Cloud based retail chain management system


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Cloud based retail chain management system

  1. 1. Innovation Technology Cloud Based Point Of Sale System Solutions Centralized Production & Distribution Point Of Sale at Chain of Outlets Inventory Control Integrated Financial Accounting Exclusive for Chain of Outlets
  2. 2. • Application & Data are installed on secured server • Do not require to maintain any complex hardware infrastructure • All you need is a Web browser for each user • Customers can access the application from anywhere: office, home, airports etc. • We handle all the maintenance including backups, disaster recovery and upgrades • We proactively monitor systems for availability and performance--identifying and correcting potential problems before they happen Software as a Services we can share fundamental economies of scale with our customers while offering more robust, timely and complete services than most companies can provide internally. With SaaS ….
  3. 3. Benefits of Application Hosting It represents a breakthrough in technology delivery, serving as a powerful catalyst for changing the value proposition and economics of business management. • Best-of-class technologies are suddenly within your reach • There's nothing to buy, subscription pricing results in improved cash flow and more predictable costs • Customers pay for what they use, not what they get • You can be up and running with a complete infrastructure quickly • Professionally built and maintained infrastructure is more reliable, flexible, and secure than the in-house alternative • Flexibility to accommodate acquisitions, or reorganizations, maintaining corporate standards without adding computing infrastructure
  4. 4. • Raw-Material Purchase • Issue to Production • Production Sheet • Request from Outlets (Consolidation) • Issue to Outlets • Direct Sales to Dealers and Distributors • Point of Sales at Outlets • Cash Book at Outlets Outlets Operational Functionality • Goods Receipt Note (GRN) • Purchase Register • Daily Raw-Material Consumption • Stock on Hand at Factory (with value) • Daily Production • Stock Transfer to Outlets • Daily sales at Outlets • Stock on Hand at Outlets • Cash Book at Outlets • Sales Register at Outlets Operation Basic Reporting
  5. 5. Operational Functionality • Intelligent POS Billing • Tighter Cash Control • Operation – Counter Sale, Home Delivery & Takeaway • Customer Relationship & Loyalty Program • Stock Control & Inventory • Consumption-based & Recipe-based Food Costing • Advance Booking Management • Centralized Reporting • Customer Accounts & Account Receivables • Interface to third party accounting software like Tally, Quick Book Factory
  6. 6. With decades of experience InnkeyPOS software brings control back to your business, to enhance customer service, speed up operations, improve cash control, reduce shrinkage and increase efficiency which will determine the quality of your operations. Easy Billing Process • Single screen billing process minimize errors and reduce training • Multiple billing process – table management, counter sale, takeaway, home-delivery • Operator screen prompts, creates friendly up-sell opportunities • Cash variance – restrict access to sales reports at the time of shift closing • Reliable order printing improves service and customer satisfaction • Split tendering & multi currency • Multiple price bands, happy hours, promotions & discounts • End of shift - open bill alert • No hassle table transfers & merge tables
  7. 7. Decision Supporting System At head office the sites are grouped by region and concept, this is flexible, allowing you to add or change the grouping structure and move sites into different regions or concepts at any time without affecting the site data. Managers at head office can view sales and stock information by region, concept, site or location. Monitor business in real time InnkeyPOS puts an end to the frantic merging of spreadsheets and constant worry about missing forecasts. With instant access to reliable, real-time metrics on inventory, productivity and yield, you never have any surprises. Experience complete control System seamlessly integrates of all the modules allows you to run your business more effectively. It allows user to configure the software to match business rules and processes. Achieve unbeatable time to value Being a hosted application, it eliminates up-front capital investments and making the path to success exceptionally short. See productivity skyrocket Having integrated solution, Staff productivity skyrockets when they don’t have to wrestle with multiple software versions, platforms and all the associated complexities. Group Level Master Parameters Having single database across group, it allows user to define group levels masters, like sales item, menu pricing, security policy, credit policy etc
  8. 8. • No Duplicate KOT printing is allowed,, even special user rights on duplicate bill printing on same business date. • Real-time alerts at HO Terminal on events like Discount, Void Items & Complementary Stock Control & Inventory • System updates the stock on the event of bill printing and provides real-time inventory checks based on item recipe. • Central purchase and inventory distribution across the outlets provides more control on inventory, easy to implement and improves the HO – Outlets functions. • Outlet Costing analysis based on Sales, Consumption and fixed & Variable Cost • Consumption Variance based on recipe definition for each sales item. Return On Investment Boosting profits starts with controlling costs and greater visibility over daily business operations. With InnkeyPOS we provide the tools to combat shrinkage, tighten cash control & stock control which brings more consistent guest experience, a smoother operation and more money in the bank Security & Cash Accountability • End of shift cashier are not allow to access sales report to match physical cash. HO will verify the closing cash balance entered by operator with cash sale. • System does not allow to make any amendments in Invoice after printing it, even not by authorized password. • Discount structure is linked to ‘Customer’ database where by only approved customers will get discount.
  9. 9. Hardware Interface & Integration D C E F G B System Integration • Tablets • PMS Interface • Cashless Payment • Customer Loyalty Integration (CRM) Peripherals • Remote Printers • KDS – Kitchen Display System • Bar Code Scanner • Clerk iButtons • Cash Drawers • Card Reader Technology • Microsoft • POS.Net for Peripheral Interface • MS SQL Server Database • Crystal Report for report interface Data Centers • Mumbai, India • Dubai, UAE • New York, USA
  10. 10. Vision 21 Inc. 36, Vasupujya Satellite Ahmedabad – 380015 Gujarat - India 91-9427711140 - 91-9825520938