Chas Everitt Blueprint For Success


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Booklet on how Chas Everitt will market your property.

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Chas Everitt Blueprint For Success

  2. 2. CONTENTS A Blueprint for the Successful Sale of your Property 2CHAS EVERITT About Chas Everitt 3 Company Milestones 4 Vision, Mission and Values 5MARKETING Exposure 6 Commitment to Service 7-8 Marketing Solutions 9 - 10 International Collection 23PRICING Establish True Market Value 11 Area Activity 12 Pricing For A Successful Sale 13 Advantages of Pricing Correctly 14 Interest Sells Houses! 15 Selling Price 16MANDATE AND SALE Exclusive Mandate Advantage 17 Why Chas Everitt 18 First Offers Are Often The Best 19 20 Steps to Sell Your Property 20AFTER SALES Understanding Property Finance 21 An Outline of Your Transfer 22
  3. 3. A BLUEPRINT FOR THE SUCCESSFUL SALEOF YOUR PROPERTYChas Everitt is a dynamic organization where all our people and systems are aligned to give ourclients expert advice and professional service.With more than 30 years experience as a leading South African real estate company, Chas Everitt hasfine tuned a unique marketing strategy that enables you to achieve the highest possible price for yourproperty, in the shortest time, with the least hassle. We call this our Blueprint for a successful sale.We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction from the commencement of marketing yourproperty to registration of transfer and final closure on the sale. 2
  4. 4. ABOUT CHAS EVERITT Chas Everitt’s success stems from our experienced management team. We drive and support a well trained and highly motivated sales force and have always been committed to providing our clients with professional service at all times, whatever their property requirements and needs might be. From the day that Chas Everitt was founded, our name has always been associated with the very best traditions and ethical values. Chas Everitt training is recognised as being of the highest standard in the real estate profession. Our sales associates undergo ongoing in-house training. Chas Everitt is looking forward to future growth and expansion. BERRY EVERITT TILLA EVERITT CHARLES EVERITT MANAGING DIRECTOR FOUNDER FOUNDER3
  5. 5. COMPANY MILESTONESWhen Charles Everitt’s parents relocated from America to a farm in South Africa, little didthey know that their son Charles and Tilla, the daughter of the next door neighbour, would marryand create one of the most successful partnerships in the history of South African real estate.The Chas Everitt International group now has over 100 franchisees and Notebook licencees operatingthroughout Southern Africa.• 1980 - Charles and Tilla Everitt opened their first office in Randburg and founded what is now the Chas Everitt International Property Group. Charles and Tilla are still active in the business.• 1998 - Charles Everitt became Chairman and Berry Everitt was appointed Managing Director of the Chas Everitt International Property Group.• 2001 - Berry Everitt was awarded the Property Professional Club’s ‘Young Lion’ Award and in 2002 - The Property Professional Club recognised him as, ‘Mover and Shaker’ of the year.• 2002 - The company disaffiliated from an American real estate group after a 10 year relationship. For 8 out of those 10 years, Chas Everitt won all major international real estate awards relating to this group, in respect of their South African operations.• 2004 - Charles Everitt was awarded the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award by the South African Property Professional Club• 2008 - CEI Overseas Properties was launched, aimed at marketing international property investments to South Africans.• 2009 - The Notebook Licence model was launched and is increasing the national footprint of the brand.• 2010 - The Group celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary and launched ChasCares, a broad range of community projects building on the successful Home Makeover projects held in 2008 and 2009. 4
  6. 6. VISION AND MISSION OUR VISION Be the leading real estate company of choice OUR MISSION Recognised as the major national real estate group where all strive to: • Be one team with the best trained people • Use the best technology and tools • Offer the widest range of value added products to the marketplace • Achieve revolutionary results by working towards greatest growth in market share • Empower participants to achieve their objectives • Provide a memorable experience that creates loyalty OUR VALUES Strong and consistent family values that build respect, trust and confidence5
