Zappos – A Social Media Culture


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Zappos – A Social Media Culture

  2. 2. Engagement property is an online shoe and clothing shop, based in Henderson, Nevada, USA. Since its founding in 1999, Zappos has grown to be the biggest online shoe store. In November 2009, bought Zappos for $1.2 billion. Zappos used loyalty and relationship marketing as a business model for the success. The primary sources of the company's rapid growth have been repeat customers and numerous word of mouth recommendations. Zappos has a stated goal to offer "best service in the industry." It promoted benefits like free shipping both-ways, 365-day return policy, and 24X7 call center
  3. 3. A customer centric company is a company known for their customer service and use of social media as a tool to communicate with customers. It is important to note that customer services is the number one priority of the company, sales is not. Zappos wants the customer, to have an outstanding shopping experience every time they do business with them. It is a customer centric company and all its customer and prospects are highly engaged and involved. The company's culture focused on making sure every interaction with the customer results in them saying, “That was the best customer service I have ever had.”
  4. 4. Engagement property Zappos uses various customer interaction channels including telephone, email, Twitter, blogs, streaming video, Facebook, YouTube and others. The most remarkable of all the social media efforts of Zappos as the company is, Twitter. Zappos has a dedicated page for Twitter on its site that's linked to from every other page on the site with the words – “what are Zappos employees doing right now?” There's also an employee leader board that shows who's on Twitter and how many followers they have.
  5. 5. Zappos has worked uncompromisingly at bringing humanization to what can be an extremely cold online experience. It has infused life into online marketing. The success of Zappos depends on two elements viz., service and culture. The employees of zappos believe that their culture is unique as it offers the company a competitive advantage and they use social media to project their unique culture to the world.
  6. 6. All the employees of Zappos have a Twitter account dedicated to service issues. They uncover service opportunities, initiate response, amplify praise, and reinforce service reputation. Zappos also manages its culture over social media. At Zappos, all employees have Twitter accounts and the new hire is consistent with this culture of service. At Zappos most of their social media initiatives are about exposing the people, who through their actions reinforce the company’s competitive advantage. The honest and transparent approach makes the company real.
  7. 7. Best Customer Service The CEO of Zappos leads by example, he communicates about his passions. He is honest and transparent. He has personally invested in Social Media. Zappos as a company measures the social media return on the parameters of culture and service. They don’t calculate it’s ROI on sales as they don’t consider it a traditional marketing channel. Zappos is clearly the new generation company which is forging a new era of business. They are just not selling products but they are engaging customer They are making personal and emotional connections. We must understand that Zappos doesn’t sell product with the help of Twittering and blogging. They just engage and measure the reaction over the social network. The company really builds relationships with customers with the help of telephone calls and the email conversations.
  8. 8. THANKS