Startup restaurant business


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Startup restaurant business

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Startup restaurant business

  1. 1. Startup restaurant businessFor many entrepreneurs, starting a restaurant business represents a great way to make agood living while doing something that they love. The restaurant business has a highfailure rate though with many people quickly realizing that there is more work involvedthan they originally anticipated and they find that they are not really suited to therestaurant business. Here are some things to consider before you jump in to this industryand invest your time and capital into opening a restaurant.1) Qualifications and experience. While these are not absolutely necessary you will bedrastically increasing your chances of success if you have or can acquire a qualificationfrom a culinary school or if you have some other kind of food, beverage or hospitalityindustry experience or training2) Business management skills. If you dont have reasonably good skills and knowledgein areas like bookkeeping, marketing and management there are numerous courses insmall business administration that you could consider taking before you take the plungewith your own business.3) Creativity. To be a successful restaurant owner it helps to have some creative talent.You will have to come up with a marketable restaurant concept possibly with a theme,coordinate interior designers and have considerable input into menu development.4) Long working hours. Unless you focus on breakfast and lunches only you will belikely be working long shifts late into the evening, possibly seven nights a week to startwith. You will need the support of your spouse and your family if you are going to bespending so much time away from home. If you intend to work with your spouse aspartners in the business then you will have to be certain that your relationship is rocksolid and that it can handle the stress of working together.5) Startup capital. You will need to have access to sufficient funds not only to get yourbusiness up and running but also to support yourself in the early days of your restaurantslife when revenue is still low.6) People skills. As a restaurant owner you will have to be a good communicator and beable to relate well to all kinds of people such as suppliers, city officials, customers andstaff. You should be a strong leader capable of organizing a team.7) Hard work and organization. To get everything done you must have good timemanagement skills and be organized. As you wont have a boss telling you what to do youwill also have to be self-motivated in order to get things done and to achieve your goals.
  2. 2. 8) Calm and confident. Challenges will arise almost daily in the restaurant business in theform of one crisis or another. As the leader you must keep calm, avoid stressing out youremployees and take control of the situation.Their are many things that you should consider about yourself before you deciding to goahead and start a small restaurant. Some of these skills and attributes can be acquiredalong the way or before you start but all will play their part in determining your success. – You can download free ebooks about: restaurantmanagement forms, restaurant business plan, restaurant marketing plan sample,restaurant startup guide…