15 Tips for Marketing Your Business Using Social Media


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15 Tips for Marketing Your Business Using Social Media

  1. 1. Jonnice Slaughter •Publicist •Marketing Consultant •Social Media Strategist •Blogger
  2. 2. •MUSIC •TV/ FILM •EVENTS & AWARD SHOWS • RESTAURANTS • RETAIL / CONSUMER • CELEBRITIES / PUBLIC FIGURES • FAITH-BASED & NON-PROFITS •SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING •DIGITAL BRANDING •BLOGGER RELATIONS •SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS •SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN STRATEGY ENTERTAINMENT PUBLICISTS & PRESS EVENT CALENDAR www.EPPECOnline.com In-stream Advertising Agency that pays Celebrities and Highly Influential Twitter users to promote events, causes and key messaging for corporate brands. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 2
  3. 3. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 3 BLOGS
  4. 4. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 4 15 Tips for Marketing Your Business Using Social Media
  5. 5. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 5 1. Identify the at least 3 social networks that would best benefit your business.
  6. 6. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 6 Foursquare & Gowalla = location-based Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linked-In = offer location-based features. 2. Take advantage of location-based features and networks
  7. 7. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 7 • Blogs, photo image hosting sites, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks can be used to distribute news, announcements and promotions • Eliminate or reduce the clutter in your target audiences email in-box by encouraging them to join/ follow your social network profile. 3. Email Marketing Alternative
  8. 8. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 8 The most popular networks are Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Youtube. 4. Survey your customers/ clients to determine the best networks to maintain a presence.
  9. 9. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 9 Example: Businesses should have a professional Facebook fan page instead of a personal profile page. Facebook Fan pages can be customized to mirror the design and look of your website….creating continuity for your brand. 5. Make sure your business/ brand is abiding by the Terms & Conditions of each social network where you have a presence.
  10. 10. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 10 6. Consider starting a blog for your business. See Nike.com
  11. 11. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 11 Examples of content: • Photos • Videos • Audio • Press clips • And more 7. Take a critical inspection of your business to uncover sources for compelling social media content to engage your target consumer.
  12. 12. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 12 • Invite feedback on your business or product • Use positive reinforcement when you receive favorable reviews or customer experiences. • People, today, are more likely to recap their experiences (good or bad) on social networks instead of completing a comment card or a comment form online. 8. Use social media as a 2-way communication platform to connect with customers.
  13. 13. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 13 9. Create separate promotions that are exclusive to each individual social network. Example: Krispy Kreme’s Promotion on National Donut Day
  14. 14. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 14 • Offer free products/ services to bloggers to post reviews on their blog. • Research the blogger / affiliate networks that will pair you with bloggers . 10. Incentivize bloggers to create reviews and positive publicity
  15. 15. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 15 • Blog posts can be scheduled • Consider programming your updates (weekly recaps, quote of the day/week, FAQs, customer feedback, current events relative to your industry, etc.) • Invite others to become guest bloggers on your site. 11. Develop a routine for posting so that you never get behind on updating your social networks.
  16. 16. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 16 12. Save time by using desktop and online social networks that will update multiple sites at once. (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc)
  17. 17. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 17 • Post logos with links prominently on the first page/ top-loading page of your site. • Post addresses on business cards, flyers, print advertisements, etc. • Post logos and addresses in visible, high- traffic areas at your business (lobby/ waiting area, reception desk, bathrooms, etc.) 13. Add your social network addresses to all of your Marketing collateral and anywhere that you have an online presence.
  18. 18. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 18 • Tag – customers/ clients in photos and comments (Facebook, Flickr) • Tag blog posts with the best keyword to describe your blog post topic • Use #hashtags to create branding campaigns, index conversations and to identify your target consumer (example: Twitter, #FollowFriday, #MusicMonday, #Help4Haiti) 14. Learn how to tag in order to increase your messages and branding goals.
  19. 19. Presented by The ChatterBox Agency (www.ChatterBoxAgency.com) 19 Most social networks now offer expanded profiles that let you add the URLs of your other networks, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google Buzz, Youtube, Ustream, Vimeo, Foursquare, Gowalla, 12 seconds, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Bliptv, Digg, StumbleUpon, and more. 15. Link all of your social networks together to increase exposure and traffic.
  20. 20. • Email: jslaughter@chatterboxpublicity.com • Twitter: @chatterboxpr • Websites: www.ChatterBoxPublicity.com, www.ChatterBoxAgency.com • Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/chatterboxpr Contacts