  7. 7. EXPOSUREGIVE YOUR PROPERTY TOTAL BUYER EXPOSUREChas Everitt International Property Group has a vast local and international network of offices thatgives your property total buyer exposure.At any time, we have a substantial portfolio of immediate buyers who have been pre-qualified and areseriously in the market for a new property. 40% OUT OF TOWN 60% BUYERS LOCAL BUYERS = 100 % OF BUYERSOur professional Sales Associates have the ability to give your property more exposure, to morepotential buyers, for a faster sale, at a higher price. 6
  8. 8. COMMITMENT TO SERVICE Mindful of how stressful the sale of a property can be, Chas Everitt undertakes to perform the following services with regard to the marketing of the Seller’s property: * Indicated activities in this SERVICE GUARANTEE apply to a property on Exclusive Sole Mandate. 1. PREPARE A COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS so that the probable selling price of the property can be estimated. 2. DETERMINE A COMPETITIVE MARKET PRICE, together with the Owner, based on full disclosure of recent sales and similar competing properties. 3. PREPARE A SELLER NET SHEET reflecting the estimated expenses and net proceeds from the sale of the property. 4. PRESENTATION AND PREPARATION ADVICE to maximise the propertys competitiveness and perceived value in the market. 5. IMPLEMENT A STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN to achieve the highest possible price in the shortest possible time. Conditional upon a 90 Day Exclusive Sole Mandate. 6. IDENTIFY EXISTING QUALIFIED BUYERS for the property within the Chas Everitt database. 7. DISPLAY THE CHAS EVERITT FOR SALE SIGN on the property (where allowed). 8. PHOTOGRAPH the property for marketing purposes. 9. NEIGHBOURHOOD PROMOTION CAMPAIGN using the Chas Everitt Local Area Marketing System. Conditional upon a 90 Day Exclusive Sole Mandate. 10. EFFECTIVE INTERNET EXPOSURE through the Chas Everitt multiple national and international website strategy. 11. Follow prescribed marketing and security PROCEDURES FOR SHOWHOUSES AND VIEWINGS. 12. Provide the seller with AGREED REGULAR FEEDBACK on the marketing of the property including a regular review of a propertys competitive market position.7
  9. 9. 13. Protect the Sellers interests with our SELLERS DISCLOSURE certificate.14. PRESENT AND EXPLAIN ALL WRITTEN OFFERS, without undue pressure, and negotiate in the Sellers best interests.15. FACILITATE MORTGAGE AND FINANCE OPTIONS for the Buyer (and for the seller if required).16. Utilise the CHAS EVERITT REFERRAL NETWORK to assist the Seller in finding a property if required.*(Some services may not be available or applicable in your area). 8
  10. 10. CHAS EVERITT HAS A RANGE OF MARKETING SOLUTIONS PANORAMIC IMAGING & VIRTUAL TOURS Showing every angle and aspect using professional photographic services for enhanced web marketing. NEW RELEASE FLYERS Locally distributed colour flyers. DISPLAY ADVERTISING Exposure in major weekly property publications. HOME STAGING An informative DVD production to assist you in presenting your home to realise it’s true value. MARKET VALUE REPORT Our unique valuation software to assist you with effective pricing. MAGAZINE ADVERTISING Selected publications in South Africa and Europe such as SA Property in the UK. E-MARKETING Environmentally responsible e-marketing to a targeted market (we follow opt in opt out ethical marketing). SOCIAL MEDIA Benefit from our Social Media marketing strategies. INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION Comprehensive market exposure for luxury homes. FIRST TO KNOW Registered buyers receive details of properties that match their needs the moment your property is listed.9
