Hosting a raclette party


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The word 'Raclette' can be used to refer to three things - a particular type of cheese, a grill that is placed on the dining table to melt cheese, and a type of meal or a manner of eating.

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Hosting a raclette party

  1. 1. Hosting a Raclette PartyThe word ‘Raclette’ can be used to refer to three things – a particular type of cheese, a grill thatis placed on the dining table to melt cheese, and a type of meal or a manner of eating.The Raclette cheese is a Swiss semi-firm cows-milk cheese that is very popular in Switzerland,and although originally from the Alps, it is also made in France. Good Raclette cheese is mild,creamy and slightly nutty, and is very ideal for melting. The classic use of Raclette cheeseinvolves melting it and serving it with boiled potatoes, pickled onions, a variety of sliced meats,and vegetables. Most people believe that fondues is the most popular dish in Switzerland when itfact, Raclette is actually more popular than fondue in most parts of Switzerland. The termRaclette comes from the French word racler, which means “to scrape”, pertaining to the fact thatthe melted cheese must be scraped from a grill and on to the plate of the diner.Raclette cheese can be melted into different kinds of dishes, even fondue, or it may be eatenplain. Its creamy, mild taste fits well with an assortment of things, which is why Raclette cheeseis a favorite for quick snacks and dinner cheese platters. A lot of people nowadays enjoy theseRaclette dinners because they make a great venue for catching up with friends without thetedious food preparation.For most of use who have just recently discovered Raclette may feel like we have stumbled on tothe latest and perhaps the most enjoyable dinner party trend ever. A Raclette meal is pretty muchlike a fondue party, but better – the same socializing, but with more cooking options. Aside frombeing absolutely fun for the guests, a Raclette meal is also one of the easiest parties to hose. Thisis because much of the food preparation can be done ahead, while the cleanup afterwards isequally simple.In a nutshell, Raclette party goes like this.The Raclette grill usually serves about up to eight people, and can take different shapes – someRaclette grills are rectangular while some are round or oblong in shape. Although traditionally,the Raclette grill is made of wood, modern Raclette grills are available in most department storestoday. While the cheese melts on the grill, the guests get to cook their own meats, sausages, fishand even vegetables on the grill. The melted cheese on the trays is then scraped out and onto aselection of side dishes (the most common of all, are small boiled potatoes). Guests cook, talk,eat, and repeat the entire process often a few times, for several enjoyable hours.Be sure to offer your guests a cocktail, something dry but not too sweet – perhaps a good oldwine or a martini. But what good would your Raclette party be if you do not have the bestRaclette cheese? Organize your next Raclette party and order Raclette cheese today!Visit your Favorite Cheese Store Now!