Dovid And Golias By Chaya Rubens.


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Dovid And Golias By Chaya Rubens.

  1. 1. Dovid is anointed  There came a time when a new king was needed.  It was going to be one of Yishai’s sons. Yishai brought 6 sons with him even though he had seven. This was because Dovid the youngest son was in the field seeing to the sheep.  Yishai was told by Shmuel ‘bring your youngest son to me’. When Dovid arrived Shmuel told him ‘You will be the next king because you are quiet and good in Torah knowledge’.  To prove that Dovid was to be the next king he was anointed with Shemen Hamishka.
  2. 2. When Shaul finds out  When Shaul found out that his kingdom was going to be taken from him he was very depressed.  His servants tried to think of a way to make him happier.  Eventually they came up with the idea that music would cheer him up.
  3. 3. Why they chose Dovid  They thought that the music of the harp would be best and it would help if the person has good Torah knowledge.  They picked Dovid. It was working!  Every time Dovid played to Shaul he became happy but when Dovid stopped Shaul went right down in the dumps again.
  4. 4. Here comes Goliath and the Plishtim  As Shaul was unhappy the Plishtim decided it would be a good time to attack Israel.  They sent down their giant Goliath with a servant in front of him dressed heavily in armour.  Goliath tried to make a deal with the Jews. He would fight one Jewish soldier. If he won the Jewish people would be his slaves and if he lost the Plishtim would be the Jews slaves.  Goliath came every morning and evening so the Jews could not daven Shema because he knew that when they said the Shema the Jews were close to Hashem and he would help them with their fight.
  5. 5. Dovid is sent to his brothers in the army  Dovid three eldest brothers went into the army to help fight the Plishtim.  After 30 days Yishai sent Dovid to give his brothers food, make sure they were all right and out if they had signed a Get.  When Goliath marched in towards the army Dovid thought that maybe Shaul would let him fight.  After a lot of hesitation Shaul agreed.
  6. 6. Preparation for the battle  Shaul tried to make sure that Dovid had as much armour as Goliath and if possible more.  The problem was Dovid could not walk in the armour so he went to war with no armour on and just a stick, a sling around his arm and five stones hidden.
  7. 7. Dovid vs Goliath  When Goliath saw Dovid he laughed.  ‘You think I am a dog to whom you take a stick and throw it at? I pray that my god will destroy you.’  With these words leprosy started appearing all over his skin.  When Goliath looked around to see what was happening, Dovid took the opportunity. He reached into his pocket pulled out a stone and fired it with his sling.  The stone hit Goliath in the only unprotected spot, a hole in the armour on his forehead, he died and the Jews won the war.
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