The prestige of being a web developer (no notes)


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Closing keynote of the Fronteers conference in Amsterdam. Blog notes are available at

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The prestige of being a web developer (no notes)

  1. The prestige of being aweb developer. Christian Heilmann, Fronteers, Amsterdam, October 2011
  2. There is a lot of talk about HTML5 and when you look at the demos showing what it can do we are faced with a lot of interactive videos and 3D animations. HTML5 however means much more than that - it turns web technologies into a real application environment and in this talk Chris Heilmann of Mozilla will show you how your backend code can benefit greatly from the new features modern browsers offer us.
  3. A W E S O M E!
  4. how do magic tricks work?
  5. three parts to any magic trick.
  6. 1 - The Pledge
  7. 2 - The Turn
  8. 3 - The Prestige
  9. “I use Google mostly. Is that a mac?”
  10. Native 3D sound in pureCSS with fallback for IE6!
  11. +1 that like and a RT on that!
  12. Most inspiring talk ever!
  13. How do goodmagicians work?
  14. Reuse and improve
  15. <button> vs. <div class="clicky"> if ( test ) { apply(); }
  16. In the old days...Behaviour HTMLPresentationStructure
  17. DHTML days (1)Behaviour JSPresentation HTMLStructure JS
  18. DHTML days (2)Behaviour CSSPresentation JS HTMLStructure
  19. The gospel (according to Zeldman)Behaviour JS CSSPresentation HTMLStructure
  20. The now...Behaviour SS JS C ntation PreseStructure HTML
  21. approach.refresh();
  22. Learn from others
  23. NIN = good NNIH = BAD!
  24. Be inventive
  25. Leaving the comfortzone
  26. !desktop
  27. Can haz Flash info plz?
  28. Be gorgeous!
  29. code = poetry
  30. Be open
  32. adaptation brings the prestige
  33. your work, multiplied!
  34. "I was a young man withuninformed ideas. I threw outqueries, suggestions, wondering allthe time over everything; and tomy astonishment the ideas tooklike wildfire" Charles Darwin
  35. web workers != stage magicians
  36. Something I can never have?
  37. Ask questions, demand cool stuffto adapt to your environments.
  38. Don’t be out for blood!
  39. Browser makers want the web tosucceed and deliver awesomeexperiences.
  40. This is what we should bespending time and money on.
  41. Can haz moar harmony?
  42. Being reactive kills innovation.
  43. People to trust
  44. If you’re on stage, tell the truth.
  46. Vanishing act
  47. Mark == OK?
  48. Join the band!
  49. Collaboration
  50. Be your own teacher
  51. code is open, slides are released!
  52. Fill the blanks
  53. Guerrilla docs
  54. !code. Examples + Docs = :)
  55. OHAI -webkit,here’s -moz, -o, -ms, !-
  56. Use what you heard!
  57. "Now that we spent 4 years making rounded corners working in every browser designers dont want to use them as they look dated" -- Molly Holzschlag
  58. Repeat the message!
  59. Your boss will love you!
  60. Collect good stories
  61. Best practices arediscovered, notdefined!
  62. Bring us evidence!
  63. Reserved for you
  64. Thanks!Chris Heilmann @codepo8