Crowd Sourcing as a Tool for Regional Development


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Crowd Sourcing as a Tool for Regional Development

  1. 1. – ICT ClusterBern, SwitzerlandLucie Greiner /Christoph Beermundi consulting agICT Cluster Bern,
  2. 2. Facts - ICT ClusterBern, SwitzerlandFounded: 13.12.1996The tcbe is a non-commercial association (Article60 of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB)).Target:ICT Cluster Bern is a collaboration betweencompanies, training institutions, trade associationsand local authorities with the aim of strengtheningthe telecommunications and IT sector in oureconomic region205 members including companies (suppliers andusers), Government, Education, ICT-organisations Seite 2
  3. 3. Main Topics of the cluster• Networking•• Go international (Import and Export-Promotion)• Education• Knowledge and technology transfer• Experience exchange / Centres of Competence• Communication / focus• Promotion of the region• Inter-/cross-clustering Seite 3
  4. 4. Overall Goal EMLOS overall goal is to promote more sustainable transport through the development of electromobility solutions for cities and regions.01/06/2012 Christoph Beer, – ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerland, mundi 4 consulting ag
  5. 5. Project Objectives I. Paradigm Shift: From Ownership to Usage Development of concepts for future business models able to create new mobility patterns in urban environments. II. Cross-border Field Tests Design of cross-border field tests to demonstrate state-of-the-art in technology and infrastructure, to identify further research needs and to analyse acceptance by users. III. Joint Action Plan Elaboration and adoption of a cross-border action plan to strengthen the research and knowledge base and contributing to competitiveness of European «mobility industries».01/06/2012 Christoph Beer, – ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerland, mundi 5 consulting ag
  6. 6. ELMOS Concept Quality of CO2 Life Emissions Energy Competitiv Scarcity e-ness Congestio n Sustainabl e Socio- Problem Growth economic Noise Areas Emissions Benefits Readiness Citizens infrastructures Optimised Research Technologi es, Market Uptake Concepts & Solutions Cities & ICT Regions Energy Holistic Mobility- Automotive concepts01/06/2012 6
  7. 7. Project-Flow Elmo’s • Identification of existing Knowledge • Definition of future needed Knowledge • Close the Gap with a Joint Action plan Electro Mobility as a Tool for Regional
  8. 8. openInnovation/Crowd Sourcing
  9. 9. The innovation process Seite 9
  10. 10. Innovation Process in use• Open Innovation Crowd Implemen- Market Sourcing tation Integration• Closed Innovation Idea Implemen- Market Generation tation Integration Seite 12
  11. 11. Sub-Process Idea Generation Step1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5Definition of Idea Choose of Ranking of Planning ofthe question Searching / Ideas Ideas the implemen- Screening tation
  12. 12. Crowd Sourcing with AtizoSocial Innovation Web 2.0 Software Crowd = more than15000 creative thinkers
  13. 13. Who is the crowd?• You don’t know• Behaviour of a swarm / Collective Inteligence• Fully open Crowd / Public Crowd• Half- public Crowd• Closed Crowd / Known Team Seite 15
  14. 14. An example in ELMO‘s• French supplier of payment equipments for car parking places• He is searching new services for up-selling the pillar• We will start 2 innovation processes • Crowd-Sourcing with end-user • Open innovation process with several ICT Clusters Seite 16
  15. 15. Cluster and crowdThe cluster is a crowd, but a semi public trusted oneMany clusters are multi semi public trusted crowds Crowd-Sourcing and Clusters are a good Synergy Seite 17
  16. 16. – ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerlandmundi consulting agChristoph Beer Lucie GreinerCluster-Manager, CEO Project-Team ELMO’sMobile: +41 79 608 18 13 / Seite 18