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Brief overview of cyberbullying awareness project , SUBMIT, which includes a full-length documentary and online video platform.

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Submit overview interactive-20110601

  1. 1. The new playground is the Internet,and the new bullydoes not always leave A MARK The Reality of Cyberbullying Coming Spring 2011 — A documentary and interactive video platform ( that shares stories from families who have been affected by cyberbullying. — A ground-breaking approach that goes beyond the headlines so all voices can be heard and solutions explored. — Follow us as we bring parents, students, teachers, community leaders, technologists, bullying experts and law enforcement together. ™ Copyright 2011. © Studioplex Studios. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. The Problem – Lack of Awareness CYBERBULLYING Tormenting, threatening and harassing using the internet and mobile technologies 40% of all teenagers reported being bullied only 10% Told their parents 15% only of parents know about their kids’ interactive habits Copyright 2011. © Studioplex Studios. All Rights Reserved. ™ 2
  3. 3. The Solution – Visibility & Communication The Reality of Cyberbullying WHAT IS SUBMIT? SUBMIT is a full-length documentary film, social video platform and original content library that provides deep visibility into and open conversations around cyberbullying. Beyond the film, the Share Your Story part of SUBMIT is our call to action to youth to step off the sidelines by supporting the various programs, curricula and advocacy groups that are addressing the issue. We ask victims, bullies, bystanders and groups to share video stories, which provide valuable resources to support awareness, recovery and a change in behavior. Click here to view the teaser in your Browser Copyright 2011. © Studioplex Studios. All Rights Reserved. ™ 3
  4. 4. WHY IS SUBMIT NECESSARY? Kids have always been both sweet and cruel to each other. The difference today is that the cruelty can be virally pushed to thousands in seconds so that a minor disagreement can quickly become mob rule in the eyes of the victim. This new reality requires open, honest discussion and new, inclusive approaches for a modern world, but we first must go beyond the headlines and learn the truth. We have discovered that the ‘problem’ is not only the bad behavior of kids, but the lack of respect & empathy amongst them that leads to it. In addition, the lack of coordination and understanding amongst the adults about how to discuss the issue with kids and the tendency of the media to focus only on the worst outcomes at the expense of much broader issues leads to a lack of overall knowledge and more suffering. SUBMIT seeks to address this. What is the Goal? With SUBMIT, we focus on understanding the problem, then reframing the discussion and approach through the viewpoints of kids, parents, technologists and educators and, finally, showing the solutions that are in place across local, national & international efforts. To leverage all of the interviews and events we captured for the film, we are developing a content library of footage from kids, parents, teachers, policy-makers, law enforcement and technology experts that we are making available for use by educators, non-profits, policy & law professionals and for-profit businesses as they see fit. WHO IS INVOLVED? We bring you to the top technology, legal, psychology and policy experts to explore exactly what is happening and what to do. We bring you to the parents who may see falling grades, depression or be forced to live without kids lost to suicide. We let young students tell us in their own words how they deal with their connected world and what the adults can do to help. You can see a list of some of the people who have helped us both in front of the camera and behind the scenes with their time and expertise: here to view Behind the Scene footage in your browser Copyright 2011. © Studioplex Studios. All Rights Reserved.™ 4
  5. 5. WHAT IS THE STATUS? The rough cut of the documentary will be completed by mid-June, including motion graphics. We will also launch an upgraded social video platform in June. We have digital, interactive television and institutional outlets in place and are in early discussions for broader television, festival and other theatrical appearances. We expect the first version of the content library to be ready in late June or early July to allow us to begin working directly with advocacy groups and others who would like to include new video content in their existing programs, projects and curriculum. You can see a short teaser of Act 1 on Page 3 based on early interviews where we state part of the problem. We will soon update that teaser with more complete trailers that includes our Acts 2 and 3 will show how the problem should be addressed from the minds of kids, parents, technologists, policy-makers, educators and other experts followed by some of the solutions that are in place and coming. This issue grabbed my attention both as a professional and a parent and I could not walk away from the helping kids online and on mobile devices. We are contributing time and technology to make a difference and protect our kids. Les Ottolenghi, CEO of Fuzebox and documentary sponsor Time is of the essence. When you watch and hear the heart wrenching stories, you will know that stepping in as parents and teachers, and standing up as leaders is imperative to making a difference in the lives of our kids. Dr. William Bennett, Former U.S. Secretary of Education For any questions or additional information please contact us: Paul E. Wright Executive Producer M: 678-642-4808 Copyright 2011. © Studioplex Studios. All Rights Reserved.™ 5