What is mobile marketing?


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When it comes to the channels of communication, it doesn’t get more personal than the mobile phone
I have been asked by many marketers, what is mobile marketing?

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What is mobile marketing?

  1. 1. What is Mobile Marketing? Understanding mobile marketing and value of communicating with the consumerBraj Mohan Chaturvedi | chaturvedibraj@yahoo.com | +91 9502421919Twitter: @chaturvedibraj | facebook: @chaturvedibraj | Skype: @chaturvedibraj
  2. 2. Mobile marketing involves communicating with the consumer usingmobile device. It is done to send a marketing message, to generatevisibility, awareness, engagement or loyalty
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing Features Mobile marketing is effective, valuable and result oriented
  4. 4. Mobile is our second shadow. It is extension of our lifestyle
  5. 5. The mobile as a communication medium offers ubiquitous reach.
  6. 6. The mobile communication can be targeted and specific to individual.
  7. 7. Mobile communication is immediate, localizable and targeted.
  8. 8. Mobile has ability to integrate with existing communication
  9. 9. Mobile marketing messages has potential of becoming viral.
  10. 10. Mobile is great communication, and marketing tool.
  11. 11. Mobile marketing offers subscribers to have control over messages
  12. 12. Mobile marketer can understand and analyze user behaviour.
  13. 13. Mobile offers a secure online payment environment
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing Tools Mobile is the perfect marketing tool
  15. 15. Prominent mobile marketing tool: SMS MMS WAP IVR Proximity Application a. Text a. Images a. Games a. Audio calls a. Bluetooth a. Applications b. Audio b. Ringtones c. Video
  16. 16. It is a direct response tool
  17. 17. It is relevant to consumers
  18. 18. It is most effective and timely tool to reach consumers
  19. 19. It can effectively track results of marketing efforts
  20. 20. It compliments other marketing campaigns
  21. 21. Mobile Marketing Principles of mobile marketing
  22. 22. Integrated mobile marketing approach: SMS MMS WAP IVR Proximity Application Integrated Mobile Marketing CommunicationAdvertising Branding Promotion Direct Marketing• Banner ads • Alerts • Jingles • Mailers• Mobile videos • Surveys • Ringtones • Messages• IVR – voice Ads • Polling • Coupons • Voice Mails• Games • Information • Contests • Voice Messages• Mobil-casting • Branded content • Free samples • MMS
  23. 23. It is important to get customers opt-in.
  24. 24. Marketer should make sure that customer can opt-out.
  25. 25. Marketers should segment customer base as accurately as possible.
  26. 26. The message should have value for customer.
  27. 27. The success of campaign depends on its Timing.
  28. 28. Thanks! Braj Mohan Chaturvedi chaturvedibraj@yahoo.com +91 9502421919Disclaimer: The views represented in the presentation has nothing to do with the companies I havepersonal, professional, or academic interest. These are absolutely my views which is based on the years of experience in