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My Updated Resume

  1. 1. Nhi C. DoAn<br />Garden Grove, CA 92843<br />714-323-2543 (9:00 am-5:00 pm PST)<br /><br />Technical Summary<br /><ul><li>Have SharePoint 2010 installed on my Laptop and Desktop. The last twelve months have been focused on the following:
  2. 2. Building List Instances using SharePoint Designer
  3. 3. Creating List Definitions and Instances using Visual Studio
  4. 4. Creating Lists programmatically
  5. 5. Programmatically modifying Data in Lists
  6. 6. Creating Event Receivers in Visual Studio
  7. 7. Creating Feature Event Receiver projects
  8. 8. Deploying and Debugging Event Receiver projects
  9. 9. Creating External Content Types using SharePoint Designer
  10. 10. Creating External Content Types using Visual Studio
  11. 11. Creating a List Definition from a Content Type
  12. 12. Importing SharePoint Designer Workflow into Visual Studio
  13. 13. Creating Web Parts with AJAX that update without having to reload the entire Web page
  14. 14. Creating a Code-only Web Part (Sandboxed solution)
  15. 15. Creating a Silverlight Web Part
  16. 16. Web Part Connections
  17. 17. Customizing and Deploying SharePoint pages
  18. 18. Highly motivated SharePoint Developer/Admin with previous experienced designing and establishing a SharePoint application to support business needs.
  19. 19. Created an intranet solution based on SharePoint Server 2007 that included the following functionality: Branding, Shared content, Shared Calendars (integrated with Outlook), editable newsletter, shared contact management lists, financial dashboards and customizable reports.
  20. 20. Implemented Content Management to allow publishing content out to its providers.
  21. 21. Used classic ASP, ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2003/2008 to maintain classic ASP Website and Programming new ASP.NET Website, TOAD to write store procedures for Oracle database for LA County Department of Children and Families Services.
  22. 22. Developed WinForms and WebForms using Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET 2, VB.NET 2005, and Visual SourceSafe.
  23. 23. Developed 3-tier VB.Net applications for Windows WinForms and participated in the development and support of the WinTracks System shipping solution, replacing legacy PICK Basic application for Target Logistics.
  24. 24. Developed the entire Intranet for Bally Total Fitness using Visual Studio 2002/2003, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000, ADO.NET, and migrated Vax COBOL, Access and VB6 applications to VB.NET and ASP.NET.
  25. 25. Wrote website applications using classic ASP, SQL Server 7, and Windows applications using VB6, FoxPro and Clipper.</li></ul>Technical Skills<br />Programming Languages<br />Clipper, Visual FoxPro, VB.NET, C#, HTML, CSS, XML<br />.NET Skill Set<br />.NET Framework 2/3.5/4, IIS<br />Databases<br />SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/2010<br />Software<br />Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005/2008/2010, WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, InfoPath Forms, SharePoint Designer, MS Office 2007, SharePoint Team Foundation 2010, WPF<br />SetFocus, LLC.                                     Garden Grove, California<br />SharePoint Masters Program (24 weeks) -- December 2009 - July 2010<br />The SetFocus SharePoint Master’s Program is an intensive, hands–on, project oriented program where participants add knowledge of and valuable experience putting the SharePoint skill set to use in a simulated work environment.<br /><ul><li>Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the towing providers of a construction company.
  26. 26. Created an intranet solution based on SharePoint Server 2007 that included the following functionality: Branding, Shared content, Shared Calendars (integrated with Outlook), editable newsletter, shared contact management lists, financial dashboards and customizable reports.
  27. 27. Extended the intranet solution to the extranet.
  28. 28. Created different sites for the company’s different towing providers with custom look and feel.
  29. 29. Developed InfoPath 2007 forms allowing programmatic submission to a MOSS Form Library initiating workflow processes as below:
  30. 30. Created an invoice form for the company’s towing providers and setup a workflow using Visual Studio 2005/2008, manifest.xml and feature.xml
  31. 31. Created a purchase order for the company
  32. 32. Generated an email to the designated company official
  33. 33. Configured the document library to notify Tow providers on the status change of their invoices.
  34. 34. Implemented Content Management to allow publishing content out to its providers.
  35. 35. Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the creation and management of Acme Inc.’s SharePoint Solutions.
  36. 36. Created:
  37. 37. A single SharePoint site for this project, a Developer Knowledge Base.
  38. 38. A custom site template for new Solution Sites.
  39. 39. A custom List Definition to display all Solutions.
  40. 40. A change management requests list to track all change management requests.
  41. 41. A change management request form in InfoPath 2007 to allow managers to submit feature requests.