  11. 11. INSPECT A HOMEProtect yourself and make your property more saleable with a professional property survey.NATIONAL OFFICE NETWORK & REFERRAL SYSTEMOver 100 franchise offices and Notebook licensees gives us a broad national footprint and reach.IN-HOUSE MORTGAGE ORIGINATIONSecure a faster sale. Efficient mortgage loan approval at the most competitive interest rates.PROPERTY EXHIBITIONSWe regularly participate in various property exhibitions.DEPOSIT ADVANTAGEThe Deposit Advantage guarantee replaces the cash deposit that is normally paid by a buyer to the sellerto secure a property.MULTIPLE WEBSITE and more...CHAS EVERITT CYBERAGENTCutting edge software for accurate market valuations, contact management and webbased marketing.CHAS BEARMaking the move more ‘bearable’ for children.TELEVISION ADVERTISINGConsistent advertiser on the Home Channel. See DSTV channel 182.OVERSEAS PROPERTIESAssisting South African buyers with overseas property investments.See 10
  12. 12. ESTABLISHING TRUE MARKET VALUE • Properties priced too highly attract fewer buyers, showings and low offers • Properties priced at market value generate more buyer interest and higher prices BEWARE OF EXAGGERATION Some agents may encourage an inflated price tag on a property when asked to give a valuation, in order to create a good impression. An unrealistically high figure serves only to reflect positively on the value of competing properties and reduces real interest in your property. ACTUAL MARKET VALUE Once you and your Chas Everitt Sales Associate have established a marketing price, an intensive marketing campaign can be implemented. It is critical when pricing to remember that buyers compare your property with what they have already seen and is currently available. Buyers will only seriously consider a property which they feel compares favourably with their expectations of value and price. Asking price compared Percentage of buyers to market value that will look at property +15 % 10 % +10 % 30 % Market value 60 % -10 % 75 % - 15 % 90%11
  13. 13. AREA ACTIVITYChas Everitt is committed to your achieving the highest price for your property in the shortestpossible time with a smooth and hassle free transaction to registration. To achieve that, it isabsolutely critical to establish the true market value of your home.A Comparative Market Analysis, is the best guide to what your property is really worth. Most importantly,it provides a snapshot of property prices in your area as they really are and reveals the market history ofproperties similar to yours.These properties can generally be categorized as properties that have been ‘recently sold’, ‘currently onthe market’ or ‘failed to sell’.‘Recently solds’ are the most reliable ‘predictor’ of your home’s value. They show you what buyers arewilling to pay in the current market and also the terms and property features that most appeal to buyers.‘Currently listed’ are the properties in competition with the property you are trying to sell. You shouldremember that ‘asking prices’ are simply what other sellers want and not what they will get. ‘Currentlylisted’ properties help you define your pricing strategy.‘Failed to Sell’ properties are the ones buyers have rejected. It usually means that they have beenpriced too high and the terms, features and condition of the property have been deemedunsatisfactory.At Chas Everitt, when our Sales Associates do a CMA for your property, you can use all therelevant information to define your pricing and marketing strategy, so that you have the verybest chance of getting the highest price, in the fastest time, with the least hassle. 12
  14. 14. PRICING FOR A SUCCESSFUL SALE WHEN YOU’RE SELLING YOUR HOME YOU HAVE TWO IMPORTANT DECISIONS TO MAKE: • First select the right agent • Then select the right price WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE IS: • The highest possible price • In the shortest possible time • With the least hassle Ask your agent to present you with a comprehensive marketing plan and to prepare a comparative market analysis for your home so together you can select the price. Beware – do not fall into the trap of allowing agents to enter into a bidding competition to secure a mandate from you. You may find yourself tied to someone who has quoted the highest price but is not a specialist / professional in the area.13
  15. 15. ADVANTAGES OF PRICING CORRECTLY• Faster sale• Creates impression of good value• Less inconvenience• Maximum exposure during initial marketing time• Exposure to more buyers• Marketing period minimized• Fewer showings needed• Least disruption• Increased advertising response• Stimulates buyer interest• Attracts higher offers• More money in less time• Avoids being ‘shopworn’ 14
