Mozilla the web and you (no notes)


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Keynote at the Campus Party Recife about Mozilla and Firefox OS

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Mozilla the web and you (no notes)

  1. Mozilla, the web and you!Chris Heilmann ( @codepo8 ) and John Hammink ( @rijksband )Campus Party Recife, Brazil 29/07/12
  2. The web is amazing!
  3. The web gives us avoice Evolution of communication World-wide reach Publication as easy as consumption
  4. The web is foreverybody Simple release process Simple technologies Not exclusive to experts
  5. Mozilla is herefor the web
  6. Opening the web for everybody
  7. Starting with HTML the fun way
  8. Making video talk to the web
  9. Simple technologies HTML structures content CSS defines look and feel JavaScript adds interactivityPhoto by Howard Dickins
  10. Being there for developers
  11. We need you! (part 1)
  12. Can has translate?
  13. History: the desktop wars
  14. Shift happensPhoto by Jason Weaver
  15. F*#k yeah HTML5!
  16. Erm, yeah, we mean apps!Photo by Michael Gil
  17. Lock-out us er dr oid S/ An iO them o rd ’t affCan
  18. Thats wrong!Desktop ✔Mobile ?
  19. Hardware access
  20. Call State dialing, busy, incoming, ringing Control call, answer, hangup web telephony API status : most work donePhoto by Rev Dan Catt
  21. Interact find, filter, view messages Control send, delete, find web sms API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by fazen
  22. boot2gecko Battery Status charging, battery level, battery life remaining, change events Network Info estimated bandwidth ex. 3G, metered Power Mgmt screen on/off, brightness, lock state camera APIPhoto by Photo by wolfgangfoto wolfgangfoto status : in progress
  23. ContactsManager find, clear, save, remove ContactFindOptions find, filter, sort contacts web contacts API status : v1 done, w/o v2Photo by TOKY Branding and Design
  24. Detect screen orientation, primary orientation. Control screen orientation lock. screen orientation status : donePhoto by Viking KARWUR
  25. Capabilities picture size, video size, zoom supported, effects, flash modes... Control take picture, start and stop video recording, auto focus, set quality, thumb size camera API status : in progressPhoto by wolfgangfoto
  26. A truly open mobile OS ...powered by HTML5
  27. Firefox OS architecture GONK The low level OS GECKO The application runtime for B2G of B2G GAIA The user interface of B2G Photo by Alesa Dam
  28. HTML5 all around
  29. Endless opportunitiesPhoto by Benjamin Esham:
  30. What about apps? { "version": "1.0", "name": "MozillaBall", "description": "Exciting Open Web development action!", "icons": { "16": "/img/icon-16.png", "48": "/img/icon-48.png", + "128": "/img/icon-128.png" }, "developer": { "name": "Mozilla Labs", "url": "" }, "installs_allowed_from": [ "" ], "default_locale": "en" }
  31. +
  32. +
  33. What about making money?
  34. We need you! (part 2)
  35. How to get started?
  36. Firefox OS now?
  37. Wheres the metal?
  39. Is this the end of iOS + Android?
  40. Talk to us, and talk about us!Follow @Boot2Gecko and @mozhacks on TwitterJoin platform mailing list: in on IRC: channel #B2GB2G Repo: Architecture: Repo: Docs: API Docs:
  41. Making you the star “To equip Evangelism Reps with the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations (small or large) world-wide and spread Mozillas mission.”
  42. Obrigado!@codepo8@rijksband