Be a kickass speaker - Mozcamp 2011

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An introduction how to be a public speaker for people of the Mozilla community.

An introduction how to be a public speaker for people of the Mozilla community.

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  • 1. How to be a kick-ass public speaker! Chris Heilmann, MozCamp Berlin 2011
  • 2. Developer Engagement
  • 3. Go into theopen andspeak forMozilla!
  • 4. We need you to go on stageand rock the show!
  • 5. Reasons:1) Why go where you already are?
  • 6. Reasons:2) Why send a few people when we have hundreds?
  • 7. Reasons:3) Speaking can be dangerous.
  • 8. Let’s start with somehomework.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. What keeps interestedpeople from publicspeaking?
  • 12. Common myths...
  • 13. “Everybody can give a talk, just send them a slide deck” BS“Everybody can cook a 5 star meal, just give them the right ingredients!”
  • 14. “Nobody wants to hear from unknownspeakers!” BS Where do known speakers come from?
  • 15. “Speaking means you stopped doing a real job!” BSSo why do people pay to see others speak about thethings they obviously know better?
  • 16. Personal reasons andbarriers.
  • 17. “I am not a speaker!”“I got nothing to say...”“Others already covered that...”“I am scared of doing it wrong!”“I will need training”“I have no chance to speak!”
  • 18. “I am not a speaker!”A good a person so passionateabout a topic that they wantto share.
  • 19. “I am not a speaker!”A kick-ass a person passionateabout a topic and aboutsharing that passion.
  • 20. “I am not a speaker!”A kick-ass speaker...... is a mix of reporter,educator and entertainer.
  • 21. Five things that make you aspeaker - regardless of yourperforming talent.
  • 22. Know your stuffEverything can go wrong onstage. Be the expert. Thenthey are a minorinconvenience.
  • 23. Run the showIt is you on stage - do not givesomeone else’s talk.
  • 24. Run the showBe proud of your style and doit your way!
  • 25. Run the show
  • 26. Be passionate!
  • 27. It gets easier the more you do itMy first talks were awful.Really!
  • 28. Listen to feedback and judgeIt hurts, it is annoying, butyou get better by seeingyourself.
  • 29. Listen to feedback and judgeDanger: immediate feedback*is* polarised.
  • 30. “I got nothing to say...”Mozilla has lots of stuff youcan tell people about!
  • 31. The topic grab bag! Developer_Engagement/Grab_bag
  • 32. “Others already covered that...”Topics get re-used over andover again.
  • 33. “Others already covered that...”But they were never coveredin your personal style andwith your experiences.
  • 34. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”If you stop being scared, getoff the stage!
  • 35. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Mistakes happen, we learnfrom them!
  • 36. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Look at other presentationsand note down what annoysyou...
  • 37. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”...then make sure you don’tdo the same! Simple, isn’t it?
  • 38. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Same goes for finding thingsthat you like. Do them.
  • 39. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”But don’t copy other people’sstyles!
  • 40. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”For example...Some presentation styles andmoments that make mecringe:
  • 41. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”The teleshopping presentationa.k.a.“my pet techie”
  • 42. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Live coding LIKE A BOSS!
  • 43. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”A day at the movies...
  • 44. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Numbers, graphs and bulletpoints.
  • 45. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”So inspiring, like REALLY,sooooo inspiring!
  • 46. “I am scared of doing it wrong!”Reading time with you, me,and my slide deck.
  • 47. “I will need training!”Training can be given, but Ican predict what you reallyneed is experience.
  • 48. “I will need training!”That said, I’d love us to haveworkshops to take thisfurther.Demand them and they willcome!
  • 49. “I have no chance to speak!”Meetups, unconferences,lightning talks rounds, meetsand greets happen *all* thetime *all* over the globe!
  • 50. “I have no chance to speak!”http://lanyrd.comhttp://meetup.com ... amongst others.
  • 51. “I have no chance to speak!”Find something, then tell usif you want to go!
  • 52. “I have no chance to speak!”
  • 53. “I have no chance to speak!”Tell us where you think weshould be and how we cansupport the event.
  • 54. Talk to us!http://hacks.mozilla.org on IRC@codepo8, @robertnyman,@robhawkes, @mozhacks onTwitter.
  • 55. Thanks!Chris