Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Film PosterI feel that our poster follows the conventions A slogan or motto is often placed onof real media products. Like many movie the front of a poster, and so we madeposters, ours has the title in the font that is sure that we incorporated a similarassociated with the film and the film trailer. idea into our own products. Looking“Seized” suggests taken without consent, and at other movie posters, the slogan isso links in with the genre of our always in a grey/white font so it doestrailer, which was thriller. We chose a font not distract from everythingthat looked jagged because we felt it added else, which is why we made oursan eery feel to our products. Other movie white.posters also feature a font that links with the The main image of the abductor fillsfilm. For example, “Taken” suggests that the most of the page as it is one of thefilm will be focused around the main things we would want the audience tocharacter searching for something that has focus on the most. As you can see, thebeen taken from him. The font in which image for the “Taken” poster also“Source Code” is written in looks like it could takes up most of the page. Our imageactually be used for a code. lets the audience know that this particular person plays a big part inAt the bottom of the poster, there are a the storyline of our film.few lines of text that explain who wasinvolved in the making of the film and On both the “Taken” and the “Sourcecopyright information. We used the same Code” poster you can see similarinformation from the trailer and placed it features. Overall, all of these featuresat the bottom, highlighting some parts of show how our film poster follows thethe text like we had seen on other posters. conventions of real media products.
  4. 4. Magazine Cover• When making the magazine cover, “Empire” was the magazine we used to get most of our ideas from. We included a coloured circle offering free posters to the reader, as well as including the name of the film in the text associated with it.• The slogan of the film is also included on the front cover, which is a technique also used on other covers.• Many of the titles of the films have special effects on them that somehow link to the image and the film. For example, the second “Empire” cover features the title and “Thor” in the same font and colour. The cover also mentions articles within and the barcode in the bottom right corner.• The magazine title is in a block/bold print, and above it is a slogan that says it is “magazine of the year”, which is also featured on other magazines. Our magazine cover follows many of the forms and conventions used on real magazine covers, and so I feel confident with the finished product.
  5. 5. Film Trailer The ones we madeAt the beginning of every trailer is a green card thatmentions what audience the movie is availablefor, what websites the audience can visit to find outcertain information about film companies/filmratings, and who authorised the rating for the film.Above is an image of an actual green card, and on theright side you can see the ones we made. We decided tocreate our own version to put at the beginning of ourfilm trailer to make it appear more authentic.
  6. 6. • At the beginning of the trailer there is Establishing shot an establishing shot that identifies the setting for the audience, which is used in every trailer and film to establish where the movie is taking place. Our establishing shot showed that the house in the background that ‘Lily’ is seen walking away from during the night, is Close up shot significant within the movie.• We also used close ups throughout the thriller trailer, as films in the thriller and horror genre feature close ups and extreme close ups throughout. An example would be when we give a close up of ‘Lily’ as she walks home in the dark, but we only show her eyes as they dart around.• Another shot we tried to include was some sort of over the shoulder shot, but instead we felt a shot from behind the bushes that focused on their backs would work better. We wanted to give the effect of someone, possibly the abductor, watching them from afar as they spoke.
  7. 7. Text inthetrailer• The text throughout our entire trailer has some sort of link. The slogan, “a modern cat and mouse game” is used on all three of our products, as it is describes our film to the target audience.• We used the same font – Weathered SF – for all of the text in the trailer, as well as using it on the magazine • At the end of the trailer we placed the date cover and poster when mentioning the film was released, a website where the the films name. audience can find out more about the• A glowing effect was added to the film, as well as copyright information that text, “a modern cat and mouse game” identifies who helped in the making of the and “seized” when the words popped film. up on the screen, as we felt it gave an • We didn’t include a lot of text throughout eery feel to the movie. In similar the film trailer, as we have seen in other trailers we have seen effects added to thriller film trailers, that there are only short sentences or even just words that text, like fades for example, to ensure help to build on the tension and the words make more of an impact. suspense, rather than taking away from it.
  8. 8. • During our film trailer, there is a scene where we switch between clips of ‘Lily’ tied up in the closet, to the abductor walking up the stairs. We got inspiration for that particular part of the trailer after watching Nosferatu. There is a scene where Nosferatu’s silhouette/shadow can be seen on the wall as he walks up the stairs. Taking inspiration from old and new films in the same genre is seen in various films, especially in the horror and thriller genre, as there are certain features that every thriller/horror trailer tries to include. For example, in the Scream movies, the murderer’s face is never revealed, as it is hidden behind the mask they always wear. We also chose not to reveal the identity of the abductor as we felt it would remove the scary element of the