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CHBO Handbook Checklist

  1. 1. 2010 CHBO Property Owner HandbookCHBO CompleteWhat Is CHBO Complete? CHBO Complete is a quality seal that identifies properties that meet or exceed the minimum standards as stated by the corporate housing industry and expected by the standard corporate housing tenant. The CHBO Complete seal assures tenants that the property meets with generally accepted corporate housing industry standards and is well furnished, fully equipped and comfortable.How CHBO Complete WorksThe CHBO Complete system allows landlords of distinctive executive rental properties to identify and market theirproperties directly to the corporate traveler. Property owners certify their properties and are expected to adhere to thehonor system. The “tenant review process” successfully serves as a check and balance system.When a property listing bears the CHBO Complete seal, it communicates value to prospective tenants and aguarantee of a quality rental experience.If you are interested in making your property CHBO Complete, follow the items below. Inventory List Follow the Inventory List on the following pages. It’s a required checklist to ensure that your rental meets at least the minimum number of desirable features and equipment expected by corporate tenants. Owners are encouraged to give tenants a specific inventory list that can serve as an inspection report at arrival and departure. Prepare the Use the CHBO Handbook as a tool to make sure that everything is ready to meet the tenant’s Property expectations. Utilities, To qualify as a CHBO Complete property, you must provide: Internet Access • Electricity & Cable/Satellite • Water • Trash pickup • High-speed Internet service (with a modem/router located in the unit),and • Expanded TV channels. This means providing extended basic cable service (i.e. CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc). You may need to review your monthly bill and charge the tenant for pay-per-view movies or additional services. If your property has the potential of extra high heating or water bills you may want to provide the tenant an allowance for the utilities. Let the tenant know the average heating bill in the winter is $200 but if they choose to keep the heat at 75 degrees they will exceed this average and will need to pay for the overage. Gather averages for the utilities and give the tenant a reasonable allowance. If the tenant does go over the monthly allowance, you invoice them for the difference. Phone: 877.333.2426 Fax: 720.228.2426 2
  2. 2. 2010 CHBO Property Owner Handbook Phone Having a phone is optional, but recommended. Do some research to see if a flat rate package that provides domestic long distance, phone service and high-speed Internet is available in your area and would be cost effective. Tenants cannot be expected to forward information or be disturbed by numerous calls. If you plan on returning to the property at a later date, we recommend transferring your existing line directly to a voicemail box and establishing a new phone number for the tenant. Just a reminder that phone companies will charge a set-up fee for a new line so your first phone bill will be higher than normal.Activating the CHBO Complete IconOnce you’ve used the Inventory List and Preparation Guide (included later in this Handbook) to prepare for yourtenant, you’re entitled to return to MYCHBO and turn on the CHBO Complete Icon. This icon will show as on yourproperty listing.Tenant ReviewsTenants can review properties during or after their stay. Tenants are asked to rate your property in terms of how it mettheir expectations. If your property meets or exceeds their expectations, you will instantly make your listing moreattractive to the next potential tenant. However, if you have stated that you are CHBO Complete and tenants discoverdiscrepancies, you can expect a poor review and potentially fewer tenants. Phone: 877.333.2426 Fax: 720.228.2426 3
  3. 3. 2010 CHBO Property Owner HandbookProperty Inventory list - Page 1 of 2Print out this consolidated inventory list to use as an actual checklist as you furnish your property.The following list is based on CHBO’s understanding and experience with corporate housing travelers and theirexpectations of a fully furnished corporate housing rental. To list your property as CHBO Complete your propertyMUST have, as a minimum, the following item:KitchenPlace settings refer to the quantity of dishes, glasses and silverware that must be provided. • Studios: Set of six matching items (for example, six plates, six forks, six glasses). • One & Two Bedrooms: Set of eight matching items. • Three Bedrooms and Larger: Set of 10 matching items. General: Blender Broom/Dust Pan Coffee Maker Dishwasher* Fire Extinguisher Garbage Disposal* Icemaker* Microwave Mixer Mop Oven Refrigerator Scissors Stove Tea Pot* Toaster Trash Can Baking Dish Broiler Pan Can Opener Colander Cookie Sheet Corkscrew Cutting Board Fork/Tongs Grater Ice Cream Scoop Knife Set Ladle Measuring Spoon Set Measuring Cup Set Mixing Bowls Pizza Cutter Salt & Pepper Spatula-flipper Spatula-scraper Spoon–slotted Spoon–cooking Tupperware Utensil Holder Vegetable Peeler Water Pitcher Drinking: Coffee Mugs Drinking Glass Juice Glass Wine Glass Plates: Large Plates Small Plates Bowls Serving Bowl Pots & Pans: Large Frying Pan Small Frying Pan Large Sauce Pot Small Sauce Pot Large Pasta Pot Cutlery: Cutlery Tray Forks Spoons Knives Steak Knives Linens: Dish Towel Dish Cloth Potholder Placemats Napkins* Some items are recommended for a CHBO Complete property but are optional. Phone: 877.333.2426 Fax: 720.228.2426 4
  4. 4. 2010 CHBO Property Owner HandbookProperty Inventory Page 2 of 2BedroomClosets and drawers need to empty and clean for the tenant to use. Furniture: Bed Headboard Dresser Night Stands Linens: Bedspread Blanket Mattress Pad Sheets Pillows General: Clock Radio Hangers Laundry Basket LightsBathroomSet refers to the quantity of towels and must be twice the potential number of occupants. Sets must match. A fullbath must include a shower, toilet and sink. Towels: Bath Hand Face Bath Mat General: Plunger Shower Curtain Soap Dish Toilet Brush Waste BasketLiving room/Living Area Furniture: Sofa Coffee Table End Table General: Art TV (min 32 in) DVD Stereo LightsDining RoomSet refers to the quantity of chairs and must be a minimum of 4 and reflect the potential number of occupants. Furniture: Table Chairs General: Art LightsOtherSet refers to the quantity of towels and must be twice the potential number of occupants. Sets must match. A fullbath must include a shower, toilet and sink. General: Phone* Iron Ironing Board Vacuum Washer/Dryer Snow Shovel* Garage Broom* Fan* Light Bulbs: Keep a supply of light bulbs under the kitchen sink to avoid a tenant calling and asking you to replace one. Phone: 877.333.2426 Fax: 720.228.2426 5