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CheckTick is online reputation tool that generates genuine customer reviews and promotes existing ones., an online reputation tool is already helping hundreds of well-established companies worldwide. It is a free lifetime tool for startups and very small businesses. For other businesses, the price per month depends on the number of orders and reviews generated – however it is very cost-effective, and the return on investment is enormous.

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Check tick presentation_llc_pdf

  1. 1. for Business Use Put all your reviews into one place and share it Generate new verified customer reviews What is For your business, is an online reputation tool that generates new genuine reviews and promotes your existing ones. It also generates highly-relevant traffic for your website. What are the benefits of using 1) Boost your online credibility faster than any other method available on the market 2) Gain genuine positive reviews that significantly increase your sales conversion rate 3) Enjoy positive impact on your SEO, Social Media and Pay per Click Campaigns 4) A rise in genuine traffic to your website by prospective customers accessing as a feedback search engine 5) Get the most cost-effective solution for reviews generation on the market Start-up businesses enjoy a FREE plan CheckTick LLC. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Features & Benefits 1) Reviews actually display on your domain / website as a testimonial page, updating automatically when you receive any new reviews. 2) shows and promotes reviews about your company generated by other channels, to increase your credibility even faster. 3) Option to share your whole business profile and newly generated reviews via popular social media channels. This method is excellent for your business reputation and online marketing campaigns. 4) Fully-customised solution – There are many ways to generate and display reviews to suit your individual business needs. 5) Negative review notification alert indicates you have one month to solve the problem with a client, giving you time to work with client to adjust a negative review. 6) Only positive reviews display on your website. All reviews, positive and negative, display on the feedback search engine’s results pages. 7) Reviews automatically verify via an IP address check, cookies and API-like method – This way reduces the number of fake reviews. 8) Uninvited customers (see invitation methods in the next section) cannot leave a review. Hence, your direct competitor cannot post negative reviews against your company. How does work? We collect your order information We send out a feedback request We display your new feedback We share your success! CheckTick LLC. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. 1) collects reviews for you, using: a) API Implementation – This automated solution tracks your web orders and sends a customised feedback request to buyers. This solution is highly recommended for all e-commerce websites and e-shops as the API-generated reviews are verified; in other words, they are genuine reviews from real customers of your products or services. b) Review Form accessible by email – You simply embed the link for the feedback form into the email you send to your clients. This solution is recommended to all service providers where the sales do not generate from the website. c) Review Form accessible online – You easily embed the link for the feedback form onto your website for your clients to leave feedback there. Please note, it is more difficult to verify if those reviews are genuine, and to do so may require a higher membership level. 2) displays reviews for you: a) As widgets on your home page and site pages, and/or b) As a testimony page on your website. Only positive reviews show on this page, and it updates automatically. c) Within the website. d) On Google and other search engine results pages. 3) displays reviews for you from other channels: This is the fastest way to boost your credibility with your potential customers. If you already have reviews from sources other than, easily include those review channels into your profile and share it, conveniently housing all of your company reviews in one location. This profile is easy to share via social media. CheckTick LLC. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Start Right Now – it’s Fast & Simple Just go to the company sign-up page and fill out your company profile. Next, select the package you want to start with. If you have any problems or questions, please contact our support centre We look forward to boosting your sales. The Team. CheckTick LLC. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.