E-commerce and the digital economy in Catalonia


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E-commerce and the digital economy in Catalonia

  1. 1. Wednesday 24th October 2012 The impact of e-commerce and the digital economy in Catalonia Carles Revilla @crevilla Cycle Digital Commerce
  2. 2. Digital Commerce Cycle About me… I have worked in both the private and public sectors predominantly focusing on developing competitiveness, business growth and internationalization through the different forms of digital media. I am currently functioning as a freelance digital strategist enhancingcompanies’ visibility and online business opportunities gain. I have experienceperforming insights research and building customized and efficient digitalstrategies in today connected world.www.carlesrevilla.meTW: @crevillawww.linkedin.com/in/crevilla
  3. 3. CatalunyaPopulation: 7,5M (16%)GDP: 220M (20%)Exports: 55M (25%)Capital: Barcelona, 1,6MPort of BCN: 38M travelersAirport: 33M passangers
  4. 4. Catalunya GDP GDP/capFont: http://prezi.com/cl1e3hslz3qz/singulars-jonathan-tepper/
  5. 5. ACC1ÓACC1Ó is the agency set up by the Catalan Government to makeCatalan enterprises more competitive throughout the world. Itskey aims are to drive innovation, internationalization and attractinward investment.ACC1Ó is based in Barcelona with an international network of afurther 34 Business Promotion Centers covering some 70markets worldwide. It provides advice and practical help forbusinesses with a vocation to expand worldwide.
  6. 6. ACC1Ó - Internation network
  7. 7. B  The Internet economy in EuropeBy 2016, the Internet economy will reach $4.2 trillion inthe G-20 economies.If it were a national economy, the Internet economywould rank in the world’s top five.The Internet will contribute to contribute up to 8% ofGDP in some economies.Font: Forrester European Online Retail Forecast: 2011 to 2016
  8. 8.  E-commerce in EuropeEuropean markets will increase from €96.706M in 2011 to€171.957M by 2016, a compound annual growth rate of12.2%. Annual growth forecasted in Spain is around 18%.By 2016, online sales will account for more than 14% oftotal retail sales in the UK and 10% in Germany, the twoleading European markets in online sales. Average in theUE will stand between 3,8% and 6,8%.Font: The Boston Consulting group: The Internet Economy in the G-20
  9. 9. Sales / Purchases onlinePercentage of companies selling/buying Percentage of companies selling/buyingonline in the UE online in Spain
  10. 10. Percentages of European consumers buying online Catalunya: 40%Font: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  11. 11. B2C popular sales online The most popular items bought online in Catalunya are: - Hotels reservations - Flights - Clothing - Sports items - BooksFont: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  12. 12. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Fashion & complements group buying Founded in 2006 in BCN 2011 turnover: 320M (+90%) Markets: Spain, Italy, Mexico & Brasil. Acquired German dress-for- les in 2011. 1000 employees 10.000 customersFont: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  13. 13. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Flight & hotels search, comparison and booking engine Founded in 1999 in BCN Markets: Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, the UK, US, Turkey,… In 2011 merged with GO Voyages and acquired Opodo and Travellink to found the ODIGEO group. ODIGEO: 12 million customers in 28 countries. €3.500 million turnover.Font: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  14. 14. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Leisure group buying social ecommerce Founded in 2010 in BCN Markets: Spain & Italy. 130 cities Users: 6 million 2011 turnover: 120 million Employees: 350 Facebook fans: 450.000Font: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  15. 15. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Fashion Founded in 1984 in BCN. Online shop in 2000. Markets: EU, USA, Canada, Turkey, Russia, China & Japan. Employees: 8.600 2011 turnover: 36,2 millions (online)Font: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  16. 16. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Tourism group buying social ecommerce Founded in 2010 in BCN Markets: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia & Uruguay. Partnered with US LivingSocial Users: 35 million subscribers (6M in Spain) Employees: 600 2011 turnover: 1000 millionFont: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  17. 17. Top e-commerce sites from Catalonia Online supermarket Founded in 2010 in BCN. Markets: Spain Employees: 20 Users: 60.000Font: El comercio electrónico 2012.:http://goo.gl/9tcXy. Onlines Business School
  18. 18. How ACC1Ó supports the Catalan SMEs Create a methodologyDetect a Locate & select the expertsshortage Co-financing
  19. 19. The shortageCatalan companies were underperforming on the Internet:- No creation business opportunities- Low rate of ecommerce- Lack of digital strategies- No links within online marketing and internationalization, lackof market orientation- Poor web designs and architectures- No use of social platforms
  20. 20. The 2BDigital initiativeThe 2BDigital initiative: Internet as an international marketingtool.MISSION: Incorporate Internet on the SME internationalizationstrategy. Help Catalan companies develop a digital marketingplan targeting their international markets and audiences.
  21. 21. The ConsultantsPROFILE: External digital strategists; freelance orsmall agency.SELECTION PROCESS: Agency and personal profile +cases studies + interview + pilot.
  23. 23. ResearchAUDIENCE: Demography, sources of information, shoppingbehaviour, social network presence,…SECTOR: Marketplaces, directories, blogs, social networks,…COMPETITION: web structure, usability & design, SEOkeywords, ORM, social networks,…COMPANY: Resources, knowledge, team,…
  24. 24. Reseach: Links
  25. 25. Research: Trends
  26. 26. Set your goalsMARKETS AUDIENCE KPIs
  27. 27. Strategies and techniques
  28. 28. International search engine optimization
  29. 29. SEO: Stats Counter
  30. 30. SEO: Keywords
  31. 31. SEO: Adwords external tool
  32. 32. Marketplaces: emarketservices
  33. 33. Social Media
  34. 34. Social Media-Methodology1) Protect your brand2) Analyze3) Set your goals4) Define your action plan5) Measure
  35. 35. Social Media-Brand protection
  36. 36. Social Media-Monitoring
  37. 37. Social Media-Set your goals- Increase sales?- Brand awareness?- Customer service?- Human resources?- Product feedback?- Create loyalty?
  38. 38. Social Media – Action plan- Choose the platforms- Define the campaigns- Schedule- Assign responsibilities- Train your team
  39. 39. Social Media - MeasureMeasure what really matters toincentive the company take the rightdecisions.-Have I get their attention?- Are they sharing my content?- Am I increasing sales?
  40. 40. DEFINE A GOOD WEBSITEUSABILITY: Make sure the user finds the information with theminimum amount of clicks and intellectual effort.
  41. 41. Navigability- Logical web architecture- Easy to find information- Load speed- Easy contact or buying process
  42. 42. Accessability Devices: responsive design Browserswww.responsinator.com Adobe browser lab
  43. 43. Readability - Structured content - Design and media - Fonts and colorswww.responsinator.com Adobe browser lab
  44. 44. Measure
  45. 45. Co-financing 60 hours = 3.900€ (50%) 30% web development (max. 3000€)50% online advertisement (max. 1000€)
  46. 46. What’s next
  47. 47. From developed to developing countries
  48. 48. From fix to mobile
  49. 49. The Internet of things
  50. 50. A data explosion
  51. 51. The MWC 67.000 people from 205 countries. 1.500 companies 12.500 app developers Develop a new industrial sector around mobility and transform Barcelona into the world’s leading mobile city.
  52. 52. Merci! @crevilla www.carlesvilla.me