  16. 16. INTEREST SELLS HOUSES Statistics show that correct pricing: • Creates interest • Results in a faster sale • At a higher price R 1 600 000 • Overpriced • Lower Price • Fewer Buyers • Longer Sale Period • Lower Price R 1 200 000 • Market Related Price • More Buyers • Good Price R 1 100 000 • Strategically Priced • Maximum Interest • Strong Competition between Buyers - Lots of Offers - Increased Prices OVERPRICING ELIMINATES BUYERS15
  17. 17. SELLING PRICE• Marketing of a property is dramatically improved by pricing correctly• Price is the most important negotiating factor for the buyer• Price compensates for a property’s shortfalls or inadequacies• Realistic pricing creates interest• Interest sells houses - not time!• Initial marketing time is crucial• Buyers buy through comparison and elimination• Buyers compare price and value for money DO’S DONT’S • Combine realistic asking price with • Eliminate buyers by out-pricing them initial surge of interest • Maintain negotiation advantage with • Choose an agent on ‘promised price’ realistic pricing but on competence • Avoid over-exposure from unrealistic • Spoil your single chance to make a pricing ‘first impression’ on a buyer 16
  18. 18. AN EXCLUSIVE MANDATE IS THE BEST WAY TO SELL YOUR HOME WHY YOU SHOULD SELECT AN EXCLUSIVE SALES ASSOCIATE • A dedicated sales associate will represent you • One ‘For Sale’ board only • Statistics prove you will get more money • More focused energy put into the marketing of your home • More time working just for you • No duplication of buyers • Eliminates double commission • Affords you privacy and security • No hawking (too many agents cheapen the value of your property) • No bidding the price down (by a buyer when there’s more than one agent) • The responsibility and commitment lies with your Sales Associate • Focused spend on marketing and advertising • Ongoing after sales service.17
  19. 19. WHY YOU SHOULD APPOINT CHAS EVERITTAS YOUR EXCLUSIVE SALES ASSOCIATE• You will have a highly trained and professional Sales Associate working for you• Chas Everitt’s vast portfolio of immediate, pre-qualified buyers will be waiting to look at your property• We give your property total buyer exposure• We implement our unique marketing strategy• Chas Everitt sales associates are area specialists• We provide you with a comprehensive and accurate comparative Market Value Report• Available for you 24 hours a day• Only serious qualified buyers will view your property• Our ‘open day’ show houses are held at your convenience• Our loyalty and allegiance will always lie with you• We have the best technology, systems, products and services in the industry• Best price, in the fastest time, with the least hassle 18
  20. 20. EXPERIENCE SHOWS THAT YOUR FIRST OFFERS ARE OFTEN THE BEST TOMORROW ISN’T TOO SOON – OR IS IT? If you appoint a Chas Everitt Sales Associate, you will be able to draw upon Chas Everitt’s vast pool of immediate, pre-qualified buyers from the word go. Your house might be precisely what one of them is looking for and be sold a few days after listing. When faced with an offer soon after listing, don’t assume that your property is under priced. Consider carefully, that an early offer is more likely the result of correct pricing, a good marketing strategy and the right buyer at the right time. REMEMBER YOUR AGENT IS YOUR PARTNER Your Chas Everitt Sales Associate is successful and sells a great deal of property in your area. The Chas Everitt International Property Group spends millions of rands generating enquiries from literally thousands of prospects every month. All these enquiries are processed electronically and are immediately available to your Agent. He will do his level best to get as many of these prospects to see your home. Remember, your Chas Everitt Sales Associate is as keen as you are to sell your property. If your personal relationship is amicable, he will do that little bit more to please you.19
