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Title 1 presentation wells


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  • 1. Title 1 Information 2012-13
  • 2. What is Title 1?Title I is program funded by the federalgovernment to improve students’ academicachievement.Money is given to school districts to helpchildren meet Florida’s Next GenerationSunshine State Standards.
  • 3. What is Title 1?The amount of money given to each schooldepends on the number of low-incomefamilies enrolled in the school.South Seminole Middle School is a Title 1School.
  • 4. How is Title 1 Implemented ?•Title I programs are implemented eitherschool wide or as targeted audienceassistance programs.•Every program uses effective methodsand instructional strategies based onscientifically based research to assiststudents in reaching proficiency onFlorida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test.
  • 5. How is Title 1 Implemented ? In a school wide program, all studentsreceive supplemental support from theTitle I program.A targeted audience assistance programprovides assistance for the students whohave the greatest need.
  • 6. What is NCLB?No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is the name given tothe most recent update of the main federaleducation law that, among other things, providesfor Title I funding. NCLB aims to:Raise accountability – by carefully measuringschool progress every yearProvide more financial flexibility – by allowingfederal money to be used to meet school orschool district needs
  • 7. What is NCLB?Set goals – to improve studentperformance in reading or math. Forexample:improve teacher quality by providing fundsfor professional developmentProvide school choice – if a school doesn’tmeet specific educational standardsMake schools safer – and drug-free
  • 8. Who decides how Title 1 Funds are Used?Every school has a School Advisory Council (SAC)composed of: Parents, Teachers, Community Members, School Staff, and the Principal who meet the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm in the conference room. The School Advisory Council determines how to use Title I funds.
  • 9. What are Parent’s Rights?•No Child Left Behind (NCLB) allowsparents the right to:•Request the qualifications of your child’steacher•Be notified if your child is taught for morethan four consecutive weeks by a teacherwho is not highly qualified
  • 10. What are Parent’s Rights?•Request opportunities for regularmeetings with staff in order to makesuggestions * Participate in decisions relating tothe education of your child * Submit a written comment on theschool plan
  • 11. School Public Accountability ReportThe School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) provides parentsand the community with important information about eachpublic school including: Demographic data, School safety and climate for learning information, Academic data, Graduation rates, Class sizes, Teacher and staff information;, Curriculum and instruction descriptions, Postsecondary preparation information, and AYP information
  • 12. Working TogetherTitle I law requires that all Title I schools andfamilies work together.How we work together is listed in our: School Level Parental Involvement Policy Parent-School Compact Title I Plan (School Improvement Plan)
  • 13. How Can I be Involved?Parent Advisory Team – PAT- is the name given to thegroup 0f parents and school personnel that write theParent Involvement Policy for the school.Meetings are: at 11:30 am on Oct. 11, Nov. 1, Dec. 6,Jan. 24, Feb. 7, March 7, April 4, and May 2 at the Educational Support CenterEducational Training Rooms 3 & 4 Second Floor Contact: Kathi Wells 407-746-1325
  • 14. How Can I be Involved?School Advisory Council – SAC- the group ofparents, community members, teachers andprincipal who monitor the budget and SchoolImprovement Plan. Meetings are second Tuesday of everymonth at 6:00 pm @ SSMS Contact: Linion Grace 407-746-1303
  • 15. How Can I be Involved?Parent and Teacher Student Association –PTSA - the group of parents, communitymembers, teachers and administrator whowork together to schedule school functionsand supply mini-grants through fundraising.Meetings are the second Monday of everymonth at 5: 30 pm @ SSMS. Contact: Michael Fitzwater
  • 16. How Can I be Involved? Dividends – a group of parents or community members whoregister through the SCPS volunteer system and participate inschool events, functions, and help in classrooms on a regularor one time basis. Register now: Contact: Diane Taylor 407-746-1305