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Study of visual arts on Rene Magaritte(2E6)
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Study of visual arts on Rene Magaritte(2E6)


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art project(zhs)

art project(zhs)

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  • 1. Study of visual arts: Renee Magritte By: Tan Shu Yun(22) Ong Hui Shi(16)
  • 2. Background information of Renee Magritte -Birthplace: Lessines, province of Hainautin 1898 -Began learning drawing in 1910 -Mother suicide in 12March, 1912 by drowning. *It supposed that his mother was found with her dress covering her face, thus, it was might be the reason for Magritte to paint paintings with cloth covering their faces from 1927-1928 -Magritte was well-known for drawing witty and thought-provoking images that challenge observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality and force viewers to become hypersensitive to their surroundings . -Died of pancreatic cancer in his own bed in 15 August, 1957.
  • 3. Selected art work
    • Title of art work: The Son Of Man
    • Name of artist: Rene Magaitte
    • Year created: 1964
    • Media: Wikipedia, Google
  • 4. Description
    • This picture shows a man in a black plain coat standing straight up. From the way the man stood and how the hands are balled and placed at his side looks quite formal. Thus, straight lines are mainly used in showing his body outline.
    • The green apple in front of his face makes me feel it has a purpose to block as much of his face as possible as the artist had drawn leaves which covered even more portion of the face.
  • 5. Analysis
    • The colors used by the artist consist mainly of light, cool colors except for the black and white attire of the man, the red tie the man is wearing and the green apple in the picture.
    • This immediately gives off a strong contrast right from the start and keeps our focus on the man in the picture. Also, the man in the picture take up around 3/4 of the space and the Lines used in the drawing are all smooth thin lines for the drawing of the man but slightly thicker for the drawing of the wall the man is standing in front of which portray the difference in texture of the wall and the man, with the wall being rough and the suit of the man smooth.
    • The shapes in the picture are mostly basic shapes which makes the picture look simple and apple which covers the man together with the hazy outline of the sea and cloudy skies gives a touch mysterious. We can also see that although the apple is covering the man's face, but his eye can be seen peeking to the side and his left arm is placed slightly towards the back.
  • 6. Interpretation
    • I feel that the artist wants to tell us that sometimes we may be only seeing part of certain things. Many times we are covered by something from the truth and only see a portion of it. This is shown as the green apple covers most of the man’s face but a part of the eye can be seen from the corner, thus the mysterious looking sky may have been drawn to emphasize on this point. I think this is the main point in this painting as the picture as the man covers most of the picture.
    • The artist may have felt gloomy when drawing this picture as the painting also gives off a gloomy feeling due to the foggy sea and the grey sky in the painting behind the man.
  • 7. Evaluation
    • I think the artwork is rather effective in conveying the intentions of the artist. According to the artist, the message of the painting is mystery which means nothing since it is unknowable. And when I first saw the picture, the first thing in my mind is what does this painting mean? But since all I can see is just a simple portrait of a man with his face hidden and it seems to be the main focus of the painting, but since the man's face is hidden, his identity is a mystery so i can only think that the message of the picture is mystery.
    • This is what I can conclude after viewing the picture and this is also the message the artist intend to convey, hence I think that the artwork is effective in achieving the artist's intention. I think that there is also a good use of subjects to express intentions, since the message of the painting can be derived easily.
  • 8. Acknowledgement
    • Google. COM