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Corals Reefs
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Corals Reefs


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Published in: Lifestyle, Technology

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  • 1. By: Eva Oni-Enakhifo
  • 2. ☻ Corals are Invertebrates☻ They are in the same family as jelly fish, sea anemones, and hydra☻ They are made of carnivorous animals called polyps☻ All kinds of fish live in corals
  • 3. ☻ There are two kinds:1. A fringing reef (a reef where coral polyps settle and grow close to the shore2. A barrier reef (if the land sinks or the sea rises, a polyp it makes a barrier reef☻ Smooth coral grows in rougher waters☻ Hard coral grows in calmer waters
  • 4. ☻ Corals are classified as Phylum Cnidarians☻ Corals fall into the vertebrate family☻ Although corals do live in the ocean they are not in the same family as fish
  • 5. ☻ Corals evolved into reef building forms over the last 20-25 million years☻ Coral beads and artifacts were discovered in Egyptian graves dating back as far as 4000 B.C.☻ They are also found in the graves from Iron Age and Neolithic sepulchers from 10,000 B.C.
  • 6.  The main kind of pollution killing corals is chemical pollution when harmful gases get into the air it gets in the ocean Littering kills them too so when you litter some trash companies dump it into the ocean Mud from runoff can smother the coral and they can’t breathe
  • 7.  Sharks are the most well known predators of the ocean, sea, and the coral reef Sharks that are dangerous to reefs: The sand tiger shark White tip reef shark Grey tip reef shark Black tip shark Silver tip shark
  • 8. ☻ Clown Fish☻ Giant Clam☻ Giant Cone Snail☻ All kinds of Octopi
  • 9. ☻ Corals are considered animals☻ Coral require sunlight and that’s why they like (warm) and shallow water☻ The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia is so big (apx. 2,000 kilo) that it can be seen from space☻ This is the brain coral that grows1-3 inches a year
  • 10. ☻ The mouth of a coral is surrounded by stinging tentacles☻ This is dynamite fishing which kills coral 
  • 11. ☻ Barnes, R.D. 1987. Invertebrate Zoology TX: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich College Publishers.☻ Lilli, C.M. and T.R. Parsons. 1995. Biological Oceanography: An Introduction. Oxford, UK: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd.☻ Veron, JEN. 2000. Corals of the World. Vol 3. Australia: Australian Institute of Marine Sciences and CRR Qld Pty Ltd.