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    CPANTS 2012 CPANTS 2012 Presentation Transcript

    • CPANTS 2012 OSDC.TW April 15, 2012 Kenichi Ishigaki (@charsbar)
    • 你好
    • I‘m charsbar ( 石垣 憲一 ),from Shibuya.pm, Tokyo, Japan.
    • Im glad nothing is shaking orswaying this year.
    • Today Ill talkabout something called CPANTS and Kwalitee.
    • So, whatsCPANTS?
    • CPAN Testing Service.
    • One of the QAtools to keep CPANhealthy and useful.
    • Actually, we have another tool ofthe same origin.
    • CPAN Testers.
    • Whatsdifferent?
    • Both of them do testing.
    • CPAN Testers test things module authors wrote to assure quality
    • and portability.
    • Theyre doingreally awesome.
    • Lets see.
    • CPAN Testersare not perfect, though.
    • They cant help if authors dontwrite (good) tests.
    • CPANTS tests things moduleauthors dont(or cant) test.
    • Your distribution is really extractable?
    • If not,we cant use it.
    • Does it use"strict" pragma in everywhere?
    • If it does,Perl guesses less.
    • That makes iteasier for people to collaborate.
    • Does it have POD tests?
    • If it does, youll haveat least readable documentation.
    • Is it used inother modules?
    • If it is, someonethinks it useful.
    • And so on.
    • We have 24 tests, plus 10 extras now toassure Kwalitee.
    • Some of them are "nice to have."
    • Some of them are what annoyed people in the past.
    • Broken meta data.
    • Broken build tool.
    • Versioninconsistency.
    • License issue.
    • You probablycant remember all of the past incidents.
    • CPANTS can.
    • Thats one of thereasons why CPANTS is important.
    • To attract attention,CPANTS also offers a "game".
    • More than 50authors share the highest markaround the world.
    • As for Taiwanese,Gugod is maintaining a nice list.
    • Acme::CPANAuthors::Taiwanese
    • With a simplescript, youll get a list like this.
    • Most Kwalitativeauthors in Taiwan (with 5 or more dists)
    • Name KwaliteeDRBEAN 98.214CINDY 95.833GSLIN 95.313CLSUNG 94.583SHELLING 94.444SNOWFLY 92.262AUDREYT 91.837IJLIAO 91.667CORNELIUS 90.694GUGOD 90.126
    • Kwalitee is notkind for peoplewith long track record.
    • Anyway.
    • You can get a lot of information from the CPANTS site.
    • However.
    • CPANTS projecthad not been in a good state for some time.
    • I wanted to useits database at YAPC::Asia, but I couldnt.
    • So I decided to set up my own mirror.
    • cpants.charsbar.org
    • I fixed some ofthe major issues at that time.
    • But there are toomany things to be done.
    • Ive been working on its refactoring.
    • As a proof of concept, Ive renewed anAcme::CPANAuthors site.
    • acme.cpanauthors.org
    • I also testedqueries not to scan tableswithout using indices.
    • During Perl QAHackathon held inParis this spring,
    • cpants.perl.orgstarted redirecting to my mirror.
    • New metrics is on the way.
    • Moose and thelikes will be takeninto account soon.
    • Theres still lots to be done.
    • Fasterworker/analyser. Query tuning.
    • Better UI.
    • JSON API.Incoming links.
    • More metrics. More tests.
    • If you find anything, feelfree to ping me.
    • Metrics repository:github.com/daxim/Module-CPANTS-Analyse Acme site repository:github.com/charsbar/www-acme-cpanauthors IRC channel: #perl-qa on irc.perl.org
    • 問題 ?
    • 謝謝