INSTITUCION EDUCATIVA                         “SANTA MARIA REINA”          ENGLISH AREAName: _____________________________...
02.-Alice Dupont studies Spanish every day.   ____________________________________________________________________________...
OBSERVE         AUXILIAR             DO             AUXILIAR           DOES         NEGATIVE          DO NOT            NE...
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Auxiliar do does


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Parte teorica de el uso del auxiliar DO y DOES.

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Auxiliar do does

  1. 1. INSTITUCION EDUCATIVA “SANTA MARIA REINA” ENGLISH AREAName: __________________________________________________Grade_______Date:________ CONCEPT O Es un método que usamos para interrogar y negar oraciones en tiempo presente simple, también se afirma y se niega en forma corta. DESCRIPTION THEORICAL FRAME I do You do He OOO does She does It does We do You do They do NOTE: Cuando usamos DO Y DOES este no tiene traducción en Español.GRAMMAR INTERROGATIVE FORM AUXILIAR + SUJETO + VERBO + COMPLEMENTO + ? AUXILIAR SUJETO VERBO COMPLEMENTO ? DO YOU LIKE ICE-CREAM ? DOES MARY STUDY IN LIMA ?ACTIVITY 01.- Change into question using DO – DOES01.- Peter goes to the movies In the afternoon 1
  2. 2. 02.-Alice Dupont studies Spanish every day. _____________________________________________________________________________ 03.-They drink coffee in a cafeteria 04.-Joseph and George listen to music by radio _____________________________________________________________________________ 05.- My sister plays volleyball on Sundays afternoon ACTIVITY 02.-Fill the blanks with DO – DOES 1.-_____________ you study in 3rd Grade? 2.-_____________ Helen speak English in class? 3.-____________ yourfather work in Chinecas? 4.-____________ Robert dance Hip Hop music? 5.-____________ the students have science on Fridays? NEGATIVE FORM En forma negativa se usa el auxiliar como CONCEPTO DO NOT y DOES NOTen el siguiente orden.GRAMMAR Subject + auxiliar + NOT + verb + complement SUBJECT AUXILIAR NOT VERB COMPLEMENT I DO NOT PLAY CHESS PETER DOES NOT SING IN ENGLISH 2
  3. 3. OBSERVE AUXILIAR DO AUXILIAR DOES NEGATIVE DO NOT NEGATIVE DOES NOT CONTRACTION DON´T CONTRACTION DOESN´T EXAMPLES01.-Robert and Helen live in Cuzco Robert and Helen don´t live in Cuzco.02.-Perú produces computers to export to Ecuador.Perúdoesn´t produce computers to export to Ecuador.03.-I study engineering in LimaI don´t study engineering in Lima.04.-Sheila goes to the university on Sundays. Sheila doesn´t go to the university on Sundays.ACTIVITY 03.- interrogar y negar usando DO Y DOES 1. I play soccer with my friends in the afternoons. 2. Camila prepare ceviche very “rico” 3. The students like to sing songs in English 4. Mateo dances zaya with Karla at school. 5. Chimbote produces canned fish to export to Africa. 3