Chatham Conceptual Land Use Plan


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View the presentation from the EDC's February 7, 2013 Joint Boards Meeting. Learn about the development of a conceptual (*not* comprehensive) land use plan for Chatham County.

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  • Gov’t Private Total 2006 2485 14686 17172 2007 2552 14434 16986 2008 2586 14228 16814 2009 2697 12474 15172 2010 2651 12197 14849 2011 2593 11866 14459 2012 2565 11458 14023
  • Chatham Conceptual Land Use Plan

    1. 1. Chatham County JointElected Officials MeetingThursday February 7, 2013
    2. 2. AGENDAWelcome A Thought or Two as to Mayor Charles Johnson Introduction of New Town ManagersBryan Gruesbeck of Pittsboro Bryan Thompson of Siler City
    3. 3. AGENDA (CONTINUED)Update on County’s Conceptual Land Use Plan Genesis of How It Was Started & Why Initial View of the Progress to Date Timeline & Next Steps Updates (voluntary) as to BOC, Town Councils, BOE
    4. 4. UPDATE ON COUNTY’S CONCEPTUALLAND USE PLANGenesis of How & Why It Was StartedConceptual vs ComprehensiveBlending current status at a high level then overlaying various macro scenariosLeaders able to see an integrated view of the County… today & five years outSnapshot of what’s available and what’s missingAids in the discussions as to placing priorities with resourcesSaves time and money and may lead to an expanded planAllows prospective clients to see the County in a dynamic short term mannerEDC asked the BOC for the opportunity to jump start the processWill involve all key stakeholders
    5. 5. UPDATE ON COUNTY’S CONCEPTUALLAND USE PLANThe real issue of why?• How do we intend to use and develop our land?• What will our population be and the associated housing needs?• How will we move people and goods?• How will we protect and use our environment and natural resources?• How will we educate and train our current and future workforce?• How effective and forward thinking must we be in providing municipalinfrastructure and facilities?• How must we attract economic development in a highly competitivemarketplace?• How will we place our intent, effort and money in reasonable priorities?
    6. 6. UPDATE ON COUNTY’S CONCEPTUALLAND USE PLANThe “conceptual” process is intended to create a base caseFrom base case, the county/towns, BOE and major landowners will provideinputVarious initial scenarios will be orchestrated from the base caseCitizen input will be sought via a series of “let’s talk, let’s listen” sessionsScenarios adjusted, changed, added toTeam will finalizePresent to BOCWill include recommendations and next possible steps
    7. 7. HOW THINGS CHANGEDow Jones Industrial Average 14,165 14,010Top Five Bottom Five Home Depot 99% Bank of America 78%IBM 73% Alcoa 77%McDonald’s 67% Hewlett Packard 69%Wal-Mart 56% General Electric 46%Walt Disney 54% Cisco Systems 37%
    8. 8. CONCEPTUAL LAND USE PLAN TEAMEDC – Joe Glasson, Jeffrey Starkweather, Keith Hurand,Dianne ReidChatham County – Jeremy Poss, Jason Sullivan, DavidHughesTown of Goldston – Tim CunnupTown of Pittsboro – Stuart BassTown of Siler City – Jack Meadows, Terry Green
    9. 9. BACKGROUND AND CONTEXTBasic Facts:• 709 Square Miles• Population: 63,564• Median Household Income: $55,424• Current Unemployment Rate: 7.3 (Dec 2012)
    10. 10. BACKGROUND AND CONTEXTJob Trends:
    11. 11. BACKGROUND AND CONTEXTChatham County as Bedroom Community:• 55 percent of resident labor force commutes toother counties for work• $ .64 of every consumer dollar is spent in othercounties
    12. 12. BACKGROUND AND CONTEXTTax Base:•Residential $6.5 Billion 77.13%•Present-Use $1.2 Billion 13.92%•Commercial $0.6 Billion 7.49%•Industrial $0.1 Billion 1.46%•Other $0.0 Billion 0.00%$8.4 Billion 100.00%
    13. 13. BACKGROUND AND CONTEXTCost of Community Services Study (2007)•Residential $1:$1.14•Commercial $1:$0.33•Farmland $1:$0.58
    14. 14. CONCEPTUAL LAND USE PLANTIMELINETeam Meetings: Held Dec 13, Jan 10, Jan 24Scheduled for Feb 14, Feb 28, Mar 14, Mar 28, Apr11 and Apr 25Update to Joint Elected Boards: Feb 7, March updates toindividual boardsPublic Input Sessions: Late MarchFinal Product: Completed Apr 30, presented to BOC May6, Joint Elected Boards on June 6