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  • The Boulder Campus’ first priority is the Ketchum Arts & Sciences Capital Renewal project.Prior appropriation of state funds in FY07-08 and FY08-09 make this project a “continuation project” for the state. Part of design funds and all of construction phase funds were later rescinded.Ketchum is the Klauder style building just to the north of ATLAS. It was constructed in 1938. $1,149,528 in cash funds will reduce the FY14-15 state request to $11.6M to complete the projectThe project will modernize building infrastructure systems including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems, as well as fire safety.Design is now complete through construction documents.With FY15 funding for construction, re-occupancy could be scheduled for fall 2015
  • The campus’ FY14-15 request for $4M in cash spending authority provides for the design of the “Academic Wing” on the northwest side of the “Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building”It is hoped that cash-funded design will be followed up with $20.3M from the state for construction, matched with $8M from the campusNow occupied - $160M cash-funded building on CU Boulder’s East Campus, awarded LEED Platinum Undergraduate students will be exposed to leading-edge scientific exploration and innovation, and bear witness to the process of refining commercial applications for technology transfer to the private sectorWorld class educational opportunities await students in the Discovery Learning Apprentice Program and the Howard Hughes Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Assistance Program Graduates will have gained highly marketable skills while working side-by-side with internationally recognized faculty and research teams. The preparation of an astute workforce supports state Office of Economic Development and International Trade goals to boost the biosciences sector of the Colorado economyOccupancy is planned for August 2016
  • CU Boulder’s second state priority is for a proposed Aerospace and Energy Systems building. The building will be an expansion of the current Engineering Center Complex to the north. The project will provide the expansion of the Aerospace Engineering program and Renewable and Sustainable Energy-related teaching and research.The Aerospace Engineering program at the Boulder campus continues to provide exceptional opportunities to students; During their first three to five years after graduation, Aerospace Engineering Sciences graduates will have 1) established themselves in professional careers or received a graduate degree; 2) demonstrated ethical leadership, project management, and/or innovation; and 3) played significant roles in the research and development of engineering systems and products.Additional facilities to support Renewable and Sustainable energy-related teaching and research will provide more student access to faculty who are internationally recognized in wind energy, photovoltaics, and power electronics. The Board of Regents approved a renewed program plan in June 2012, which reconfirmed the project educational program, enrollment, space use assumptions, capital costs, funding sources, and code requirements, consistent with CCHE policy.The new building will be approximately 73,239 gross square feet, with 5,345 GSF of renovation associated with connecting the building to the Discovery Learning Center and existing Aerospace Wing.The FY14-15 request is for design, with planned construction by August 2015 and occupancy by January 2017.The funding model for the $47.1M project remains 60% state funds and 40% campus funds.
  • (Greetings….)The campus hasone request for action being submitted for approval in December.
  • The program plan provides a comprehensive plan to enhance football program operations. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics envisions facilities that will maximize both, the competitiveness and academic performance of student athletes, and consolidate offices for coaches and staff. Planned facilities improvements will create a more efficient and productive department, support student athlete academic performance, enhance recruitment, assist in retaining top talent, and foster an environment to support ongoing fundraising for intercollegiate athletics.
  • The Program Plan for a Football Operations Center will provide improvements at Folsom Stadium on the Main Campus.The site as it exists today is depicted here, with Folsom Stadium on the north end of the campus. Franklin Field lies to the east of the stadium along with Facilities Management operations for Grounds and the Intermediate Processing Facility utilized by CU Recycling.The Dal Ward Athletics Center is on the north end of the stadium.These facilities are all south of Boulder Creek which separates the stadium from improvements in the north of Boulder Creek area.
  • (Paul Leef)Phase I of the Geosciences Complex will be construction of a 3 to 4 story, 83,708 gsf wet laboratory building adjacent to the MacAllister BuildingPhase II covers the acquisition and renovation of the 289,000 gsf MacAllister Building, formerly occupied by Qwest. This building will provide dry laboratory and office spaceAs this slide depicts, the wet lab building and court will be located to the south of the MacAllister Building. The site is located on the eastern side of the East Campus near Foothills Highway…. approximately 1.5 miles east from the Main Campus along Colorado Avenue. The site provides an excellent opportunity for development and offers the following attributes:Reuse of existing infrastructure including the MacAllister Building and parking areas and circulation drives; utilities such as water, sanitary and electricalAdequate land to locate the wet lab building on the south side of MacAllister. Compatibility with the existing site arrangement, ease of access to parking, pedestrian routes, and the existing building;Remarkable views towards the west;Site topography suitable for drainage and the new building foundation;Opportunities for future related building surrounding the MacAllister BuildingDirect vehicular and pedestrian access to Discovery Drive;Large and spacious quality of the site with mature landscaping;
  • Fall Real Estate Conference 2013 - Steve

