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Blog comment tool comment hut review

  1. 1. Blog Comment Tool ‐ Comment Hut  Review  Everyone is looking for comment luv blogs to leave comments on for backlinks. It’s a smart trick. I used a blog comment tool to take my primary business site from nowhere’sville to first page of Google in two months by just commenting on topic related blogs. Of course, that’s part of the trick. The blogs must have related content on them or you’re pretty much wasting your time. And you want blogs with a decent page rank. The question is, how do you find them? When I started out, I used Google Alerts to get links to blogs that used my keyword phrase. And it worked great. Except for the fact that about 70% of the blogs Google sent me links to either didn’t allow comments or you had to register to comment or they had no page rank and were practically worthless. In other words, I was spending massive amounts of time digging for the right blogs to comment on. Blog comment tool Comment Hut Then I found out about a tool called Comment Hut from a guy at my SEO meetup in Minneapolis. I gave it a try and it really works. When you get it, they give you the free version (Comment Hut Lite) to download and try. It works but it limits the number of searches to only 10% of the blogs it finds and it only searches WordPress blogs. So you get blogs but not as many as I needed to promote my websites and my client’s websites. So I bought the full version and, man, did I start getting a daily list of blogs from WordPress,, Drupal, LiveJournal, TypePad, Suidoo and HubPages to comment on. Here’s how Comment Hut works: 1. You plug in your keyword phrase and it automatically searches the Internet for blog posts, Squidoo pages, and HubPages that have your keyword phrase in the title. 2. It checks the blogs for the ability to comment and weeds out the ones that either don’t allow it or are closed to comments. 3. Once it’s created its list, you can push a button and it gives you the Page Rank of each blog. I love that! (You also have the option (before the search) to give the minimum blog Page Rank you’re willing to accept so only, say PR 3 or better blogs show up.)
  2. 2. 4. Then you can either export the list or double click on each blog link and start commenting. Boom! Half an hour and I’m done blog commenting for the day! 5. If this is what you need, you can get it here: Blog Comment Tool If that’s not good enough for you then good luck finding a better tool for this cheap. If you want to download the free version, just follow the link: Blog Comment Tool. (Make sure you watch the video at the top of the download page to see Comment Hut in action.) Once you have the free version, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Or you can just scroll to the bottom of the stupid sales page and just buy the Pro version and save yourself the trouble. It’s $97 bucks. If that’s too much for you, considering the results you’ll get, you’re in the wrong business. For that matter, good luck finding another blog comment tool at all. The only other one I know of is the new SEO tool Lotus Jump but it returns forums, blogs and other social media for you to comment on or register with. The professional version is about $40 a month but worth it if you are a professional SEO or you have a lot of sites to promote.