  21. 21. 20 STEPS TO SELL YOUR PROPERTYTHESE USEFUL HINTS WILL NOT ONLY HELP YOU SELL YOUR PROPERTY, YOU WILLALSO GET A BETTER PRICE.1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT 12. AVOID BIG CROWDSYou never get a second chance to make a first impression, so Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enterlook at your home’s exterior with a critical eye. A well manicured a home filled with people. Rather than giving your houselawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter free patio look inviting the attention it deserves, they rush through. Leave whento buyers. The fewer obstacles between buyers and the front possible or take the opportunity to water the garden.door, the better. 13. PETS MAY POSE PROBLEMS2. START WITH A CLEAN SLATE We all know that dogs and cats are great companions, butOnce buyers open the door, they should see a tidy home. Invest when you’re showing your home they may get underfoot.your time in cleaning. Buyers would rather see how great your Try to keep them outside or in a gated area.home really looks than hear how great it could look, “with a littlework”. 14. VOLUME DISCOUNTS MATTER Rock and roll will never die ... but it might just kill a real estate3. DON’T LEAVE YOUR BUYERS IN THE DARK transaction. When it’s time to show your home, it’s time toReplace fused globes immediately. Dripping water rattles the turn the stereo or television off.nerves, discolours sinks and suggests faulty worn out plumbing.Fix it fast. Don’t let little problems detract from what’s right with 15. RELAX, BUT DON’T DISTRACTyour home. If you’re at home during the showing, be friendly, but don’t force conversation. Buyers want to view your home with4. DON’T SHUT OUT A SALE the minimum amount of distraction.If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, they’ll also stick inbuyers’ minds. Don’t try to explain a way out of a sticky situation 16. BE IT EVER SO HUMBLEwhen you can avoid it. A little effort on your part can smooth the No matter how humble your abode, never apologise forway towards a closing. it’s shortcomings. And if a buyer makes a derogatory comment about your home, let your experienced5. A SAFETY NET FOR YOUR HOME CHAS EVERITT Sales Consultant handle the situation.Home owners learn to live with booby traps: skateboards in theentryway, overloaded extension cords and slippery throw rugs. 17. KEEP A LOW PROFILEMake sure your home is safe for buyers. No one knows your home as well as you do, But CHAS EVERITT Consultants know buyers - what6. A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING they need and what they want. It will be easier forRemember, potential buyers are looking for more than just your Consultant to articulate the virtues of yourcomfortable living space. They’re looking for plenty of storage home if you stay Make sure your garage and closets are tidy and free ofclutter. 18. IT’S NOT A GARAGE SALE When buyers come to view your home,7. THE HEART OF THE HOME don’t distract them with offers to sell thoseMake sure your kitchen is immaculate. Keep the counters clean. furnishings you no longer need. You mayWipe down the refrigerator. Wash and put away dishes. Prior to lose the biggest sale of all.a showing or show house, give rooms a little freshener spray. 19. DEFER TO EXPERIENCE8. MAKE YOUR BATHROOMS SHINE, SHINE, SHINE When buyers want to talk price, termsAs crazy as it sounds, bathrooms sell homes, so let them or other real estate matters, let themshine. Check and repair any damaged or unsightly grouting speak to an expert - your CHASaround baths, showers and sinks. For more allure, display your EVERITT Sales towels, mats and shower curtains. 20. HELP YOUR SALES9. CREATE SWEET DREAMS CONSULTANT AND YOU’LLA dream home starts with a dream bedroom. Make yours HELP YOUR HOME SELLappealing. Colourful bedding and fresh window treatments are FASTa must. Create a retreat atmosphere. Your CHAS EVERITT Sales Consultant will have10. PEEL BACK THOSE BLINDS an easier time showingLet the sun shine in! Pull open your curtains, drapes or blinds so your home if showingsbuyers can see how bright and cheery your home is. The more are scheduled throughlight the better the atmosphere. the office. And you’ll appreciate the results.11. LIGHTEN UP AT NIGHTThe turning point could be turning on all your lights - bothinterior and exterior - when showing your home. Lightingadds colour, warmth, and makes buyers feel welcome. 20
