The New Landscape of Online Marketing


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The New Landscape of Online Marketing

  1. 1. Online MarketingOnline Marketing Defined: Ties together the Artistic and Science of the web with + science + strategyCan Include:  Design Development- website and mobile design.  Awareness Building- Big piece of the online puzzle. Figuring out ways to build awareness.  Communication- information distribution or education.  Connection- the heart of marketing. Get people to know you, to like you, and to trust you.  Customer Service- always overlooked. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), usability of site, or getting found.  Sales- awareness, communication, connection, service, all come together to boost sales  Analytics- measurement of your online marketing efforts. Whats the point if you cant measure it.
  2. 2. How Online Marketing Works  Customer Acquisition  Customer Retention  Maximizing relationships* It takes an average of seven touch points to acquire a customer.Referral, Web search, social media mention, press release, getting an email, or seeing an online ad.The more online marketing puzzle pieces you have, the higher likelihood you will get prospectivecustomers to know, like, and trust you.Distinctions of Online MarketingThe web has change how we work, live, and spend money. So marketing has also changed. Severaldistinctions with online marketing are:  24/7- the web is working for you even when you are sleeping.  worldwide visibility- can open your business to a worldwide market.  direct sales- being able to capture leads and sales directly online.  targeted market- if you are in a very niche market, you can still reach prospective customers affordably.All of these help maximize customer acquisition and retention by saving you time, money, and humancapital.Consumers have become empowered, and they expect everything at the click of their fingertips. Havingthese things will give you a huge competitive edge.
  3. 3. Components of Online MarketingWebsite Design/Development-SEO/SEM-Content Marketing- content that educates and empowers users. A powerful online asset to get users toknow, like, and trust you. Examples: Website, email, Press Releases, FAQ, Blogs, Video, Social Media,articles (online on other sites), and podcasts. This can take your content to authority status.Social Media- social networking refers to the connection between people in an online community likeFacebook, or Linkedin. This SUPPORTS your other online efforts through content creation, andparticipation. Examples: Blogging and microblogging, social networking, video sharing, social events,wikis, social media strategy, social news and bookmarking, and social shopping and opinions.Email Marketing- Used to send message to large or niche audiences (segmenting). So effective becauseto goes to peoples inbox, which is checked daily. Used effectively, it can help move people down thesales funnel. How? web site pages, email signatures, landing pages, signup forms. Example: instead ofsignup for our newsletter, try something like Join our e-List to get the latest in food safety, localsourcing, nutrition, case studies, and articles.Online PR- You are what you publish! anything that is newsworthy. You need to go to the news people,not wait for them to go to you. Example: New products, new stakeholder initiatives, announcements,current events, charitable causes.Online Advertising- Search Ads, display ads, affiliate marketing, social media advertising, localadvertising, email advertising.