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New SEO tool Lotus Jump automates the process of finding where to place links on the Internet. Getting backlinks is a lot easier with this tool. Read the review...

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Lotus jump review | new seo tool

  1. 1. Lotus Jump Review ‐ New SEO Tool  New SEO tool Lotus Jump is good for fast and easy link-building. While it’s not perfect (no automatic link-building tool can be), I think it’s great for beginners who are new to SEO link building. It’s also a time-saver for experienced SEOs. If you’re new to SEO link building, this tool is a great “done-for-you” SEO tool. It goes out and finds the right directories, forums, blogs and profile opportunities for you to create links on. This is not one of those cheap, automated “directory submission” software packages that automatically submits your website to hundreds of useless directories. Google has gotten smart and given the “Google-slap” to those directories. They no longer have the pagerank they used to. This is a full-blown, automated link-building SEO tool. So how does it work? LotusJump searches thousands of websites to identify opportunities where you can get listings for your website. It identifies places to pick up related content-connected backlinks. You also use it to get blog and media coverage. It also gives you tools to network and/or share content on social media sites. And, lastly, it’s great for developing online PR and buzz for your products or services. LotusJump’s link building tool makes suggestions of four different types of tasks it recommends you should do. It does this by scouring your competitor’s backlink profiles based off your site and the keyword phrases you are optimizing for. This is one of the things I like about it. It saves me from having to do this level of research. Anyway, the four different groups of tasks are: 1. PR Buzz – Tasks where you are referred to possible places to mention your brand/site for buzz based on keyword mentions. Think of it as the equivalent of Online PR. 2. Generating Content – Tasks where you are referred to relevant sites where you can add content utilizing embedded links back to your site. 3. Competitive Analysis – Tasks where you are referred to common link hubs of your competitors where you can try to also get links to your website. I like that this is only part of the process because too many people will focus exclusively on “copying” their competitors. 4. Directory Submission – Tasks where you are referred to relevant directories to submit your site to for links. Here you have to be careful. Some “directories” can be bad neighborhoods. I might do a little research on the side when it pulls up directories to make sure they are reputable.
  2. 2. What I like best about this new SEO tool Of all the link tools I’ve used, LotusJump shows you how and where to build relevant links to promote your website better than most. This is one of the most difficult tasks in SEO. Searching for quality linkbuilding opportunities is hard work for an experienced SEO expert, and this new SEO tool does it for you. Lotus Jump’s affordable SEO program organizes all of your tasks into a simple to-do list format. Each of these tasks comes with the necessary instructions to help you improve your visibility, rankings and traffic. What I like least about this SEO tool LotusJump does nothing for onsite optimization. That’s not what it was designed for. This is one of the link tools designed exclusively for off-site optimization and link-building. It also doesn’t help with keyword research. For that, you either have to do it manually or use a tool designed to automate keyword research. In other words, don’t start using this tool until you know what your keyword phrases are. One of the reasons I bought this new SEO tool (yes, I use it myself even though I’m an experienced SEO) is because of the impressive people that are out there using it right now: “I just love how simple and direct it is. Do this, do that. For people who don’t really know how to find this kind of road map, this is a gold mine – for people like me, who know how, but sometimes don’t want to take the time to dig up the road map – it’s still a gold mine – in fact, using this tool, you can delegate your SEO activities to just about anyone.” - John Jantsch, Author Duct Tape Marketing “LotusJump automates the messy legwork that prevents most marketers from getting SEO done on their own.” - Christopher Kenton, Editor MarketingRev.com “I want to congratulate you once again for such an awesome application! I think for a target market of small business people who don’t really know where to start in building links and online visibility, this is terrific!” - Anita Campbell, Editor Small Business Trends Demo Video of LotusJump To check out the demo video, follow this Internet SEO tool link.
  3. 3. Conclusion There’s nothing this software does that you couldn’t do for yourself. However, having spent hours upon hours doing this work manually, there’s no way I’d go back to doing it without LotusJump. My time is too valuable and this SEO tool is just too cheap not to use it. If you want to check it out for yourself, follow this Internet SEO tool link.