The Role Of Java Script


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An introduction to JavaScript for educators at Ed Directions, a workshop at Web Directions North.

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The Role Of Java Script

  1. The role of JavaScript
  2. The fabled animal called JavaScript The role of JavaScript
  3. • Easy to learn • Easy to implement • Immediate results • Very versatile The role of JavaScript
  4. JavaScript makes the web a much easier, faster and prettier place. The role of JavaScript
  5. Ajax is to web pages what instant messaging is to email. The role of JavaScript
  6. JavaScript can also make the web a most frustrating and insecure experience. The role of JavaScript
  7. It is up to us as educators to teach the sensible use of JavaScript. The role of JavaScript
  8. Behaviour JavaScript Look and Feel CSS Structure, Semantics HTML Logic, Data, Validation Backend The role of JavaScript
  9. • Separation of concerns Keeping these layers separated • Parallel development has lots of • On-demand changes benefits: are easy to achieve • Support for all environments and user agents. The role of JavaScript
  10. JavaScript CSS HTML A traditional web site would be something like this: Backend The role of JavaScript
  11. JavaScript A common web application right now is more like this: CSS HTML Backend The role of JavaScript
  12. • Performance There are several good • Server traffic savings reasons for this: • Increased usability through to more responsive interfaces • Reduction of redundant steps. The role of JavaScript
  13. • There is no security in There are several JavaScript good reasons • You cannot expect speaking against JavaScript to be enabled this: • Maintaining JavaScript is very hard. The role of JavaScript
  14. • JavaScript is the village Why is bicycle: everyone can maintaining have a ride. JavaScript hard? • There is no official training or accreditation. • It is implemented in browsers and they are constantly changing The role of JavaScript
  15. • We’re at a stage where Why is making things work is maintaining more important than JavaScript hard? creating quality code. • Re-use is harder and more expensive than starting over. The role of JavaScript
  16. So what can be done? The role of JavaScript
  17. We have to initiate a change in perception of JavaScript. The role of JavaScript
  18. It is not a toy language but an integral part of modern web development. The role of JavaScript
  19. Due to its low level of entry it is a great language to allow developers access and use your systems. The role of JavaScript
  20. For this we need to define some educational goals: The role of JavaScript
  21. • Building on best Goals for teaching practices: progressive JavaScript: enhancement, maintainability, modularity. • Removing the random browser element. The role of JavaScript
  22. • Progressive Progressive enhancement means Enhancement that we add JavaScript as an interactive layer onto a working solution. • Every step on the way we test for support before applying functionality. The role of JavaScript
  23. • Maintainable code is Maintainability very hard to find. • The reason is that we hack JavaScript together rather than following agreed architectures and methodologies. The role of JavaScript
  24. • JavaScript solutions tend Modularity to be one-offs without an easy way to extend or change to different needs. • This stops re-use and per-case extension. The role of JavaScript
  25. This, and the removal of random browser problems is the job of JavaScript frameworks. The role of JavaScript
  26. Frameworks are there to make our lives as developers easier - not be a replacement for JavaScript. The role of JavaScript
  27. There is nothing wrong with using a framework to make our code work across different browsers. The role of JavaScript
  28. It is a better way of developing than following the w3c or ECMA recommendations to the T and failing to deliver working code. The role of JavaScript
  29. Our goal should be to teach new developers to develop and deliver not to fix problems and write workarounds. The role of JavaScript
  30. There are several challenges to be overcome until we get there. The role of JavaScript
  31. • Lack of official Challenges JavaScript courses • Lack of promotion of code that builds interfaces - Web Development is HCI and CS. • JavaScript is a Jack of all trades. The role of JavaScript
  32. The market needs good JavaScript developers, the support and implementation of this versatile and easy language is going nowhere but up. The role of JavaScript
  33. It is up for us educators to help the market hire pragmatic and quality-oriented developers directly from school and university without the need for internal re-education. The role of JavaScript
  34. Christian Heilmann THANKS! The role of JavaScript