Sanduceros in Hilton Head Island


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Sanduceros in Hilton Head Island

  1. 1. By: Yessica Anhalt
  2. 2. To Begin with, Where do Sanduceros come From?Uruguay Is a small country located at the Paysandu is the third city on the leftbottom of South America, in between side of the country starting from theBrazil and Argentina. north, on the border with Argentina.
  3. 3. Who are Sanduceros?• Sanduceros are natives from a small city of the country of Uruguay, in South America• The city is call Paysandu, and it is one of be biggest city in Uruguay.• Either one of my insiders really knew why individuals from Paysandu were referred to as Sanduceros
  4. 4. Since When are they Here?• The economy of Uruguay hit a similar stage of a fiscal cliff to that of the United States in the year 2000.• Mostly, the middle class of Uruguay was able to migrate to look for a better future in another country.• As a coincidence, a large number of Sanduceros landed in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.• There is no exact number to how many Uruguayans, in particular Sanduceros live in this area; however, it is for certain more than 500 according to both of my insiders.
  5. 5. How did Sanduceros Come Into the United States?• According to my research, the United States promoted and provided ‘Tourists Visas’ for individuals from Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile around 2000-2012• Most, if not all the Sanduceros in this island arrived to this country with a tourist visa given by the United States for a few weeks of tourism in the country.• However, after this visa expired, these individuals became illegal aliens.• The ‘tourist visa’ was an open door for people from South America for a better future and lives.• Leaving behind everything they knew and loved, they ventured off to look for a more financially stable life.
  6. 6. What is Their Background?• Their culture is certainly mixed with many immigrants themselves.• A clear example, is the wave of European immigrants who invaded Uruguay during the World Wars; just like any other person trying to escape looking for a better future.• Making the background of the Sanduceros strongly based on Germans, Russians and Italians.• The main indigenous are known as Charruas; and Just like any other indigenous population, they have their culture.• Sadly, the Charruas’ population little by little vanished through time just like any other indigenous population has through the course of history.• With the new coming of Europeans, and sooner after Spanish invading the small country of Uruguay, the Charruas vanished with time.• As with everything, some of their precious artifacts remain in museums.
  7. 7. Not Leaving Their Culture Behind• When migrating to a different place other than your home, you always try to bring everything with you; if you could bring all of your belongings you could wouldn’t you?• Well, Sanduceros had to do just that. Leaving their home land behind and starting fresh in a new place. However, they did not leave everything behind; they brought their culture with them!
  8. 8. What Did Sanduceros Bring?• Sanduceros’ culture is so rich, so filled with different flavors, shapes, and forms that pictures are worth a thousand words.Carnavales in Uruguay Music is an item you bring with you, but do not really have to carry it. Sanduceros brought Tango, Cumbia, Salsa, and Merengue.Smaller, but still fill withflavor Carnaval style herein HHI
  9. 9. Where do We See Their Culture on Our Everyday Lives?• Night Life • By bringing their music and flavor with them, Sanduceros have been able to influence the night life of Hilton Head Island. A simple example, Latin Night Thursday nights in Daniel’s in the South End of the island.• Mexican Stores and Grocery Shops • There are plenty of items coming from Uruguay in the Mexican Stores throughout the island; which by the way have been influenced by the Hispanic community as well. However, the natural medicinal herb known as Mate that Sanduceros drink so religiously can now be found in grocery stores such as Bi Lo.• Magazines • Sanduceros together with the rest of the Hispanic community have influenced the area enough to create their own magazine call La Isla (The Island in English). This magazine is published monthly and always has the latest news concerning not only Sanduceros but also Hispanics in the community.