  42. 42. A dashboard site that presents Solution information using the native SharePoint Search functionality.
  43. 43. Developed and deployed:
  44. 44. A custom web part to create new Solution sites using a user-specified template.
  45. 45. A custom web part that displays all of the created Solution sites in a grid view.
  46. 46. A custom web part that allows users to perform custom keyword searches and presents the results in a display grid.
  47. 47. Backed up and organized all of the project files for disaster recovery.</li></ul>Professional Experience<br />Self-Employed, Garden Grove, CA7/10 – current<br />SharePoint-Web Developer<br /><ul><li>Working with SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio 2010, C#, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2008.</li></ul>James Hardie, Mission Viejo, CA3/10 – 6/10<br />.NET Developer<br /><ul><li>Design reports using ADO.NET, VB.NET, and Visual Studio 2005/2008.</li></ul>LA County-DCFS6/08 – 12/09<br />Web Developer<br /><ul><li>Maintained and modified classic ASP applications.
  48. 48. Developed new Web applications using Visual Studio 2008.
  49. 49. Programmed Oracle database using TOAD; wrote Stored Procedures.</li></ul>Target Logistic Services, Carson, CA5/06 - 6/08<br />Senior Computer Analyst<br /><ul><li>Performed VB.Net and ASP.Net application development using VB.NET 2005, ASP.NET 2, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual SourceSafe.
  50. 50. Developed 3-tier VB.Net applications for Windows WinForms.
  51. 51. Participated in the development and support of the WinTracs System shipping solution, replacing legacy PICK Basic application.
  52. 52. Worked as member in a team of 5 and was responsible for the Quotation module for the new Logistics System.
  53. 53. Provided production support to legacy PICK application.
  54. 54. Troubleshot and corrected application bugs/defects.
  55. 55. Analyzed, designed and coded application enhancements.
  56. 56. Performed unit, system, and integration testing as appropriate.
  57. 57. Created technical specifications from functional documents. </li></ul>Bally Total Fitness Corp., Norwalk, CA9/00 – 8/05                <br />.NET DEVELOPER<br /> <br /><ul><li>Created several turnkey applications into a paperless more automated system using VB6, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET 2002/2003, Webforms/Winforms, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2000, stored procedures (complex and simple), SQL queries, Visual Studio 2003, and Crystal Reports 8/9.
  58. 58. Converted data from the VAX to SQL Server 2000. Performed all data migration.
  59. 59. Migrated MS Access applications to VB 6.0 and MS SQL 2000.
  60. 60. Migrated COBOL applications from the VAX to .NET platform.
  61. 61. Migrated VB 6.0 applications to .NET platform.
  62. 62. Single-handedly developed the entire Intranet for the company.
  63. 63. Wrote new applications and maintained new and existing Intranet applications.
  64. 64. Single-handedly develop the entire Intranet for company using Visual Studio 2002/2003, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, ADO.NET.
  65. 65. Created technical specifications from functional documents. Worked directly with business users to clarify requirements.
  66. 66. Performed unit and manual testing.
  67. 67. Worked with System Admin to set up and configure IIS, Application servers, Web server and SQL Servers. </li></ul> <br />FPS, Santa Ana, CA9/98 – 9/00<br />WEB/INTRANET DEVELOPER <br /> <br /><ul><li>Developed VB 6.0 and classic ASP Applications.
  68. 68. Wrote/maintained Web applications using classic ASP and VB 6.0.
  69. 69. Developed various websites for customers including</li></ul> CONSULTANT/PROGRAMMER, Orange County, CA7/95 – 8/98               <br /><ul><li>Developed Clipper applications.
  70. 70. Developed Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic applications.
  71. 71. Created Web pages.
  72. 72. Wrote DOS applications using Clipper, FoxPro, and VB6.</li></ul> <br /> Department of Social & Health Services, Olympia, WA1/88 – 1/95                <br />PROGRAMMER/ANALYST<br /> <br /><ul><li>Developed Clipper and Visual FoxPro applications for Welfare Department.
  73. 73. Wrote various DOS applications using Clipper and FoxPro.
  74. 74. Gained understanding of manual processes, interviewed users, developed scope of deliverable, created functional documents and technical requirements, authored user documentation, test plans and test cases.</li></ul> <br />Education<br />Completed Microsoft certified coursework in Visual Basic NET Programming.<br />Griffin College, Bellevue, WA<br />B.S. - Data Processing - 1985<br /> <br />University of California, Los Angeles, CA<br /> M.F.A. - Fine Arts/Music - 1983<br /> <br />University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA<br />B.A. – Music - 1982<br />Other Skills<br />Speak, read and write Vietnamese, French, Swedish, and Danish<br />