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checkout our detailed wedding planning checklist for your special and perfect day, offer many wedding checklist, visit our site. enjoy!

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Wedding checklist slideshare

  1. 1. Wedding Checklist- One Year Before- •Fall in love! •Make a budget. •Determine elements like theme, tone, colors, etc. •Determine the kind of venue •Set the date •Book your venues •Take photos for engagement •Announce your engagement •Plan an engagement party •Hire a wedding planner •Research online and buy bridal magazines
  2. 2. Wedding Checklist- Nine Months Before- ●Make a guest list. ●Send 'Save the Date' notices ●Choose members of the wedding party ●Discuss where your honeymoon will be ●Book your honeymoon ●Find a caterer for food and drinks ●Find a wedding cake maker ●Find a florist ●Find a photographer ●Start shopping for your wedding dress ●Choose and order decorations ●Join a gym, take fitness classes
  3. 3. Wedding Checklist- Six Months Before- ●Register for gifts. ●Choose and order your invitations ●Find a DJ ●Order your wedding gown ●Order your wedding cake ●If traveling abroad for your honeymoon, make sure passports, visas and inoculations ●Book accommodation for the wedding night ●Choose menswear for groom and usher ●Shop for and order your bridesmaids dresses ●Plan your rehearsal dinner ●Arrange transportation to and from the wedding ●wedding rings ●wedding accessories
  4. 4. Wedding Checklist- Three Months Before- ●Send out the wedding invitations ●Meet with your photographer ●Meet with your DJ ●Finalize the menu ●marriage license planning ●Finalize details for rehearsal dinner ●Buy wedding rings ●Attend your bridal shower ●Schedule another wedding gown fitting ●wedding vows ●hairstyles and makeup ●Buy gifts for the wedding party and your fiance ●Keep a running tally of RSVPs ●Take dancing lessons
  5. 5. Wedding Checklist- One Month Before- ●Call all of your service providers and finalize any loose ends. ●Check in with your bridal party and parents ●Make arrangements for legal documents ●Have your final fitting ●Determine seating arrangements ●Make wedding programs ●Pick up wedding rings ●If you are moving in together, find a moving company ●Choose a song for your first dance
  6. 6. Wedding Checklist- A Few Days Before- ●Remember that even if things don't go according to plan, the day will still be memorable ●Attend your party ●Have your rehearsal dinner ●If you aren't doing this on your wedding day, go sign legal documents beforehand ●Collect your wedding gown ●Stage a ceremony rehearsal ●Make sure your maid of honor and best man have their toasts prepared ●Get travel insurance for your honeymoon ●Pack for your honeymoon and make arrangements for when you are out of town ●Make arrangements to return rented items ●Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and tanning salon ●Exchange gifts with your fiance
  7. 7. Wedding Checklist- After the Wedding- ●Enjoy your honeymoon! ●Send thank you notes ●Ensure paperwork went through for your name change ●Preserve your wedding gown. ●Receive photo album and/or video ●Order and send photos to your family and/or friends. ●Review your insurance policies and finances. ●Cherish your partner, now and always! For More Detailed tasks and other Wedding Checklists Please visit or Checklist for wedding Category