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CheerVoucher is the most exciting & innovative gifting service, designed exclusively for India and Indians across the world!

With CheerVoucher, you can now send personalized gift vouchers which are delivered directly to the recipient's mobile phone + email

You can even choose the exact date and the time for your gift voucher delivery!

Gifting has never been this fun and exciting!

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Cheer Voucher - Retail

  1. 1. Choices Budget INDIA’S MOST EXCITING GIFTING PORTAL! Social ScheduleMobile + Email On Demand Video Corporates
  2. 2. + Introduction India is now one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world with a lot of traditional industries [travel, movie tickets, books, etc] going online. However the gifting industry in India seems to have not fully realized the online market potential with just a few portals promising delivery of gifts like cakes, flowers, teddy bears, decorative items, electronics etc. They offer little or no choice, thereby leaving the consumers lurching online looking for a credible, comprehensive & complete gifting portal with a great choice. Most of the gifting portals in the market today are focused on the sender’s choice & not on the choice of the person who is receiving the gift. The products available with the portal too are of debatable quality & what you see might not be what you get. Issues with on-time delivery is always a dampener when gifting Gifting is always an expression of emotions & none of the portals have any medium to convey the emotions. Besides these, the pricing of the products is high & not justified + Hidden costs Time bound orders
  3. 3. + Gift Market in India  American Express estimates gifting market in India is more than $30 billion annually  Global Prepaid Exchange,the market for prepaid gift cards and vouchers in India is sized at $403.8 million in 2011,with a 30% growth rate.  Over 30 million NRIs & $ 50 Bn remittances to India [Source: The Economic Times, Aug 16 2010], overseas sales is a great potential market  The e-commerce market in India is currently pegged at ` 9000 crores and growing’  The corporate gifting market stood at Rs. 6,000 crore in 2007.  Diwali gifting by the corporates in 2010 was for Rs. 3200 Crores [Source: Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India]  The gift voucher/card market in the US is currently estimated to be 5000 crores or $ 1 billion which is sure to catch on here soon
  4. 4. + What we do? CheerVoucher offers India’s first comprehensive gift voucher portal which allows you to send gift vouchers easily from anywhere, anytime…..hassle free!  Complete mobile & e-solution for retailers  Fits any budget + consumers + corporates  100% secure  Offer a wide variety of choices  Paperless  Personalized SMS + Video feature  Brands + Restaurants + Experiences  Scheduled delivery [instant or specific time,  Reminder Services date]  Easy to send  No more lost vouchers  Easy to redeem  Social network integration  Can be bought anytime & from anywhere  Door delivery of vouchers
  5. 5. + CheerVoucher Pooja, You have been gifted Rs. 2000/- Gift Voucher of MAXIM MALL. Code: QMOCV1234 Customer Care: +91 XXXXXXXXX  Besides on mobile, the voucher is also delivered as an email
  6. 6. + CheerVoucher Workflow1 2 3Sender (or Corporate) Receiver (or Employee) receives Retailer Retailers get an instant alert over Emailselects Retailer gift vouchers from gift vouchers on the mobile phone along whenever a gift voucher has beenany of the CheerVoucher channels, with the voucher details and the personal purchased.makes the payment and sends it text/video. The voucher details are also You can log ontoto the receiver. sent to the receivers email-id to check the updated voucher and receiver details in real time4 5 6Receiver walks into your mall, After Validation, the gift voucher status CheerVoucher releases payments toshowcases the SMS Voucher for is updated immediately with an retailers based on a mutually agreedredemption against the Mall Email/SMS confirmation. You can log payment cycleVoucher. Redemption is done via onto to checka secure exclusive login by CV the latest details of all your vouchers in real time
  7. 7. + Retailer Order History [Screen Shot]  Complete transparent system for Voucher Tracking & Management  The retailer has dedicated account from which all voucher data can be tracked real time
  8. 8. + Retailer Benefits CheerVoucher opens an untapped revenue channel through internet & mobile Instant reach to a world wide audience Zero investment from retailers for a new sales channel No major technology investments Dedicated Corporate Strategy On Demand Vouchers Safe, secure & transparent platform No more lost vouchers
  9. 9. + Marketing + Sales  Online Marketing  Internet Advertising (on various websites)  Google Adwords  Focused Marketing and Sales strategy for Social Networking sites  Custom-built applications on Social Networking platforms to drive increased reach, brand awareness and instant purchase of Vouchers  Offline Marketing  Joint Advertising with the Retailers  Targeted Advertising in Malls, Events and Exhibitions etc (i.e areas with high density of shoppers)  Captive customer base in Corporates (through Corporate Vouchers for employees)  Advertising on FM Radio Channels, eg: Contest to “Win a free Maxim Mall Voucher”  Print media advertising (eg: Newspapers, Magazines) for wider reach  Corporates  Sales via gift cards  Customized desktop solution [Applaud]
  10. 10. + Everyone’s Delight + Everyone’s Delight  “There has been increase in footfalls of genuine More than 250,000 CHEERFUL customers shoppers through CheerVoucher” – Mr. Vijay Kumar, Center Manager, Garuda Mall  “A very transparent gift voucher system & haven’t had single issue with redemption” – Mr. Ashok Jain, Navaratan Jewellers  “A innovative system, bringing in corporates as well as individuals. We are happy!” – Mr. Vijay Jumani, Apple of My I  “Most convenient & satisfying gifting system” – Mr. Githash, Nokia Seimens  “Minimizes work, awesome choices, easy to use” – Mr. Mary Celine, HP  “Very happy with the system, employees happy with the choice” – Ms. Soumya, Mainstay
  11. 11. + THANK YOU
  12. 12. + Interesting Facts  33% of number of vouchers are corporates  25% of registered users are NRIs  NRIs are high voucher value customers  3.5 lakhs C.O.D of gift vouchers  Clocked revenues of more than $100,000 in less than an year for a mall  Access to more than 30,000 Corporate employees