  22. 22. UNDERSTANDING PROPERTY FINANCE Chas Everitt has access to the most popular financial products and mortgages. The mortgage process is as follows: MORTGAGE APPLICATION PROCESS CODE OF BANKING PRACTICE STEP 1 – You sign an agreement to purchase To give you an overview of the code, we’ve a home included what some of the code’s principles say we must do: STEP 2 – Your Sales Associate asks how your home would be financed – Treat you fairly and reasonably in all our dealings STEP 3 – Your Sales Associate obtains the necessary information from you and – Provide you with information, in plain forwards the information to your language, on the products and services mortgage consultant available from our participating bank’s STEP 4 – Your mortgage consultant contacts you and advises you on the different – Ensure there is no discrimination against bank choices you unless such a distinction is justified by a participating bank’s: STEP 5 – You the purchaser choose an option • specified loan criteria • special offerings to a particular target STEP 6 – Your mortgage consultant market completes the documentation and submits it to the bank of your choice. – Provide appropriate information on any of the products and services of the STEP 7 – Your mortgage consultant participating banks which might be of communicates the progress and benefit you outcome to you and submits the documentation to the bank of your – Advise you that all lending will be subject choice to the participating banks’ assessment of STEP 8 – Your mortgage consultant confirms your ability to afford the loan and your your acceptance of the financial willingness to repay it arrangements with your bank of choice – Ensure that your personal information is protected STEP 9 – Your mortgage consultant informs you of the legal requirements and does follow-up calls with the transfer- ring and mortgage attorneys21
  23. 23. AN OUTLINE OF YOUR TRANSFERYOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY SOLD OR BOUGHT A HOME THROUGH CHAS EVERITT.THIS IS THE PROCESS THAT YOUR TRANSACTION FOLLOWS:1. The Offer to Purchase/Deed of Sale is handed to the chosen Conveyancer to transfer ownership from/to you and if you are the Seller to collect for you the selling price.2. The Conveyancer obtains the Title Deed to the property from the Seller or, if the property is bonded, from the relevant bank to cancel the bond when the transfer takes place.3. The Conveyancer obtains from the Seller and the Purchaser all necessary proof of identity and legal status in order to prepare various documents for signature and submission to a Deeds Office for registration of transfer.4. The purchase price is collected from the Purchaser together with transfer costs. Often the purchase price is made up of a deposit and the proceeds of a new bond for the Purchaser in which event the Conveyancer arranges with the bond attorneys for the collection of suitable bank guarantees payable on registration of transfer.5. A series of documents is drawn up by the Conveyancer which are signed by the Seller and the Purchaser.6. Once documents are signed, costs paid and the purchase price paid or secured, the Conveyancer pays transfer duty to SARS and rates and taxes to the relevant municipality and obtains a transfer duty receipt and a Rates Clearance Certificate.7. The Conveyancer takes the signed documents, the transfer duty receipt, the Clearance Certificate and a new Title Deed in the name of the Purchaser to a deeds office for processing/recording and registration. This is referred to as lodgement.8. Two to three weeks after lodgement registration takes place and immediately thereafter the Conveyancer accounts to the Seller for the purchase price less agent’s commission and any amount which is necessary to cancel the Seller’s existing bond.9. If all parties to the transaction sign when required to do so and pay the purchase price and/or costs without delay, registration of transfer should take no more than 3 months. Cash deals are much faster while deals subject to the sale of another property can take longer. 22
  24. 24. INTERNATIONAL COLLECTION This programme is Chas Everitt International’s effective solution for the comprehensive market exposure of luxury homes. Properties may qualify in terms of price, architectural significance and historical value.From customised elegant preview sheets, brochures and cards to the International Collection website, every aspect of the International Collection programme is designed to enhance the property’s desirability and exclusivity. At Chas Everitt International we understand that the right pools of buyers having a favourable impression is an essential element of marketing luxury and distinctive real estate successfully.