Charles dickens


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Charles dickens

  1. 1. Charles Dickens Who, What, When, Where, Why, How did he become famous, How do people still know about him?Thursday, 11 October 12
  2. 2. Who was Charles Dickens? Charles Dickens (full name Charles John Huffam Dickens) was an English writer who was born on the 7 February 1812 and died on the 9 June 1870 at age 58. Charles Dickens wrote 20-30 books in the 1800’s most of which are still the most famous books today including, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations.Thursday, 11 October 12
  3. 3. What Did Charles Dickens do? Charles Dickens was an author who wrote many great novels, including some which are still as relevant exciting and engaging as they were in the 1800’s when Dickens wrote them. Charles’s books were published in serial form which means they were spliced and put into Newspapers for people to read each week.Thursday, 11 October 12
  4. 4. When Was Charles Dickens [ ? ] Charles Dickens was born on the 7 February 1812 and died on the 9 June 1870 at age 58. Charles Dickens wrote books in a way that engaged the people of the 1800’s that their love for the books is still here today. Back in the 1800’s He was the most famous writer in England and is still widely read to date.Thursday, 11 October 12
  5. 5. Where Did Charles Dickens Live Charles Dickens was born in the town of Portsmouth, England ... and died in Kent, EnglandThursday, 11 October 12
  6. 6. How Did Charles Dickens Become So Famous? I think that Charles Dickens is so famous because his book were widely read and enjoyed by people all over the world. People could find many new and interesting things in his novels.Thursday, 11 October 12
  7. 7. How Do People Still Know About Charles Dickens I think that Charles Dickens is still well known today because he thought of many quotes that are used today. He also wrote book that people around the world liked and even waited long periods of time just to read a chapter. His novels have also been converted to movies for people to enjoy.Thursday, 11 October 12
  8. 8. Bibliography Wikipedia BBC Charles Dickens PictureThursday, 11 October 12