discharged on 10/9/1862 at Camp Williams, GA. (Rejected by surgeon, April 27, 1862). Enlisted in the Liberty Independent Troop on 19 July 1862. Redden transferred to Company G, 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry, on 20 Jan 1863. Roll from 30 Jun to 31 Dec 1864, last on file, shows him "Absent Without Leave since October." Received at Washington, D.C., Apr. 4, 1865. "Took oath of allegiance to U.S. Govt. and furnished transportation to Washington, D.C."
  • Fun with census records! Redding Sr moved to Tattnall County Ga by 1860. Jr and III were all born and died in Tattnall.
  • All Tattnall County GA censuses Reddin – son of Harris and Mary, born in florida according to 1850 census. RJ – listed as Jasper in 1860 & 70
  • Family genealogy research

    7. 7. OTHER REV WAR SOLDIERSeorge Carter (1742-1822) Pvt 3 SC Continental Line
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    14. 14. REDDING YEOMAN1850 1860 1870 1900 1910Census Census Census Census CensusReddin RedingYoumans Yeomansage 13 age 23(unrelated) (unrelated) Jasper Jasper R J Yeomans Redding J Yeomans Yeomans age 43 Yeomans age 3 Age 13 age 53 Reding Redding Redden Yeomans Yeomans Yeomans age 31 age 41 age 71 Redding Yeomans age 76
    15. 15. RESEARCH SOURCESind a Grave (free online) www.findagrave.comeritage Quest database (public library)heritagequestonline.comncestry (private subscription) Search (free online)