Beliefs & Practices of badjao tribe


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Beliefs & practices lang nasa akin, yong history, culture & location isesend na lang ni Mel, Duzy && Jen.

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Beliefs & Practices of badjao tribe

  1. 1. By: Charmaine G. BendanilloSome practices and beliefsof the Badjao Tribe By: Charmaine G. Bendan
  2. 2. PRESENTATION NAME Company NameTraditional Badjao communities mayhave a dukun , a spiritual leader(i.e. a shaman)
  3. 3. Example: Thanks - giving offering to theOmboh Dilaut, the God of the Sea, whenevera particularly large catch is brought in. PRESENTATION NAME Company Name
  4. 4. Spirit mediums are consulted at least once a year fora public séance and nightly trance dancing.
  5. 5. In times of epidemics, the mediums are also calledupon to remove illness causing spirits from thecommunity. They do this by setting a "spirit boat" adriftin the open sea beyond the village or anchorage. Company Name
  6. 6. A Badjao wedding is a three day affair with dancing, food and festivities.The whole town is invited. Today, the ceremony hasbeen mixed with modern formal rite.
  7. 7. On the final day offestivities, most of the people of the communitygathered in front of the church, watching dancers andwaiting for the fun to begin.
  8. 8. The bride is named Lassa. She is the pastor’s daughter and was marrying late at 18 yrs old. (Most are married off at 13 or 14 yrs.) TheCompany Name bride wore a white, frilly gown . Around her neck hung not one but two large gold necklaces with another in her hair which laid low on her forehead.
  9. 9. Company NameHer hair was tucked up under a white tulle veil that trailed behind her.
  10. 10. On her hands she wore lacy gloves.Each finger donned at least one large goldring and her wrists drooped with gold bracelets.
  11. 11. A woman sings the “lugu” before the ceremony starts as the “imam” orPRESENTATION “panglima” walks NAME Company Name with the groom to the bride’s side. The lugu’s lyrics are verses from the Koran; it has a traditional and melancholy tune.
  12. 12. Today, some of the Badjao tribes are civilized. The groom was in also his finest. But for him, that meant shiny new sneakers, dark bluePRESENTATION NAME a traditional jeans and white linen shirt. His hair was spiked with gobs of gel. And up until the vows, he wore brand-new black sun glasses. They sat on a bench with their hands neatly folded on golden pillows
  13. 13. After they exchanged rings and vowed to love eachPRESENTATION NAME other, they performed together a traditonal badjao dance, the PANGALAY.
  14. 14. The traditional attire of a Badjao is the “patadjong.” It has many uses; they are made large enough to fit any person and is worn by both men and women as aCompany skirt or gown Name tucked at the chest level.
  15. 15. It can serve as headcover, waistband, sash, blanket, hammock, s houlderbag, cradle, pouch, ho od, or pillow.