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  • A developed society should react in an exemplary manner to "the worst of the worst". That means that a society does not act like a murderer by giving them the death penalty. Of course, emotionaly a murderer should receive the death penalty, but through revenge nothing would develop better. It is difficult giving the murderer the right punishment, but our premise should be: nothing is more valuable then life. Death Penalty is an act of terrorism!
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Capital punishment power point

  1. 1. Capital Punishment History of Capital Punishment Capital Punishment, also known as the death penalty, has been aroundsince Eighteenth Century B.C King Hammaurabi made 25 differnet crimes punishable by death. Capital punishment moved to America in 1608 A.D. when captainKendall was executed. The death penalty had the most change during the 20th Century. Support for the death penalty reaches all time low in 1966.
  2. 2. Pro Death PenaltyA deterrent to those who might commit a crime. No one wants to die, so the death penalty being the punishment for murder prevents murder The stronger the penalty for someone’s actions the greater deterrent
  3. 3. Pro Death Penalty continuedThe Death Penalty saves lives By putting murderers to death you can save future lives. People will think twice about killing someone if they know that the death penalty is the punishment.
  4. 4. Pro Death Penalty continuedSense of conclusion the family feels Once a criminal is put to death the family can finally feel free of the murderer who killed their loved one The safety and relief a family gets when the criminal is put to death is far better than life in prison.
  5. 5. Pro Death Penalty continued Overcrowding in jails Overcrowding in jails has become a big problem recently. Criminals who’s crimes are considered to be of low danger are having their sentences shortened to deal with jail overcrowding. By making the death penalty procedure faster you can help this problem of jail overcrowding. Cost 27.5 billion tax payer dollars in 2011 to incarcerate this many inmates.
  6. 6. No Death Penalty Cost of Putting someone to death Death penalty is 2.5 times more costly than to put someone in prison for life. Cost of multiple trials and the cost of appeals. The extra cost of putting someone to death gives the option of just putting someone in prison without the possibility of parole.
  7. 7. No Death Penalty continued Putting someone to death who is innocent The chance of putting someone to death who is falsely accused. The chance of someone incorrectly accused being put to death outweighs putting the right criminal to death Since 1973, one hundred thirty people have been released form death row due to evidence that shows their wrongful conviction.
  8. 8. No Death Penalty continued Publicity of crime The publicity of a crime and the long trials that come with it cause more crimes. Life in Prison is more of a deterrent than the Death Penalty
  9. 9. No Death Penalty Continued Rehabilitation Failure By putting someone to death it does not give them time to acknowledge their mistakes. The murder does not have the ability to ask for forgiveness. Death of a murderer does not bring back a loved one.
  10. 10. Conclusion In conclusion both sides have strong arguments, and it is very important to understand both sides of the argument before you decide your stance on the topic.