Mobile Applications - The Best Marketing Tool Ever


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An exciting presentation that proves that the Marketing future is for Mobile Applications versus traditional websites, email marketing, or advertising.

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  • Next wave.TV: content driven to screen. Change channels. Content delivered to a screen.Computers: Next phase, originally static—just glossy picture on screenEvolved to links, audio, videoMobile Device: audio, video, mobile apps!
  • Constantly new opportunitiesAhead of, on top of, behindCutting edge of technology & opportunityKnow what feels like to MISS an opportunity?Most of us know how it feels to catch an opportunityRide this wave with us
  • This is where you say .. When it’s too late! When you missed out on the opportunity.. You missed the wave and now you’re just swimming around in the white water with everyone else.. Use the Web Site – domain name example.. Or the Hot stock tip you got and didn’t get on it in time.. ____________________Missed it, churned in water, pounded into the beachRight place, right time
  • The entire Globe has gone Mobile.. Real estate has gone Mobile.Buyers are looking for real estate on their Mobile devices 2, 3 and even 12x per day… AND that means…. Your potential BUYERS have GONE MOBILE! __________________________________________ MOVE FIRST BULLETT DOWN!!!!!!!ONLY 1.1 billion Internet connections todayForrester Research & Gartner Group ($58 billion)APPLE!!!!!App Downloads create revenue
  • “MONSTER” OPPORTUNITY!!!Keys & Phone out the door
  • Kids texting in 5 foot radius  Not applicable!!!
  • 3 they create branding in the messages (what exactly does that mean?)  like a text  97% read vs 4% emails4 allow a platform for proof and testimony 5 allow you to go viral withFacebook, twitter and other social media
  • 5 allow you to go viral withFacebook, twitter and other social media
  • 5 allow you to go viral withFacebook, twitter and other social media
  • Mobile Applications - The Best Marketing Tool Ever

    1. 1. You are about to discover….
    2. 2. • Many mobile Web users are mobile-only, i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. Even in the US 25 % of mobile Web users are mobile-only.
    3. 3. • The cost for Set Up and Maintenance of your Mobile App: --Only $ 99.00 each Monthly App hosting and maintenance fee of $49.95 per month to keep your App hosted in iTunes App Store, $20 in the Android Market. Monthly App hosting fee is month to month and can be cancelled anytime
    4. 4. • One on One Intimate Communication with Customers• “PUSH” Notifications – Specials, discounts, reminders, Coupons, Etc. 97% vs. 4% with email• Constant Branding – Right on the customers Mobile Device – They are on them 23 hours per day!
    5. 5. • A platform for “PROOF” – Important info, Testimonials, Videos, etc.• GPS directions to the Location• One Tap Calling from the Mobile device• Connect to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.• Viral Marketing – “Share this App”
    6. 6. (fill up the Contact Form) Or send an Email to