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Asian stars in asia and their influences on western perception of asia.

Asian stars in asia and their influences on western perception of asia.






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    Asian stars in asia and their influences on western perception of asia. Asian stars in asia and their influences on western perception of asia. Presentation Transcript

    • Lecturer: Duong Trong Hue Students: Chau Nguyen Thai My_s3325069 Nguyen Hoang Minh Thi_s3324418 Asian Stars In Hollywood & Their Influences On Western Perception Of Asia
    • Contents:
      • The Idea of Asia
      • Hollywood
      • Asian stars in Hollywood and their influences on Western perception of Asia
        • Asian stars in Hollywood
        • Bruce Lee
        • Michelle Yeoh
      • Theories Application
      • Conclusion
      • The Idea Of Asia
      • The relationship of the East & the West:
          • The East used to be colonies of the West
          • Military and Cultural domination of Western was entailed in Asia
          • The relationship between the East and the West is about power, domination, and complex hegemony (in Said, 1995)
      • Westerners’ perception on Asia:
          • Asia is the invention of Europe
          • ‘ the greatest, richest, and oldest colonies’ of Europe
          • Asia is feminine, and ‘she’ is voiceless, weak, and uncivilized (in Said, 1995)
    • II. Hollywood
        • 1886: a ranch was named Hollywood
        • 1902: ‘Electric theater’ was built by Thomas Lincoln Tally
          • 1977-2011: Star Wars debut
          • The blockbuster seasons have started.
          • Became the center of Western film industry
          • A representation of Western pop culture
    • III. Asian Stars In Hollywood And Their Influences On Western Perception Of Asia
      • Asian stars in Hollywood
        • The first Asian movie star in Hollywood: Anna May Wong – The Dragon Lady
        • Asian stars succeed in Hollywood: Ken Watanabe, Jet Li, Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan.
      A phenomenon in Western society.
    • Bruce Lee Michelle Yeoh Jackie Chan Jet Li Zhang Ziyi Ken Watanabe
      • Bruce Lee
        • Western acknowledgement:
      Films Viewers on YouTube Books The Green Hornet (1966-1967)-Universal 1 577 428 viewers Bruce Lee: Legend of the Dragon ( Steve Kerridge) The way of the Dragon (1972)-Golden Harvest 500 000 viewers The Warrior Within : The Philosophies of Bruce Lee (John Little) First of fury (1971) The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon Enter the Dragon (1973)-Warner Bros 891 651 viewers Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Game of death (1978)-Golden Harvest 248 993 viewers
      • The idea of Asia has changed:
        • The way of the dragon:
          • A rural farmer came to a foreign country.
          • Not being respected due to not speaking English.
          • A hero master in martial art fight a bunch of Western guys.
          • Wearing like an ordinary person: calm, nice, civilized.
          • Muscular and strong .
          • Empty hand fighting the Western enemy to protect himself and the Chinese restaurant.
        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJhAVOb-UhQ
    • Perception:
      • Bruce Lee is a common man hero (Li, SL 2001).
      • Reclaimed China as male (Li, SL 2001)
      • Brought Martial Art to Hollywood and influence the American silver screen  Make Martial Art famous
      • A leader for Asian younger generation.
      • Has changed Western perception on Asia
      • 2. Michelle Yeoh:
        • Western acknowledgement
      Films/Years Awards ,Nomination, and cultural achievement Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Best Film Actress Nominated by MTV Movie Starred with James Bond Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) Best Actress (4 awards, 10 Nomination) International box office hit – gross $100 millions Far North (2008) Best Actress (Calabria Film Festival - Italy) The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) 2000 The World's Most Influential Chinese  by Chinese Influencing the world awards 1997 Top 50 most beautiful women of the world People magazine 2002 The Outstanding Young Persons of the World  (Cultural Achievement) Since 2007 Global ambassador for Makes Road Safe’ campaign