    1. 1. An Overview University of Colorado Capital Projects Boulder Valley Real Estate Conference November 21, 2013 University of Colorado at Boulder Steven C. Thweatt Assistant Vice Chancellor Facilities Management
    2. 2. East Campus 197 Acres Main Campus 306 Acres Williams Village 64 Acres CU-Boulder South 308 Acres University of Colorado at Boulder 5 Campus System (Not Shown: Mountain Research Station--192 Acres)
    3. 3. State Funded Capital Requests
    4. 4. Ketchum A&S Classroom Building
    5. 5. Ketchum Arts & Sciences Capital Renewal o CU Boulder’s first priority o Prior appropriation of state funds in FY07-08 and FY08-09 for part of design and all of construction were rescinded o Renovates 59,454 gsf to support undergraduate teaching classes and laboratories o Project scope provides replacement of building infrastructure systems (plumbing, mechanical, electrical, technology and fire safety) o Occupancy - fall 2015 Funding Source State Campus Total Prior Appropriation $657,726 - FY14-15 Total Cost $11,592,712 $12,250,438 $1,149,528 $1,149,528 $657,726 $12,742,240 $13,399,966
    6. 6. East campus Jennie Smoley Caruthers Biotechnology Building
    7. 7. Jennie Smoley Caruthers Biotechnology Academic Wing Funding Source FY14-15 State Site FY15-16 Total Cost $ $20,243,179 $20,243,179 Campus $4,022,989 $8,000,000 $12,022,989 Total $4,022,989 $28,243,179 $32,266,168 o 57,347 GSF addition to $160M cash-funded building on CU Boulder’s East Campus, (LEED Platinum) o Undergraduate students will be exposed to o o o Leading-edge scientific exploration and innovation, and The process for technology transfer to the private sector Occupancy August 2016
    8. 8. College of Engineering And Applied Science
    9. 9. Aerospace & Energy Systems Building Funds FY14-15 FY15-16 FY16-17 Total State $4,354,159 $22,360,877 $1,575,680 $28,290,716 Campus $2,902,772 $14,907,251 $1,050,453 $18,860,477 Total $7,256,931 $37,268,129 $2,626,133 $47,151,192 73,239 GSF New Construction 5,345 GSF Renovation Scope o o Colorado Ave Aerospace Science & Engineering Renewable & sustainable energyrelated teaching & research Funding Design August 2014 Funding from state, campus & private sector o Regent Drive Engineering Center o $47.2M split 60/40 between the state & campus respectively Construction August 2015 Occupancy January 2017
    10. 10. Cash Funded Capital Requests
    11. 11. Athletics Master Plan :{ a The 2 0 1 0 At h l e t i c s Master Pl an was approved by Board of Regents in 2001 The campus is now revisiting Area Plans for Folsom Stadium and Coors Events Center
    12. 12. Program Plan for a Football Operations Center
    13. 13.  Comprehensive plan to enhance football program operations at Folsom Stadium  The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics envisions facilities that will:    maximize both, the competitiveness and academic performance of student athletes, and consolidate offices for coaches and staff Improvements will create:  a more efficient and productive department,  support student athlete academic performance,  enhance recruitment,  assist in retaining top talent, and  foster an environment to support ongoing fundraising for intercollegiate athletics Purpose
    14. 14. Arapahoe Avenue Folsom Street Existing practice fields Grounds/recycling Dal Ward Folsom Stadium Franklin Field Colorado Avenue
    15. 15. Projects in Planning
    16. 16. East campus SEEC
    17. 17. Sustainability, Energy and Environment Complex • 289,000 GSF MacAllister Renovation + 83,000 +/GSF wet lab building • $100 million • ATOC, INSTAAR, CIRES, RASEI, CAW ENVS and , NREL
    18. 18. Renovation of 4001 Discovery Drive 289,000 GSF dry laboratory and office space Construction of a 4 story, 120,000 gsf adjacent wet laboratory building Foothills SEEC Complex
    19. 19. Crosman Aden Libby Cockerell Brackett Farrand Willard Reed Business Hallett C4C Engebretson’s Quadrangle Redevelopment
    20. 20. 4 story building Libby E 5 story building Farrand New Courtyard entry green space Expanded Engebretson Quadrangle green space Extend Baker Drive for vehicle access to Quad New Courtyard entry green space Willard Hallett Hallett Courtyard green space
    21. 21. North Of Boulder Creek
    22. 22. Capital Renewals Hellems, Guggenheim, Henderson • 175,245 GSF • $39.6 million • Renewal of Infrastructure and Building Systems
    23. 23. Center for Academic Success • 80,000 GSF +/- • Cost - TBD • Potential expansion on top of Euclid Autopark • Admissions, International English, Center for Outreach and Engagement, Academic Advising
    24. 24. East campus Pod J
    25. 25. Current Capital Projects
    26. 26. Student Recreation Center
    27. 27. Student Recreation Facilities Improvements Renovation and renewal of existing 235,242 GSF building • • • Replacement of 40 year old building systems Rebuild ice rink Renovate aquatics area; multi-purpose group fitness; wellness and athletic training Addition of 69,199 GSF – 30% increase • • • Doubles weight training space Outdoor pool and deck area Multi-activity gym with indoor turf Total cost = $63.5 million Occupancy Spring semester 2014 Funding Source State Revised FY11-12 Total Cost $0 $0 Campus $63,500,000 $63,500,000 Total $63,500,000 $63,500,000
    28. 28. Student Recreation Center
    29. 29. Student Recreation Center
    30. 30. Campus Utility System Improvements • Builds an East District Energy Plant next to Coors Event Center • Rebuilds existing Heating and Cooling Plant at 18th and Colorado • New piping infrastructure • Reliance on gas-fired turbines; reduces carbon footprint Funding Source Project Cost State $0 Campus Aux $91.1M Total Funds $91.1M
    31. 31. East District Energy Plant
    32. 32. Ekeley Sciences Middle Wing Renovation • 21,660 GSF • $15.6 million • Modernizes undergraduate teaching labs for Chemistry
    33. 33. Baker Hall Renovation • 114,534 GSF • $41.3 million • Renovation to 1937 Residence Hall and RAP
    34. 34. UMC Glenn Miller Ballroom Renovation • 13,304 GSF • $3.8 million estimated • Ballroom upgrades, pre-function improvements, kitchen renovation and gender neutral restroom
    35. 35. Campus Data Center • Area SSC on East Campus • Cost - $11.8 million (all phases) • Research Computing Systems
    36. 36. Cristol Chemistry - Atmospheric Chemistry (Backfill Renovation) • 8,400 ASF • $2.6 million • Backfill space vacated for Caruthers Biochemistry • Atmospheric Chemistry testing chamber