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Key Features of a High Performance Online Reputation Management Software
Key Features of a High Performance Online Reputation Management Software
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Key Features of a High Performance Online Reputation Management Software


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Online reputation management software

Online reputation management software

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Key Features of a High Performance Online Reputation Management SoftwareSelecting an Online Reputation Management Software is an important decision forany organization. You are essentially entrusting your company image and businesscredibility to a software. This is a critical choice, and you need to ensure that thesoftware you choose has a proven track record of delivering excellence.There is little doubt, though, about the value of some of the better software that isavailable. Some of the insight provided by this software can significantly enhance yourdecision making ability related to the online commercial activities as well as the overallbusiness practices of your company.Essential Features of Online Reputation Management SoftwareFor an Online Reputation Management Software to be truly effective it needs todemonstrate a high functional utility.The software should be able to accurately track the progression of your brands valueover a period of time. A basic feature here is the ability to assess the impact of anymarketing or public relations campaign on your brand. This includes the effect that anycommunications released over the internet have on the perceived value of your brand.Assessment should not be simply limited to tracking the conversation volumesgenerated, but should provide an understanding of how this conversation has an effecton the brand.It is necessary that the software allows you to accurately track results for a particularcampaign and measure any effect on your companys profitability.Comparative results are also important, and the ability of the software to measure therelative success and failures of past and current campaigns is important. This offers abetter understanding of what types of communications and campaign messages workbest for your brand.One of the traditional drawbacks with a Social Media campaign utilizing channels suchas Facebook and Twitter was the inability to assign a real money value to any benefits
  • 2. that were achieved. However, some of the more sophisticated software availableincludes the ability to link real world monetary gains to a social media campaign.Quick results and reporting are essential to any online campaign, and the software musthave the ability to deliver immediate status reports. Reports should not just be availableafter a campaign, but at any point during the process.The Intuitive Ability of Online Reputation Management SoftwareMost types of Online Reputation Management Software keep track of a set ofvariables that are then used to measure a brands online reputation. Typical examples ofthese variables include Brand Relevancy, Language, Country, Type of Media, Influence,and Public Sentiment. For the software to be truly effective, it is necessary that you havethe ability to customize the weight and valuations that are assigned to each of thesevariables. This ensures that the software is totally tuned to your needs andrequirements, and delivers accurate results time after time.For the most part, isfairly easy to use for the management professional and offers a variety of options thatcan help you measure the success of your online marketing/publicity activities. Call Us Today! 702-530-3881