        • Asia is feminine, and weak, and shy – Michelle is feminine, but not weak
        • She is the acting queen on screen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jniLDeAzG94
      • "Contrary to the Western perception of Chinese culture as chauvinistic in the extreme, Eastern cinema has featured an extraordinary number of women warriors compared to Hollywood“. (Logan 1995)
      • The Idea of Asia has changed
        • She is beautiful, and talent – top 50 beautiful of the world
        • She’s not voiceless – global media talks about her, hunger for her
        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62SOHXCnCvQ
        • People loves her, and admires her:
        • http://www.sitefile.org/michelleyeoh.net.htm
        • http://www.michelle-yeoh.org
        • http://www.dctkd.org/links/index.cfm?categoryID=4&subCategoryID=58
    • IV. Theories Application:
      • Globalization:
        • Global media brings Hollywood films to the world .
      • Orientalism:
        • Empty hand fight back the foreign guys.
        • Enroll in different characteristics, one hand spreading the national identity, other hand fit the Western taste.
      • Self-orientalism:
        • Reinforce orientalism that Asian women are beautiful, attractive and be seduced by Westerners.
      • Nationalism:
        • Raise the Asian voice through Hollywood films and become the lead role in many movies.
        • Transnational action, cooperate with Western people fight the evils.
    • V. Conclusion:
      • Hollywood is a potential market for Asian stars to shine.
      • Globalization helps Hollywood to find out international talents through their performance.
      • Create desire for young generation enter Hollywood and become a Asian icons.
      • Challenges:
        • Ambivalence, standing between the lines.
        • Western stars still dominant Hollywood.
        • Change perception about Asia in both positive and negative way.
    • References:   ‘ A biography of Michelleo Yeoh’ 2000, Information about Michelle Yeoh , viewed 22 November 2011, < http://michelleyeoh.info/Bio/bio.html > Bruce Lee Foundation 2006, ‘Bruce Lee Biography’, pp.1-9. Celebritywire, 2008, Michelle Yeoh, Hot Asian superstar talks to Celebrity Wire, video recording, viewed 22 November 2011, < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62SOHXCnCvQ > Chen, J 1996, ‘FAQ/Facts about Bruce Lee’, Jeff Chen, viewed 23 November 2011, < http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~chenj/brucelee/bruce_faq.html > Chun, C S 2004, ‘Chinese Diaspora and Orientalism in Globalized  Cultural Production: Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ’, Global Media Journal , vol. 3, no. 8, viewed 23 November 2011. Herrmann, T 2001, ‘ Hollywood Glamour returns to its birthplace as famed Hollywood corridor revitalization takes place’, History of Hollywood, pp. 1-3. Hollywood Film Office 2008, homepage, Hollywood Film Office, viewed 22 November 2011, < http://www.hollywoodfilmoffice.org/history.php >. Introduced by Writer/ Director Yunah Hong’, StonyBrook , viewed 20 November 2011 , < http://www.stonybrook.edu/commcms/wang/programs/Anna_May_Wong_Poster%20Final.pdf > Jenkins, D 2005, ‘Lithe Spirit’, The Telegraph, viewed 23 November 2011, < http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/3648871/Lithe-spirit.html > Kim, L S n.d., Crouching Tiger, ‘Hidden Dragon Making women warriors — a transnational reading of Asian female action heroes’, A Review of Contemporary Media, viewed 20 November 2011 , < http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/jc48.2006/womenWarriors/index.htm l > Li, SL 2001, ‘Kung Fu: Negotiating Nationalism and Modernity’, Cultural Studies, vol. 15, no, 3-5, pp. 515-542. Lorenzen, M 2008, ‘On the Globalization of the film industry’, Creative encounters working paper, pp. 1-16. Stony Brook University 2011, ‘Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words” a one hour documentary by Yunah Hong WatchMyAwesomeVideos, 2010, Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Michelle Yeoh KillCount, video recording, viewed 22 November 2011 , < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jniLDeAzG94 >