Say Hello to the New Chartbeat Publishing


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A walkthrough of the new Chartbeat Publishing Dashboard. Everything you loved about our classic dashboard plus newly added mobile, social and audience-focused features to help you start building a returning and loyal audience.

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Say Hello to the New Chartbeat Publishing

  1. 1. SAY HELLO TO THE NEW Chartbeat Publishing
  2. 2. It’s a beauty, ain’t it?
  3. 3. Made to Measure: The job of this here dashboard is to tell you what’s happening on your website in real time: the content that’s holding your visitors’ attention, the changing patterns of audience behavior as folks come and go, and the right-this-second opportunities you have to convert newbies to evangelists. Got it? Now, on with the show...
  4. 4. Let’s start with Active Visits...
  5. 5. Concurrents: This is the number of people—heartbeats—who are on your website right now. We’re not totaling up views or visits. Rather, we’re showing you the size of your audience in real time. We ping every visitor every few seconds to see what they’re doing.
  6. 6. The Dial: The dial’s range represents both the minimum and maximum number of concurrent visitors over the past month. The needle indicates how you’re performing right now. And that dark blue range? It tells you what’s typical for the current day and time.
  7. 7. Recirculation: Recirculation is the percentage of your audience that’s clicking from one article page and moving to another article page within a single visit. It measures how well traffic is flowing, and it gauges stickiness—your ability to keep visitors on your website.
  8. 8. Engaged Time: Engaged Time is the average time visitors are spending actively interacting with your content—they could be reading an article, writing a comment, watching a video, or showing some other sign of activity. Engaged Time is the best barometer for quality.
  9. 9. Moving on to Visitor Frequency...
  10. 10. New, Returning, Loyal: How do we classify visitors? New visitors are the folks in your audience who have made one visit in the last month. Returning visitors have made two to seven visits in the last two weeks. Loyal visitors have made eight or more visits in the last two weeks.
  11. 11. Benchmarking: Our benchmarks give you a sense of whether you’re over- or under-performing among any particular audience segment. Blue represents average performance, while green and red represent above average and below average, respectively. Easy, right?
  12. 12. Here’s your Traffic Trendline...
  13. 13. Nitty-Gritty Details: We’re charting your traffic in real time, with the little blue beacon leading the way. The gray line represents traffic from seven days ago. Hover anywhere to find a by-the-numbers traffic breakdown as well as positive or negative % changes for each traffic source.
  14. 14. Your Day, Week, Month: You can also pull up charts for the last seven days, as well as the last 30 days. Look at how your audience is growing day by day, week by week. Check to see which days had major spikes. See how the composition of your traffic sources changes over time.
  15. 15. Speaking of Traffic Sources...
  16. 16. Traffic Sources: Traffic sources help you understand how visitors are getting to your pages. Do they visit through social sources, such as Twitter? Arrive directly? Who comes from a Google search or links on external sites? How many move internally, from page to page?
  17. 17. Referrers: We can be even more specific, though. We can tell you which of your referrers are sending you the most visitors—in real time, of course. Drill down even deeper, you say? You can pivot on any one referrer to see exactly what’s resonating with those visitors.
  18. 18. Conversion Quality: Even better. You can also sort referrers by “conversion quality.” Three categories—high, average, and low converting—are based on your visitors’ return rates and tell you whether a referrer is actually contributing to the development of your loyal audience.
  19. 19. Mouse-Overs: Mouse over any referrer to find the return rate of visitors coming through that referrer, as well as tips on how you could improve. If you’re looking for even more details about your referrers and the visitors they’re sending, see your Weekly Audience Perspective.
  20. 20. Moseying down to Top Pages...
  21. 21. Top Pages: These are the 20 most popular pages on your website right now. By default, the list is ordered by the real-time number of visitors on each page. As folks come and go, you will see audience patterns change and the articles will move up and down the list.
  22. 22. Icons and Elements: All the way on the left, green and red chevrons tell you about the velocity of an article’s ascent or descent—that is, whether a page is gaining or losing visitors faster than the average page. All the way on the right, you’ll find each page’s average Engaged Time.
  23. 23. Badges: There are many new badges: ‘acquiring’ when there are lots of new visitors, and ‘retaining’ when there are lots of visitors and high Engaged Time or Recirculation. ‘L’ identifies a landing page, and the camcorder calls out the % of visitors watching a video.
  24. 24. Sorting by Engaged Time: One of the most valuable ways to look at your top pages is by the amount of Engaged Time on each article. Just select from the drop-down menu and watch the cream rise to the top. This is quality content—the stuff that’s holding your audience’s attention.
  25. 25. You can click to pivot on any page, too. Every part of your dashboard is responsive...
  26. 26. Let’s talk about social...
  27. 27. Today’s Social: Here, we’re showing you the midnight-to-midnight counts of your tweets and likes. With a super-quick glance, you can get a sense of whether your social activity is better than, worse than, or on par with what we typically observe for the current day and time.
  28. 28. Tweets by Traffic: In a flurry of online conversation, it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise… until now. This section highlights the tweets that contain links and are sending the most visitors. Your social media team might be inclined to either retweet or reply!
  29. 29. There’s a lot more you can learn about your audience, too...
  30. 30. Video: If you signed up for video analytics, you’ll see the percentage of your audience that’s currently watching a video, as well as your video engagement. That is, of the visitors who started playing a video, how far into the video they got—here, it’s 58% on average.
  31. 31. Mobile vs. Desktop: You can see what content is resonating among visitors who are using mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. When pivoting, the graph at the top will show you a nice visualization of how your mobile and desktop traffic are faring over time, too.
  32. 32. Location: Want to know what visitors from São Paulo are reading? No problem. Chartbeat Publishing lets you drill down into your audience by visitors’ country, region, city, or DMA. It’s just one more way to examine the audience you care about most.
  33. 33. Multi-Pivoting: Chartbeat Publishing is more flexible and muscular than ever before. Now, you can pivot on just about anything in the dashboard. Say, you only want to look at new visitors who are using mobile devices and live in Los Angeles. Not a problem.
  34. 34. Oh, just two other things...
  35. 35. Sections and Authors: In the left-hand navigation, you can select a specific section or category—maybe just the Business section… Or, you could also select a specific author. In either case, the whole dashboard is totally responsive, giving you what you want, when you want it.
  36. 36. Your Toolbox: In the left-hand navigation, you’ll find links to other products in the Chartbeat Publishing suite, such as Video, the Heads Up Display, the Daily Content Perspective, and the Weekly Audience Perspective. You can also submit feedback and access settings.
  37. 37. That’s Chartbeat Publishing...
  38. 38. We’re happy to answer questions. SUPPORT.CHARTBEAT.COM | PRODUCTOUTREACH@CHARTBEAT.COM