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Internal training presentation about how I go about advocating Yahoo to the outside world and what gets me pretty excited about our developer offers at the moment.

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  • This time you have your childhood photo and surprised me. Everyone loves to use Yahoo products. But when someone is stuck somewhere they will have to post a question to the mailing list and wait for a long time. When google services have their own mailing list and IRC channels why can't Yahoo have IRC channels for YDN? I personally prefer IRC channels than mailing list because there I get immediate response, new ideas and suggestions.
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Yahoo for the Masses

  1. Yahoo for the Masses Christian Heilmann | | Bangalore, India, Yahoo internal training, February 2009
  2. This is going to be an interactive session, so don’t feel bad for asking questions.
  3. Yahoo is a big company with a lot of products.
  4. As a representative of the Yahoo Developer Network I talk about the YDN and our developer products in public.
  5. I don’t speculate about products we have or our stock price or what’s happening to the company.
  6. And neither should you. This way trouble and annoyance lies.
  7. So let me introduce the way I like to portrait Yahoo in public.
  8. I see Yahoo as the big friendly giant.
  9. Just like the big friendly giant we take the nice things and bring them to the people.
  10. And we keep the bad things away from them.
  11. And we have to constantly be aware of the other giants out there...
  12. the people we talk to have an almost unhealthy drive to ask us how we compare with other giants.
  13. As a matter of fact there are more and more big friendly giants out there.
  14. So baiting me to say bad things about the others is a waste of time.
  15. As it should be with you.
  16. Let’s go through some of the offerings we bring the world that get me excited.
  17. Design Patterns
  18. On the Yahoo Developer Network you can find solutions to tasks that users need to fulfill on web sites.
  19. These are based on research with real users and are live and cross-referenced on Yahoo! sites.
  20. All of them explained in detail and licensed Creative Commons.
  22. This can be a base of your own interface and information architecture.
  23. They even come with stencils!
  25. YUI CSS
  26. Basing your design and layout on an existing CSS framework means you can build them very fast.
  27. It also means they work across different browsers and will work for browsers to come.
  28. In terms of maintenance all you need to do is to update one CSS file.
  30. Exceptional Performance
  31. Using our exceptional performance tips and tools you can make your sites work faster and more smoothly.
  32. Faster and smoother experience = happier users
  33. Exceptional Performance Tips: YSlow:
  34. And of course
  35. YUI
  36. YUI is a base to build working, accessible and easy to re- style web applications on.
  37. Working for us and thus probably working for the world out there, too!
  38. YUI makes web development more secure, predictable and backed by a massive community of clever, dedicated developers.
  39. YUI also extends your web app capabilities.
  40. What if HTML is not rich enough for your clients?
  41. Almost all *free* and *big* JavaScript libraries come with widgets that work and are proven in the market.
  43. BOSS
  44. What if a client asks you to build a specialist search?
  45. You could buy databases and build an interface and get servers to host and index the search...
  46. Or you could use BOSS.
  48. BOSS allows you to build better search results easily.
  51. Another cool thing BOSS does right now is provide a mainstream channel for the semantic web and Microformats.
  52. People are trying to make the web a less messier place by adding semantic data to HTML documents.
  53. Using SearchMonkey technology BOSS now lists this information in the results.
  54. view=searchmonkey_feed view=searchmonkey_rdf structureddata.html
  55. Another interesting thing is the keyterms parameter in BOSS.
  57. Yahoo Theater
  58. Videos of talks, presentations and product demos to watch and use in your own company’s training program.
  59. Yahoo Theater
  60. Security
  61. Yahoo has a good security section on YDN.
  62. We should do much more there.
  63. Accessibility
  64. There is some information on the YUI blog about all the good accessibility work we do.
  65. There will be a full accessibility section on YDN ( which is on my plate ;) )
  66. YQL
  67. YQL is a SQL-style interface to all Yahoo data – and the web!
  68. I like to call it the tin opener of the web – even when the juicy data is in a container you can get access to it.
  69. Especially now that we allow for open data tables.
  70. This allows any company or institute or web site to allow people to access and mash up their data.
  71. For example a friend of mine works for the National Maritime Museum in London.
  72. They are already part of the Commons on flickr:
  73. He wanted to allow people to access their free data and filter it without providing an API.
  74. All it needed was a simple XML file.
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  77. This is just the start. I am really excited about YQL.
  78. A good BFG also should listen well. And this is where we are not doing a good enough job.
  79. I’ll need all of you to see what’s going on out there.
  80. Find good examples of uses of our technologies, and tell the YDN folk about it.
  81. We’re happy to tell the world who has done good stuff with our stuff :)
  82. On the other hand we also need to know how people get stuck and what they would like from our products.
  83. So whenever you are out there and you hear people having issues...
  84. ...point them to the right channels.
  85. Help is there, we are a BFG.
  86. THANKS! Keep in touch: Christian Heilmann