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Learn microcontroller pic16f84a
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Learn microcontroller pic16f84a


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Introduction to Microcontroller PIC16F84A and how to write program for Microcontroller. The program that i use to write is MikroC. You can download this program by:​

Introduction to Microcontroller PIC16F84A and how to write program for Microcontroller. The program that i use to write is MikroC. You can download this program by:​

Published in: Education
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  • 1. មហាវិទ្យាល័យ អគ្គិសនីMicrocontroller PIC16F84A ័បង្រៀនងោយ ហួ ជាវនតឆ្ ាំ ២០១១- ២០១២ ន
  • 2. etIGVICa Microcontroller ? Microcontroller KWCaRbB½næRtYtBinitümYy manlkçNdUckMuBüÚT½rEdlfitenAkñúgsMbk Chip
  • 3. rUbPaBbgðajEpñkxagkñúg Microcontroller
  • 4. karBiBN’naBIeCIg PIC16F84A
  • 5. karBiBN’naBIeCIg PIC16F84A= RckcUl signal= Rckecj signal= RckcUlk¾)an Rckecjk¾)anEtvaGaRs½yelIkarsresr Code
  • 6. karBiBN’naBIeCIg PIC16F84ARA0, RA1, RA2, RA3, RA4 RtUv)anehAfa Port ARB0, RB1, RB2, RB3, RB4, RB5, RB6, RB7 RtUv)anehAfa Port BkarehAfa Port A KWsMedAelIeCIgTaMgGs;rbs; Port AkarehAfa Port A Pin 0 KWsMedAelIeCIgrbs; Port A bit 0 ( eCIg RA0 )karehAfa Port A nig Port B manlkçNdUcKñaVdd RbPBviC¢man +5V nigVss RbPBGviC¢man 0V
  • 7. etIGVICa Reset or Master clear (MCLR) ? Master clear KWCaeCIgmYysRmab;eFIVeGay Microcontroller RtLb;eTAGas½ydæanedImKW 00h
  • 8. kartP¢ab; Reset or Master clear
  • 9. kartP¢ab;esoKVIlMeyaledayeRbIRKiHsþal; esoKVIlMeyalCaEpñkmYysMxan;EdlmantYnaTIbegáIteGayman Square Signal
  • 10. kareRbIR)as; PORT CaRckecj( Output ) ral;eCIgnimYy²rbs; PORT A, PORT B mantémøcrnþGtibrma 25 mA TaMgcrnþviC¢man nigcrnþGviC¢man ( Source Current and Sink Current)
  • 11. kartP¢ab;GMBUl LED eTAkan; PORTCaFmµtaGMBUl LEDsIucrnþRbEhlBI 8mA eTA16 mA nigtg;süúgRbEhlBI 1.6V eTA 2.4V . ebIGMBUlLEDsIucrnþ 10mA nigtg;süúg 2V
  • 12. kareRbIR)as; PORT CaRckcUl( Input ) témøtg;süúgEdlcUleTAkan;eCIg PORT ebItg;süúgcUlmantémøBI 2V~5V tMNageGayHigh ebItg;süúgcUlmantémøBI 0V~0.8V tMNageGayLow
  • 13. kartP¢ab; Button eTARckcUl( Input )Active High PORT +5V +5V Low Gt;cuc High cucActive Low PORT High Gt;cuc Low cuc
  • 14. rebobkMnt; PORT Ca Input or OutputTRISx KWCa RegistermYysRmab;kMnt;muxgarrbs; PORTxTRISx = 1PORTx as Input.TRISx = 0PORTx as Output.
  • 15. karsresrkmµviFIsRmab; PIC16F84A TMrg;TUeTArbs;Pasa C sRmab; Microcontroller void main() { while(1) { program body; } }
  • 16. karsresrkmµviFIsRmab; PIC16F84Avoid main() CatMbn;sRmab;RbkasGefr{ rWkarkMnt;nUvmuxgarmYycMnYn while(1) { rbs; Microcontroller program body; } dUcCa Trisb = 0; or} Portb = 0; CaedIm .
  • 17. karsresrkmµviFIsRmab; PIC16F84Avoid main(){ CatMbn;EdlmandMeNIrkarrhUt while(1) { Example: GMBUlmYyebIk program body;} } ehIybiT²CaerogrhUt. eyIgRtUvsresr Code enA kñgtMbn;enH(program body) ú
  • 18. sresrkmµviFIeGayGMBUlmYyebIkehIybiT²CaerogrhUt void main() { Trisb = 0b00000000; // Config PortB all pin as output Portb = 0b00000000; // Send data low to all pin of PortB while(1) { Portb = 0b00000001; // Send data High to bit 0 of PortB delay_ms(1000); // Wait 1 second Portb =0b00000000; // Send data low to all pin of PortB delay_ms(1000); // Wait 1 second } }
  • 19. karKUsesoKVI PIC16F84A
  • 20. GrKuN